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Backstage at Leap Year Vagina Show!

LYVagina2016 started out with a big…Vagina! If you happened to come out to the Leap Year Vagina show then you’ll know I’m referring to the seven foot vagina hand crafted by French Accent. Or maybe it’s a reference to the Vagina Symphony Orchestra conducted by hostess, Belle Breeze with dildo baton held high.  Whatever stood out the most for the audience in the show, rest assured, behind the scenes a great deal of planning was involved.  The level of brainstorming which goes into these seemingly batshit crazy ideas is pretty remarkable. Thanks to the leadership of Angel Burlesque Founder and CEO, Katie Angel, these crazy theatrical ideas come to life with each production, bigger, more outrageous, and of course, fully entertaining.

What makes these shows even more fun for the cast is the journey from idea to night of the production and all the weird conversations along the way.  Let’s take a look at some quotes about our Vagina Show.

JadaBellaLollyPop“Dang it! I always cookie on vagina”

“Just act like drunk Cora.”

“I’m getting very Julie McCoy domme vibe here.”

“If your labia are out, just make sure it’s a stylistic choice.”

“Where’s your vagina?”
“It’s wet so I put it in the bath”

“How dead should I be? What if I have to blink my eyes?”
“This is satire not CSI”

“Tie my vagina on tighter…overheard”

“Is that your box bumping into my butt?”

“My vagina is HUGE compared to everyone else’s!”

Katie: “Can you pin my clit to my forehead? Then pin my outer clit to my inner clit.
Does this look like bush?”


“I’m so sad I have to throw my vagina away.”
“I think it would make a striking wall hanging.”
“Yeah, but it smells like pee.”

“My cat peed on my vagina”

“I’m so naked. Where are my pants?! I’m so naked”

“I’ve got the Oreo! Already in the car with my vagina”

“I don’t want to look like m&m poop…”

“I have Christmas boooooobs!”

“I’ll be there. In my underwear.”

“Vagina Chorus–this is what you will do”


“Who needs the 7ft Vagina?”
“Who doesn’t?”

“think I may need to commission a vagina for my apartment. Just for decoration. And offerings.”

“I’m having problems assembling my vagina”

“That’s the most fabulous vagina I’ve ever seen”

I may or may not have confused my roommate by singing “My Vagina Is Eight Miles Wide” in the shower this morning.

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Special Thank you to Courtney Brooks Photography for the pictures!

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Getting to Know Jada Bella

JadaHandsLogoWhat inspired you to start burlesque?
I wasn’t actually inspired to do burlesque. My stage manager at DK asked me if I’d like to do a routine for a show she was producing. I didn’t even really know that much about burlesque other than it was a more theatrical form of taking your clothes off. HA! It showed that I didn’t know much about it with the first routine I put together, but I think I pulled it off and I loved it! It was such a different median for me as a classically trained professional dancer. I’d never thought about being a burlesque performer, but I’ve always had a love of glitter. So here I am, how ever many years later. I don’t get to perform much but it’s so rewarding when I do.

How did you pick your burlesque name?
So the first burlesque name I picked actually was Jill “put on your Sunday shoes” Godwin. The Sunday shoes is from a family guy episode and I thought it was funny. Then hearing it before my first routine, I was like, ummmmmm no that’s not going to work. I don’t want a bell to go off with people if they happened to have seen DK. So, I did some thinking. The name Jada came to mind because I remember my mom telling me that she was either going to name me Jillian or Jada. Bella is Italian for Beauty or beautiful. So I joined the two. I love it, it works, done deal.

How long have you been doing burlesque?
I seriously don’t know how long I’ve been wearing the pasties… 5 years I think. I believe I was 25 when I started so it’ll be going on 6 years.

 How have you changed, onstage and backstage in that time?
I’m exploring more outside of my comfort zone. I have a lot of dance training to always fall back on. So I’m trying to do more improv and not necessarily have a routine choreographed. I just recently did my first reverse strip which was super fun but also terrifying. People have always liked my chill energy backstage. I’ve been a performer and been on stage and off for a LONG time so I don’t get super jittery or nervous. I try to help others stay calm and try to be as goofy as possible.

