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Face Off-Face On with Angel Burlesque

Back again with more Angels baring all their face for a before/after transformation! Lola LaVacious, Frankie Spanxx, and Minnie Ryder share their pros and cons to getting their performance face on.

Lola LaVacious
Favorite part of makeup? Fav part is nailing down a character look and no matter how I’m feeling a great makeup face can put me in the right state of mind.

Least favorite? 
Least fav part is if I get literally anything in my eyes and it messes up a perfect liner job.

Favorite tool in the makeup kit?  Subtle contouring with Shimmer bronzer and highlighter really brings out my cheeks and eyes in pics and vids
Tips and Tricks?
  New things…eyebrows can really help form a character and polish up any look…go bigger with everything…it may seem garish close up but then stand as far away from the mirror and practice faces…if you can get a hint of what’s happening..neither can your audience…just play to see what suits you best.

Last Words? 
Invest in a brush set and learn how they all work…doesn’t need to be expensive at first…makes applying so much easier and precise…watch videos ask friends take workshops and have fun!


Frankie Spanxx
Favorite part of makeup? I love being able to transform into a different person while never leaving my bathroom. Plus it’s nice to hide my perpetual teenager skin!

Least Favorite?
I hate having to take it off at night!AngelBurlesque_frankie
Favorite tool in the makeup kit?  
I love my eyebrow pencil! I have blonde eyebrows and without that, I have no personality onstage! Also- glitter!

Tips or Tricks? 
 I am the last person to ask for make up advice. Go to a workshop with Belle Breeze and don’t be afraid to try New things!


Minnie Ryder
Favorite part of makeup?  I feel super glamorous after going through the process of getting my show face on.

Least Favorite?  It’s definitely a process to put my face on. I have to carve out some quality time for myself which is sometimes difficult with a family!

Favorite Tool in the makeup kit?  Fake eyelashes! They’re a pain to put on but oh what a difference they make!
Tips or Tricks? If you are not feeling confident in the makeup department, ask for help! Go to a workshop, watch videos, get on Pinterest and practice.

Last Words? Don’t expect to get your face perfect the first time…or the second…or a year later. It takes patience, time, and commitment. My show face is a work in progress and as long as I throw a bit of extra time and energy at it, there’s hope for me yet. 🙂

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Face Off / Face On with Angel Burlesque

We’re firm believers in the Angel Burlesque motto,”Real is Sexy”. And to prove it we’re going to bare all…of our face! The Angels have stepped up to the challenge to show you before/after photos of their lovely visages going from “no face” to “show face” while sharing some of their makeup pros, cons, tips, tricks and more along the way.


Sadie Seirēn
Favorite part of Makeup?  I love that moment when I’ve finished all my hard work and I look into the mirror and think, “Damn girl, you look good.” It makes the ten minutes of applying and reapplying my eyelashes seem worth it.
Worst part?  Leftover eyelash glue is the worst thing in the world. As I type this, I see weird black smudges in my vision because I’m left with all this glue in my eyelashes.
Favorite tool in the makeup kit?  Lip liner. Most days I don’t wear anything but Chapstick and a bit of lip liner. It makes your lips pop without the fear of smudged lipstick. (Especially if you’re super animated like me and always end up with it on your teeth and chin. How does that even happen?!) For shows, liner can make your lips look fuller and can clean up edges- no one likes lopsided lips.
Tips or Tricks? Don’t be afraid of mixing! People often ask where I get my shade of lipstick- and I’m usually wearing three different colors to get the shade I want. I use both brown and red on my eyebrows to get the right auburn look. Blend and no one will ever know it’s multiple products- and you’ve got your own distinctive colors that fit just for you!!
Last words?  Makeup and hair can be a bit of a bitch. Sometimes you have to settle for not your best work. Just keep experimenting! It’s fun, and educational too! Just please remove makeup with coconut oil when you’re playing. You’ll dry out your skin if you use wipes multiple times in a day. smile emoticon

Christina Arabesqua
Favorite part of makeup?  I can use makeup to camouflage my flaws
Worst part?  I wish I was better at hair. Also cleaning up my mess after
Favorite tool in the makeup kit? Eyelashes FacePics-03
Tips or Tricks?  Practice and try new things
Anything else?  Everyone is different so find what works best for you!

Jada Bella
Favorite part of makeup?  I love using make to highlight what I like about myself. I really enjoy using bold colors to make my eyes pop.
Worst part?  That I don’t have the funds to buy all the make up!
Favorite tool in the makeup kit?  My secret weapon is my Mac liquilast eyeliner. Seriously, this stuff rocks. It takes some practice, but once you become accustomed to the brush, this eyeliner does not move once it dries. Through sweat, water, and occasionally tears of joy, it stays put. Love it.FacePics-01Tips or Tricks?  Don’t be afraid to sit down with yourself and practice. Do some research on what type of face you have, shape of your eyes, etc. Use colors that accentuate your eye color, learn to shape your eyebrows, find the right lip color. You can find out almost anything on the Internet nowadays. Search away.

Last words?  Remember that using make up is to help accent the beauty you already have. It’s not something to hide behind. 🙂

And there you have it!  But that’s not all, folks! We have another trio of ladies who can’t wait to bare face AND Katie Angel has a “magical” journey of her step by step process for preparing herself for a show!  See you soon!

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