Angels Gift List to Santa

We asked the ladies and gents of Angel Burlesque and Teasers-in-Training what they wanted most for Christmas. Health, heels, and happiness are a few of the many requests on Santa’s list this year!

Lola LaVacious: Silk and marabou robe, cuban heeled stockings in red and guitar

Katie Angel: More time for sleep. Rhinestones!katiestar

Jada Bella: Red high heels, that fit, as well as big red feather fans.

Belle Breeze: World peace and big hair.

Frankie Spanxx: Good health for my family and friends. And all the corsets.

Maggie Missile: Black and silver feather fans, a spa day, and a beach get away with Evan Peters as my Cabana boy.

Ginger Peach: A personal yoga instructor, a cottage in Ireland and a personal chef….guess what I really need is a winning lotto ticket, dear Santa

Mona S’Amor: inner peace.

Sylvestia Stiletto: money, liposuction, sushi for a year.

Selina Prince: I would like a night with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth (they can bring the costumes), all the Mexican food, and more energy and focus!

Karma D’Light: Dear Santa,
Please have Cupid send me my Soul Partner for Life. I wish to travel to Bali, Italy, and Australia. And would like a new house large enough to fit a craft room, a yoga room, a meditation room, and a dance room.

Lucy Shook: Donations for my kitty’s Go Fund Me page:

Minnie Ryder:  good health for my family, an art closet for art/crafting supplies, more RAM for my little mac mini that could, and a trip to BurlyCon.

The former Angel formally known as Brigitte Petite:
4 more hours in every day….ok, 8 more hours in every day.

list2Steamie Nicks (T.i.T.): For 2015 I want the gift of improving health, no surgeries, and to become an official Angel! I want the ability to wake up each day and “sick” not be in my daily vocabulary

Gwen De’Lyn(T.i.T): Just another year of happiness and health for my loved ones and I, that is all I request.

Dr. Unicorn (T.i.T.): Parties, get-togethers, hootenannies, health and happiness to all my glittery, sparkly, fantastic friends, and bank errors (in my favor).

Cora Noire: Ditto.

And there you have it! From big hair to hootenannies, we’re hoping Santa finds a way to fit these under our trees this year.  What do you want find under your tree tomorrow?

Happy Holidays!


Angel Burlesque