What have some of your challenges been, as a performer?

Some of my challenges as a performer is just lack of money and time. I wish I had more time to devote and also more money to buy all the things. As an artist, we just don’t make a lot, so we supplement income by teaching dance, working at a garden center during the summers, I also teach aerial yoga. So it’s hard to find a good balance of what I’ve spent my entire life building (dance career, yes it is a career, no, it is not a hobby.) and my hobby (burlesque). I do know that when I retire from dance, I’d like to have more free time to go to festivals and workshops, perform outside of Indy. Sounds like a fun next step.


Photo Credit: Gray Dragon Photography


Do you have any fur babies?
Yes, 3 fur babies, Picasso Poquito Del Aranjois Godwin, Lucy Girl, and Layla. 3 Fin babies, Les Paul, Gefilte Fish, and Atlantic Stanon Crush.

How do you feel about glitter?

What is your favorite kind of beer?
I’m a beer enthusiast actually. I go to beer fests and love going up to breweries. My favorite is an imperial IPA called Permanent Funeral from 3 Floyd’s. It’s up in Munster, IN. It’s so hobby and crisp. And it’s 10% ABV which is super high. You’re feeling pretty good after 2 pints. I remember one time, the Aristocrat Pub has some on tap and my boyfriend and I went and had like 5 each. We waited quite a while before we drove home. It’s that good.

Tell us about your favorite crafting and gardening projects.
I’ve always been a fan of crafting. I love rhinestoning even though I’m not that great at it. I’ve always enjoyed making jewelry, scarves, hats. I taught myself how to make dream catchers. I love making handmade candles. The only thing I really don’t like is sewing. Not for me, but mad respect for those that do. I’m obsessed with plants. I inherited a lot of my moms orchids and succulents, hibiscus’. I have a raised bed in the summertime for a veggie garden. They are like the children I will never have. Lol, no just kidding I will have kids someday.

If you could time travel with no consequences, where and when would you go?

JadaBella3Ahhh. Time travel. I might get a little deep here but that’s ok…. I think I’d go back to when my mom was still alive but on hospice. I wish I could’ve talked to her more. Ask her more questions. Tell her I loved her one more time. I think about her everyday and what I wish I could’ve/would’ve/should’ve done. Just one more hug and one more, I’ll see you on the other side.

What is your perfect Jeopardy board (6 topics that you’d kick ass in)?
Jeopardy board, oh yeah. My digs! Orchids, Ballet History, Famous Choreographers, Name that Aloe, Musicals, Beer!

If you could describe your essence as a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be?
First of all I love ice cream. If I could describe my essence as an ice cream flavor it would be lavender. I know weird right but I think it really does describe me. I’m fragrant, bold, soft, willowy, and resilient.

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Getting to Know Gwen De’Lyn


Angel Burlesque Open Bra! Photo: Keen Photography

What inspired you to start burlesque?
I was inspired to start burlesque by the beautiful Mona S’more. She talked me into kittening for a Halloween show back in 2013 but I really got the bug for it after kittening for Nerdgasm in 2014.

How did you come up with your first routine?
My first routine was inspired by my bestie Andrew Mathews. He told me “Hey I heard this song and I think it would be a great song for your first routine.” He played Lanae DelRay’s “Once a Upon A Dream” and I was hooked. It was dark and very sensual.

How did you pick your burlesque name?
My burlesque name was a product of throwing names around with my fiancée. I said Gwendelyn but couldn’t come up with a “last” name. He said “Well split it up”. That is when I became Gwen De’Lyn.

How long have you been doing burlesque?
Kittened for the first time in 2013 but performed for the first time in the Showgirl Showcase in October of 2014.

How have you changed, onstage and backstage in that time?
I definitely feel more confident on stage. I can make eye contact with the audience!


