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Angel Wishes for the New Year

2016…What can we say about this year despite ups and downs of the world around us and in our lives, we’ve survived and are the stronger and better for it! Angel Burlesque has had quite a year of wonderful shows with so many creative acts and talent; our minds are blown away! We’ve have a wonderful time playing with friends and performing for our fans…we cannot wait to see what 2017 holds for all of us at Angel Burlesque. While the hours are ticking closer to 12:01am on 1/1/17, we’re sending out our wishes and resolutions for the new year to come.

Jada Bella and Belle Breeze kicking it up a notch at our Holiday Open Bra

Belle Breeze
My word for 2017 is POWER. Settling into my power, exercising it, and exploring the different kinds of power: compassion, will, creativity, and change.

Biff Maliboo
Getting more comfortable with me. Being able to put myself out there without fear of being judged. Kinda what Belle said. …lol



Cora Noire and Biff Maliboo make the perfect emcee couple at Stranger Thongs!

Frankie Spanxx
My first one ever was 2016 and really I just made it my year of yes. I tried so many new things and great things happened. (personally, the world around me went to shit) For 2017, I’d like to keep saying yes but. A little less- because sanity!
Lola LaVacious
Continue creating my own path…traveling more, bigger costumes and getting rid of more clutter and excess and more friend time!

Max Maneater

Max Maneater
2017 is my year of GIVING! Giving my love, my time, my voice, my art, my skills, my friendship, my money. (And I know — sometimes this means giving a little self-love to ME!)
Karma D’Light
In 2017, I will continue to build Spark & Celebrate & launch the Experience Your Awakening event! I wish to continue to be open, curious, and grow. My words for 2017: balance, expansive, and inspire passionate purpose

Kristy Kryptonite, Napoleon Brokenhearts, Coty Foxfire, Gwen De’Lyn

Coty Foxfire
In 2017, I hope to find more “me” time to refresh my soul & build friendships. I also hope to find a muse to create 1-2 new solo routines.
Mona S’Amor
My word for 2017 is IMPROVEMENT. I have lots of goals for my self, my house, and my business that all align w this theme. I’m very excited to see what this year brings!
Katie Angel
 I’ve always had extremely negative feelings about being called a bitch. In 2017 I want to own my bitchiness.
Napoleon Brokenhearts
Minnie Ryder

My word for this year is “Quality”. The quality of time I spend with friends and family; the quality of my work, freelance, artwork and burlesque performance & costuming; keep pushing the best qualities of myself front and center – kindness, understanding, and the ongoing pursuit of spreading joy on this earth; and finally quality of life: may it continue to be filled with the ones I love and the things I love to do.

Well that about sums it up!
Happy New Year, and all of our best to you and yours throughout this season and the year to come!
Angels and Teasers-in-Training at Angel Burlesque

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New Year’s Resolutions: What’s Yours?


Belle Breeze, Miss Honey B’s Bourbon Boylesque Photo Credit: Matthew Mayer

Happy New Year, Everyone!
We hope you rang in the new year with much fun, friends, and celebration! 2014 was a fabulous year for us and 2015 is on it’s way to being glitterificly fantastic!

Did you know resolutions for the New Year have been around since before 539BC?
In Medieval times, the knights re-affirmed their commitment to chivalry through taking the “peacock” vow. That’s fancy! Perhaps we should make up a term for our burly goals and/or self improvements for the New Year…hmm…glitter vow? glove pact? We’ll think on that and just continue this year with sharing some resolutions of our own!

Belle Breeze:
My word for the year is “Stretch.” Stretch past my comfort zone and try new things. Also? Get back to yoga.

Frankie Spanxx:
My goal: Stop grabbing boobs in group photos and step further outside my performing comfort zone. Hopes: good health for myself, my Angels, family, friends and my VEHICLES!! !!!

Katie Angel:
Goal: encourage Frankie to keep grabbing my boobs in group photos.


Ginger Peach, Nerdgasm IV 2014

Cora Noire:
I will also support the more boob grabbing in photos. Maybe a whole series of boobs being held by other Angels…ya know, cuz we support each other.

Katie Angel:
Goal: Work on my business and finance skills. Work on my dance skills.

Maggie Missile:
Get into my best burlesque booty shape, drill baby drill, stone all the things, and perform with the Glitter Guild at GenCon!

Karma D’Light:
perform routines outside of my comfort zone to grow as a performer! Think outside the box.

Minnie Ryder:
Work on my tap skills, costuming skills, and do a classic piece. Keep learning and growing in the fine art of burlesque. Creating more art with my hands, and re-prioritizing my time for family, work, working out, friends, and fun!

Looks like many good goals to be had! What are some of yours for this year?
Have a fantastic 2015. We can’t wait to share some of it with you!


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