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Loving Care for Costumes with Lola LaVacious


It’s been a long day/week/month of performing. You walk in the door to the black hole of costume pieces, accessories, crafting supplies, etc. How do you get from this mysterious and neverending story of a burlesque lifestyle in a pile back to the luxuriously organized space? Is it even possible? Of course it is and Lola LaVacious is here with tips and tricks on how to clean and store your wardrobe so they will hold up for another performance. Without further ado, the vivacious Lola LaVacious!

That moment a few days after a show where there are a bajillion various props, shoes, underthings, fringed gloves and other lovely sparkly effluvia scattered in my house makes me want to just close the door for another day to deal with the rainbowtastic mess. Having a solid storage plan in place gets the job done quickly and adds a modicum of satisfaction to my day and it can for you too!

shoe1. Cleaning Costume Pieces
I use my handy spray bottle full of cheap bottom shelf vodka to spray the inside of gowns corsets and other items that come in contact with sweat which are unable to be hand washed or dry cleaned. Using plastic hangars I drape the gowns inside out and hang the corsets folded over or clipped then spray away with a towel underneath to catch overspray. A light mist is all that is needed to get the yuck out and a 24 hour drying time.

Quick wipe with damp towel in and out and on the bottoms and them stiff with white tissue paper.

Hoisery: Dreft hand wash and roll in towels lay flat to dry

storagewish2. Costume Storage:
For full complete costumes I like to use plastic hangars with the ability to hook bra and thong /panties to and hang gown and skirt. Hangers are also used for other gowns, skirts, dresses and pants if the material will not fall out of shape when hung. A Stand alone closet system will help protect fabric from dust and keep them in place. I recommend having a charcoal bag at the bottom to absorb any odor or dampness.

Character shoes or regular satin heels without embellishments are stored on a shoe rack after they have been wiped down and can be stuffed with white wrapping tissue paper to retain the toe box shape and absorb odors.
For embellished glittered or patent leather shoes I cover them with cotton sox as to prevent any glitter or bling from coming off and to protect the patent leather from smudges or accidental scratches. These are so helpful when packing for travel.

Gloves, hosiery and scarves are stored in mini plastic drawers lined silk scarves for easy and nice accessibility.



If you incorporate fur in your costumes or have fur coats, shrugs etc DO NOT use vodka spay on the fur! I like to use the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to use on the fur itself…if there is sweat in the liner dab with cotton cloth and allow to dry with liner out a few days before hanging on a wooden hanger or fabric wrapped hanger. If concerned with dust there are wonderful fabric garment bags or a sheet can be used in a pinch!

Extra Tips!

*Hanging garment bags are wonderful for toting costumes but not a great idea for long term storage as the plastics in some bags may affect natural fibers such as silk or furs.

*From dedicated jewelry trees and racks to full-blown curio cabinets, there are many ways to store jewelry and accessories!

*Lavender scented cedar blocks in a closet or storage area help keep the critters away without smelling like a forest or moth balls.


Hope you enjoyed reading through a few of our tips and tricks to costume storage and more! These ideas may not work for all of our Angels, fans and friends however they are a great starting point to find what may work for you! Happy storing!

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Behind Closed Doors with Angel Burlesque…Dressing Room Banter

amkeupCora is feeling a tad nostalgic today, boys and girls.  So pull up a chair and let’s reminisce about the good ol’ days we fondly remember as the best fucking Nerdgasm, ever.

Everyone thinks burlesque is the perfect cross of glamour, class and sexy.  Performers nonchalantly powder our perfect noses in a dressing room that’s quiet, relaxing and covered in satin.  Roses and champagne all around…right?  Oh dear. What epic bullshit.  Would you, dear friends, like a peak into the real dressing room during a show?  Of course you do, you happy little voyeurs. But I’m not giving you visuals this time. Think we are funny on stage?  You have no idea how much funnier we are in the dressing room.  Let me set the scene, and then I will share some of the quotes from the evening.  Imagine: concrete walls, sweltering heat, costume heaps, the sweet smell of spray glue and cold cheese fries.  Throw in about 20 frazzled performers and a few cute kittens trying to wrangle both performers and panties and just listen:

nerdgasmV_ABHey guys, I think I glued my butt together.

I found my missing pastie…it was stuck to the other one.

Can someone sew a snap on my cooter?

You can’t bobby pin a wig to the bald side of your head.

I’m going to sew some fabric to my crotch.  We’ll see how it turns out.

After that routine, you smell like my grandpa.

I stabbed my nipple with a needle.  Don’t ask.

Did you see the makeup print her face left on the floor?

She showed us her inch worm in the dressing room.

Don’t thank me, thank Adderall!

I like to invite cute guys from OK cupid to the show.  That way I don’t have to try to awkwardly talk to them.  I’m not very good at dating…

I dont think my cape will fit over my ‘Cher in Las Vegas’ hair…Math is hard!
-said while trying to undo a clasp on a cape. 

My nipple are angry.

I’m pretty sure you got silly string up my nose.  Response: I was flirting.

I have a nipple hickey.GLW_4877

Shaving cream in the holes.  All the holes.
Someone kiss my tit.  I need to cover this bruise.

Can I touch your balls? 

Your balls look great! 

He left pieces of Ralph all over the stage.

No cooter punch!

She has a dick!  I always wanted a dick. Can I touch it?