Urban Rhino Photography

What tips can you give aspiring performers?
Go at your own pace. Take your time. BREATHE

What’s been your most memorable onstage moment?
For me it would it be when I stripped down to a bikini on stage during Nerdgasm.

Any embarrassing moments? Not that I can remember

What have some of your challenges been, as a performer?
Coming up with routines.

What’s your favorite part of burlesque?
The costumes and the make-up! GLITTER

Are there any parts of burlesque you loathe?
False Eyelashes, those things are a pain in the arse.

Who were you in high school? What advice would you give high school you?
I was the quiet girl. I didn’t have that many friends. I moved around quite a bit. I would tell the High School Gwen be confident in her beliefs and herself.

Do you have any exciting events in your Muggle life coming up in the future?

What do your co-workers think of burlesque?
They all think it is pretty awesome. My boss is constantly coming up with songs and how I need to do a routine to them.

If you could time travel with no consequences, where and when would you go?
I think I would like to travel out west when there was no cities and it was just the Native Americans.


Angel Burlesque Tribute to the Muppets – Photo: G.Watson Images

If you could have dessert with any three people, past or present, who would you choose?
That is a good question however I can’t think of anyone. ☺️

What is your perfect Jeopardy board (6 topics that you’d kick ass in)? Children’s Books, Gemstones, Bargain Shopping, Bon Jovi music

Would you prefer to fly or be invisible?  Why?
I would like to fly but I would buy a kick ass suit that is temperature controlled because it gets cold up in the clouds.

If you could describe your essence as a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be?
Persimmon… depending on the season I could be sweet or I could be sour 😉

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Face Off / Face On with Angel Burlesque

We’re firm believers in the Angel Burlesque motto,”Real is Sexy”. And to prove it we’re going to bare all…of our face! The Angels have stepped up to the challenge to show you before/after photos of their lovely visages going from “no face” to “show face” while sharing some of their makeup pros, cons, tips, tricks and more along the way.


Sadie Seirēn
Favorite part of Makeup?  I love that moment when I’ve finished all my hard work and I look into the mirror and think, “Damn girl, you look good.” It makes the ten minutes of applying and reapplying my eyelashes seem worth it.
Worst part?  Leftover eyelash glue is the worst thing in the world. As I type this, I see weird black smudges in my vision because I’m left with all this glue in my eyelashes.
Favorite tool in the makeup kit?  Lip liner. Most days I don’t wear anything but Chapstick and a bit of lip liner. It makes your lips pop without the fear of smudged lipstick. (Especially if you’re super animated like me and always end up with it on your teeth and chin. How does that even happen?!) For shows, liner can make your lips look fuller and can clean up edges- no one likes lopsided lips.
Tips or Tricks? Don’t be afraid of mixing! People often ask where I get my shade of lipstick- and I’m usually wearing three different colors to get the shade I want. I use both brown and red on my eyebrows to get the right auburn look. Blend and no one will ever know it’s multiple products- and you’ve got your own distinctive colors that fit just for you!!
Last words?  Makeup and hair can be a bit of a bitch. Sometimes you have to settle for not your best work. Just keep experimenting! It’s fun, and educational too! Just please remove makeup with coconut oil when you’re playing. You’ll dry out your skin if you use wipes multiple times in a day. smile emoticon

Christina Arabesqua
Favorite part of makeup?  I can use makeup to camouflage my flaws
Worst part?  I wish I was better at hair. Also cleaning up my mess after
Favorite tool in the makeup kit? Eyelashes FacePics-03
Tips or Tricks?  Practice and try new things
Anything else?  Everyone is different so find what works best for you!

Jada Bella
Favorite part of makeup?  I love using make to highlight what I like about myself. I really enjoy using bold colors to make my eyes pop.
Worst part?  That I don’t have the funds to buy all the make up!
Favorite tool in the makeup kit?  My secret weapon is my Mac liquilast eyeliner. Seriously, this stuff rocks. It takes some practice, but once you become accustomed to the brush, this eyeliner does not move once it dries. Through sweat, water, and occasionally tears of joy, it stays put. Love it.FacePics-01Tips or Tricks?  Don’t be afraid to sit down with yourself and practice. Do some research on what type of face you have, shape of your eyes, etc. Use colors that accentuate your eye color, learn to shape your eyebrows, find the right lip color. You can find out almost anything on the Internet nowadays. Search away.

Last words?  Remember that using make up is to help accent the beauty you already have. It’s not something to hide behind. 🙂

And there you have it!  But that’s not all, folks! We have another trio of ladies who can’t wait to bare face AND Katie Angel has a “magical” journey of her step by step process for preparing herself for a show!  See you soon!

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Burlexplanations: Lego My Foot!

Minnie Ryder’s story is built upon the solid blocks of plastic with which imaginations run wild and the spare bits and pieces are sure to be strewn everywhere. 

Burlexplanations…they happen all the time and every once in a great while we decide to share an experience.  I’m still waiting on the back story to someone gluing their cheeks together BUTT until then we’ll go with this cautionary tale of lost legos being found in an unfortunate manner.

Some of my burlesque routines involve tap dancing. One of my favorite places to practice fancy footwork is in the kitchen because I can squeeze in a few minutes while serving up meals to hungry hyper kids. This is one of those tappy occasions where I don’t have time to put on my shoes but want to work on combinations while my toddler daughter is enjoying a lunch and “mom show” in her throne of a high chair.

I start off by warming up with basic movements. Super! Done! I’ve got just a few more minutes so begin working on a section of routine which involves a couple of triple time steps. Just a note beforehand, sometimes I put way too much emphasis on ball of my foot when I’m doing ball changes  You see where this is going, yes? Ok! I stomped the hell out of my ball change and felt a searing jolt of pain travel through my foot all the way up to my neck.  Dropping the floor, clasping my right foot and moaning in agony I look up at my toddler who is staring at me quizzically.  As the pain slowly receded I looked around for the culprit of my demise. There’s a small lego ship nearby with a red 4 hole piece next to my rearend. I look at my foot and right under the ball and in the soft sole area there are two tiny holes.



Photo by: my hubs in between chuckling fits


It looks like a tiny vampire bit my foot. All of this happens in a matter of seconds but pain seems to stretch the span of time. The hurt has been replaced with rage as I can think of two kiddos who could have left legos on the floor.  One of which was playing with his at the table before breakfast just a few hours earlier. Limping into the living room where video games are a’playing I’m about to release my wrath when I see the boys playing and getting along on the couch. This is a precious moment, to have the eldest and middle kid getting along so  I growl and mutter half-heartedly about their damn legos and hop back into the kitchen where my daughter has decided since the entertainment has ended she must end her meal and get out of the high chair. “DOWN! MOMMY! DOWN!”  So life continues, I had two weeks to heel (get it? heel?) before the show and my timesteps, drawbershays, and stomps go off without a hitch.

The moral of the story is to make sure your practice area is clear before practicing and maybe wear shoes too. And don’t buy legos for your kids. You know how glitter is the herpes of burlesque?  Legos are the herpes of parenthood…or at least this phase of it.

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Confidence in Burlesque Part 2: Physical Tips and Tricks


Photo Credit: Carrie Meyer Insomniac Studios

In Part One, Katie Angel established “Real is Sexy” through having confidence in yourself, on and offstage. We foster this confidence both mentally and physically. Last time we discussed how we can adjust our attitude to cultivate confidence through self-love and appreciation. Today we’re going to explore how to use glitter, corsets, undies, and more to build up our glamour artillery and accentuate the positive through physical tips and tricks of the burlesque trade!

There are many different tips and tricks I employ to help myself feel more confident. The physical tips are very practical and actually do help me a feel a lot better. There are lots of things I can do with my appearance that help me conceal the parts of me that I don’t want to highlight

Glitter!!!! I love glitter, this enchanting herpes of the crafting world. I put glitter on my face. I put glitter on my body. I put glitter on my costume. There is special cosmetic glitter and glitter glue available at costume stores or online (Ben Nye is a great brand for all things cosmetic). You can also use the extra fine crafting glitter (Martha Stewart’s brand is lovely and when used with a Michael’s coupon, a nice price). Avoid regular crafting glitter as the metal can scratch your skin and your delicate eyes. Mixing two different colors of glitter can create depth. I enjoy hugging people after shows and spreading my glitter…and sweat…sweat and glitter. It’s a bonus.

Glamour Hair and Makeup I feel more confident when I’m wearing pretty hair and my hair is styled. See YouTube videos for tutorials because basically I’m faking it but no one has called me out on it yet. I like to go with the “50 feet away on a galloping horse” adage of theatre…if you can’t see it while 50 feet away on a galloping horse then that smudge is fine!

kangel3Underwear in the Front I have a belly pooch. Many people have belly pooches. My beautiful lady left me a caesarean scar and stretch marks (and bags under my eyes, but, hey, that’s what we parents do, right?). The scar isn’t terribly noticeable, but when the doctors cut Jamie out, they cut through my abdomen muscles and I’m not even going to pretend that I have the energy or care enough to do the amount of sit ups it will require to make that pooch go away nor do I want to stop eating chocolate because chocolate is amazing and loves me and wants me to eat it. Who am I to disappoint the sadistic desires of chocolate to be in my belly?

I wear my underwear over my belly pooch and put a little bit of spray glue on it to help it stay there. I highly recommend dancer/professional style of tights because they smooth and shape your legs nicely. The little bit of spray glue keeps my underwear and tights in place and conceal my pooch. I don’t want my underwear to slip down…it’s not so I don’t show my labia…I don’t care if I show my labia, I just don’t want to show my belly pooch.

Underwear in the Back  When I first started burlesque, I wanted to cover up my booty…covering your butt is more flattering, right? Not necessarily so! I have found that higher coverage style underwear are not as flattering to my shape. Thongs are actually the most flattering. Take a moment and be brave—try different styles. An unexpected style might flatter you more than you suspect.

Body Makeup  Just as glitter and makeup help me feel prettier in my face, glitter and makeup helps me feel more confident all over my body. I like putting concealer, foundation and glitter on my stomach. One, it’s a way of touching my belly and I when I touch my belly I try to say, ooh, I love you belly. Thank you for growing my daughter and thank you for holding my food and bringing me some gut intuition because when I listen to you, belly, I make better decisions. I put makeup and glitter on my legs too. This helps smooth out your skin onstage but again, I’m a huge believer in the story you tell yourself. I love you legs!


Photo Credit: Carrie Meyer Insomniac Studios

Corsets  Corsets come in over and under bust varieties. Because I have large ta-tas and need the support, I’ll generally also wear a bra even with an overbust corset. With the under bust corsets or waist cinchers, you can leave this on to conceal your tummy and still reveal your boobages. I feel that leaving a cincher on brings MORE attention to your waist…like, hmmm…what’s she hiding but my hubby thinks that look is super hot. **Side Note: Katie Angel has ALOT to say about corsets, so much we had her write another article dedicated JUST to corsets!*** Learn more about corsets here!

Fringe  Fringe can be used to cover your upper arms, your butt or your thighs. It’s fun to flip around and gives the idea of “peek of boo” while still providing coverage.

Heels  A nice pair of heels (that you can move in! Tottering around on stripper heels is not my personal version of sexy…I prefer a ballroom heel that is flexible and makes me feel more stable) will make your legs look amazing and lift your butt. If you’re like me and hate wearing heels or feel unbalanced, remember you’re wearing the heels (or corset or etc.) for like three minutes. So, no, I don’t want to wear heels all day long but I can wear heels for three minutes. (Jeff Angel says, “I could wear heels for three minutes and I have.” Disclaimer, he was playing Dr. Scott and therefore in a wheelchair so it totally doesn’t count although he did look fabulous.”)

Body Stockings  I had never seen body stockings before I started burlesque. Body stockings are like panty hose for your entire body. Some have long sleeves and some are like a leotard top. They can smooth out your body and squeeze things in. (Personally, I like the let it all hang out method, but, the bottom line is, do what makes YOU feel confident.)

And that is what it all boils down to, isn’t it? Do what makes YOU feel confident.
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Angels Gift List to Santa

We asked the ladies and gents of Angel Burlesque and Teasers-in-Training what they wanted most for Christmas. Health, heels, and happiness are a few of the many requests on Santa’s list this year!

Lola LaVacious: Silk and marabou robe, cuban heeled stockings in red and guitar

Katie Angel: More time for sleep. Rhinestones!katiestar

Jada Bella: Red high heels, that fit, as well as big red feather fans.

Belle Breeze: World peace and big hair.

Frankie Spanxx: Good health for my family and friends. And all the corsets.

Maggie Missile: Black and silver feather fans, a spa day, and a beach get away with Evan Peters as my Cabana boy.

Ginger Peach: A personal yoga instructor, a cottage in Ireland and a personal chef….guess what I really need is a winning lotto ticket, dear Santa

Mona S’Amor: inner peace.

Sylvestia Stiletto: money, liposuction, sushi for a year.

Selina Prince: I would like a night with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth (they can bring the costumes), all the Mexican food, and more energy and focus!

Karma D’Light: Dear Santa,
Please have Cupid send me my Soul Partner for Life. I wish to travel to Bali, Italy, and Australia. And would like a new house large enough to fit a craft room, a yoga room, a meditation room, and a dance room.

Lucy Shook: Donations for my kitty’s Go Fund Me page:

Minnie Ryder:  good health for my family, an art closet for art/crafting supplies, more RAM for my little mac mini that could, and a trip to BurlyCon.

The former Angel formally known as Brigitte Petite:
4 more hours in every day….ok, 8 more hours in every day.

list2Steamie Nicks (T.i.T.): For 2015 I want the gift of improving health, no surgeries, and to become an official Angel! I want the ability to wake up each day and “sick” not be in my daily vocabulary

Gwen De’Lyn(T.i.T): Just another year of happiness and health for my loved ones and I, that is all I request.

Dr. Unicorn (T.i.T.): Parties, get-togethers, hootenannies, health and happiness to all my glittery, sparkly, fantastic friends, and bank errors (in my favor).

Cora Noire: Ditto.

And there you have it! From big hair to hootenannies, we’re hoping Santa finds a way to fit these under our trees this year.  What do you want find under your tree tomorrow?

Happy Holidays!


Angel Burlesque

Burlexplanations: It’s not easy being Green

Welcome back to our next installment of Burlexplanations!
This week’s edition is brought to you by Angel Burlesque’s own Frankie Spanxx and the everlasting color of “ogre” green.

Frankie as Fiona from Miss Honey B's Bourbon Boylesque

For Miss Honey B’s Bourbon Boylesque in April, there was a princess number. I decided along with Minnie to go a little outside the traditional, expected princess roles. She was princess Leia and I was Fiona the ogre. I thought long and hard about the easiest, cheapest way to become an ogre fast as I was in other numbers in the show. I decided upon a green body suit and make up just for face and neck. Luckily, I had a friend that had recently been green in a production and suggested that I not use Halloween make up and Belle Breeze has been in theater a while and was a cheer leader for a layer of cold cream under the makeup.

fionaDress rehearsal came and I practiced, mostly worrying about time. I was green, performed, showered and went to work the next day. Show night came and I was worried about not being green enough. We had a huge crowd and I wanted the joke to go over well. Plus, I got ready fast and had time to spare so I layered it on. The performance went well, Fiona was a hit. I took a couple layers off before curtain call, left the theater, then went straight home and showered… twice. I washed my face before work the next day… three times. I only had a couple people actually ask if I was ok but many curious looks. I was a little “green in the gills”. My face, neck and knuckles were a lovely hint of green for a week after that show. But there was a Burlexplanation for that and it was totally worth it!

Talk about going the extra mile! Frankie always does a great job putting herself out there and making the audience chuckle with her off-the-wall humor and excessive prop usage. Find out more about this witty Angel below!

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Thanks for reading and stay fabulous, friends!




Burlexplanations: Death by Nails

Welcome Back friends!

This week’s Burlexplanation is brought to you by Angel Burlesque’s Mona S’Amor and an extremely long acrylic nail set

No performers were harmed during the production of this performance

No burlesque performers were harmed during the production of this duet

As part of a recent routine with Sylvestia Stiletto, I would be killing her at the end of it with my thumbnail. I had noticed girls at work wearing “stiletto nails” and decided these lengthy killer nails would be perfect for the end of the routine.  As I’m a big planner and love organization I decided to get my nails done a couple weeks early to get my money’s worth and practice functioning in daily life with them. As soon as they were on my hands and I was walking out the salon door, I realized I had made a huge mistake. I felt like I had tree branches growing off my thumb and couldn’t stop staring at them, neither could anyone else. So I started tucking my thumbs inside my fist. As the show grew nearer I was getting used to wearing them and functioning on a daily basis with these tree branch nails of terror, except for typing, I never mastered that.  

Morning of the show I was at an event with my mom and she knew I had planned on killing someone with my nails but didn’t remember “How” I was going to do it. She was under the impression I would be poking Sylvestia’s eye out and voiced her concern: “Now Mona, I know you plan on pretend killing someone with these nails but I want you to be really careful; because I’m afraid you might really poke her eyes out”  Well first, I had to set her straight on how I was killing my victim and then reassure her that no one would be losing an eye. This also happened to be the same show where the morning following the show I discovered minefield of bruises, speckles of fake blood stained on my skin, and patches of leftover spray adhesive glue. But that’s for another time.

I think out of this experience I learned I could actually function in daily life with killer stiletto nails if I wanted to.

Angels Mona S’Amor and Sylvestia Stiletto in their duet “Kill of the Night” at Night of the Terrifying Tease!

Did Sylvestia get scratched by your death nails at any point?

No, she did not. Although she had fake blood running down her body by the end of the routine…or was it?

This was a fabulous story for those of us who haven’t crossed into the realm of lengthy acrylic nails of any sort! These ghoulish gals certainly killed it with their drop-dead sexy duet which debuted at Angel Burlesque’s Night of the Terrifying Tease.  Want to learn more about these lovely Angels? Click on their names below!

Mona S’Amor
Sylvestia Stiletto

Join us next time with Blanche DeBris and the mysterious spots!

Till then, have a great week and stay fabulous!

~Minnie Ryder


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Burlexplanation: Once Upon Feathers

Welcome back! This week’s burlexplanation we are pleased to have guest contributor MaMarie LaVeaux of Crème de les Femmes!

MaMarie LaVeau

A well known favorite around town with a wide variety of extraordinary costuming incorporated into her routines, MaMarie knows quite a bit about what to expect when it comes to the after-effects of performing burlesque.

Well let’s see…a LOT of mine come from the fact that I often have to perform -again- the following day after a show (Shakespeare, children’s theater, etc. etc.) So! I suppose my biggest snafu came when I had to explain why oh why I had teeny tiny white feather remnants on my arms and neck the day following a show. Not only had I worn a white feather boa only a handful of hours before, but I’d eyelash glued groups of white feathers to my cleavage, face, and arms for my Troma film tribute to Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead!

It’s pretty hard to weird out theater people, but man did I ever accomplish it that day, ha! 

Thankfully, the immediate people I worked alongside the next day were able to trade me a couple program shifts so that I did not have to “bear my feathers” in short-sleeved costumes! I just told them the truth and they found it hysterical. BIGGEST lesson I took from it was that you ALWAYS want your choice of remover with you in abundance when doing a messy skit. So for me, that means I always travel with baby oil, dudes. Never forget the stuff.

Sounds like one entertaining learning experience right there from one amazing performer!  Thank you MaMarie, for your contribution to Burlexplanation and best wishes and luck at future performances, sans misplaced feathers! Want to learn more about MaMarie and Creme de les Femmes? Click the links below!

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