An audience member stole my pussy!  That’s the second time! 

I accidentally dumped a bottle of water in an audience member’s lap. 

Thanks for stopping by and listening to an old lady jibber jabber, kids. Don’t forget to grab your tickets for the next show, I promise it’s ridiculous.


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Forget-Me-Not’s for Show Packing by Karma D’Light

KarmaKarma D’Light is full of prettiness, positivity, and prestigious organization! You never know what you’ll find in her purse and/or pockets but rest assured, if someone is in need of something; Karma’s got it! She also has a few quick tips on last minute “don’t forget!” items when packing for your next show and/or event!

The more shows I perform, the more I am getting the hang of what to bring with me to get ready! It seems I always forget something no matter how many times I check and recheck my bags.

Depending on when the show is, I prefer to have my hair and makeup done while I am home. I still will bring makeup, hairspray, a teasing comb, and hair products for any touch ups. Always pack an extra pair of fishnets/hose as a back-up in case you get a hole/tear. Whatever I wear to the show I make sure it is what I will feel comfortable in after the show in case I decide to go have dinner/drinks. Spray glue and/or tape for pasties are a must. A towel, jewelry, spray glitter, and all of your costume pieces including shoes! Sometimes wet wipes are helpful and my iPhone charger. Think of packing for a day trip! It is a night for you to be your alter-ego 🙂

With Karma’s tips in mind and adding a few of our own “forget-me-not” items (besides costume pieces and props, of course!):

download_20150702_140434*makeup bag with everything you need for touch-ups
*hair products – such as hairspray & teasing comb and/or   brush, bobby pins
*bobby pins (you can never have too many)
*extra fishnets/hosiery
*extra eyelashes
*spray glue and/or tape for pasties
*spray glitter
*wet wipes and/or towel
*sew-on-site fix-it bag – needle, thread, scissors, velcro, etc (just in case!)
*pack everything you need the night before the show
*do a last minute bag and prop check before leaving for your event

These are the most important items we consider; what things are at the top of your list?

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Notes for Dads on Father’s Day from the Angels

It’s Father’s Day and a few of the Angels are giving ode to the dads in their lives. Whether they are fathers, brothers, husbands, or good positive role models; today, just like every day, we give thanks and appreciation to the guys who make our lives shine brighter.


LolaRAWLola LaVacious

My dad is my hero, my best friend, my mentor, my confidant and biggest fan. He has this view of me that I’m capable of doing anything. When I was three and he worked the graveyard shift he would leave these audio tapes of him reading me a book so an opportunity to spend time with me wouldn’t be missed. I learned to read that way. When I was in middle school he helped coached my doc or team…he believed for a crazy reason I was also dexterous enough for that kind of thing and when I begged to quit he bought me a piano because surely my gifts lied elsewhere. When lessons for piano and voice came close to being eliminated from the household budget he rallied with an open checkbook and put in extra hours at work. I became obsessed with oil rigs at age 7 so he bought me a “build your own” hydrologic kit. He consoled me through many heartbreaks and helped me move several times for love. When I began singing in public, he always made sure I had a new dress and shoes..”it’s always better to be overdressed for the occasion than not be noticed”.  As a burly performer he still supports me with interesting and OOAK costume pieces and jewelry and always calls the next morning asking how the performance went and did I have fun. I speak to him on the daily, mostly jumping into philosophical musings on the state of mankind and pop culture. He’s my best friend.



Gwen De’Lyn

My father has been the most important person in my life for quite some time. I honestly can say I don’t know what I would do without that man. He has always been there for me quietly encouraging me and supporting me. He has never forced his opinion on me or tried to change me. He accepts me for who I am. I truly believe that a father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. This how I was able to find the man who was meant to be my husband. My father show me how I should be treated and he never let me forget that I was loved. Thank you Dad for always being there for me!



maggie_3Maggie Missile

I feel very honored to be a second generation gamer and give all the credit for that to my dad. During my visits with him he decided he wanted to introduce my sister and I to 2nd edition AD&D. I rolled up my first character, a neutral Amethyst Dragon Cleric with a tremendously high wisdom score played by an 11 year old girl. I was hooked to role playing games after that, it was a whole new world. He took me to conventions and finally to my GenCon when I was 13. I was introduced to so many different things that I loved and even to Steampunk at its earliest incarnations with Mask of the Red Death. I was introduced and fell in love with sci-fi and fantasy novels because of my dad. I was, and still am, encouraged to illustrate by my dad. It’s because of this I found my love of sci-fi fantasy that now permeates my creative drive in Nerdlesque. It’s because of that big ginger nerd man that my name is Maggie Missile and while that’s an odd thought that this burlesque persona could never have been bourn without his influence it is so incredibly true.




Karma D’Light

My Father and I have a special bond since he ran the school I attended in a small community. Not many kids can say their Father gave them their HS diploma. On this Father’s Day, I want to thank him for everything he has taught me, for always being there for me – during the good and the bad, and for never judging me. Instead he always leads with Love. 





Steamie Nicks

Happy Father’s Day to all the true DAD’S IN THIS WORLD ….!!!! Furry Daddy’s too!

My baby daddy:

He’s a DAD to our miracle, 2 cranky cats, and our son – Henry – our gigantic lab!
He works SO HARD and deals with being my nurse half the time…Life is a roller coaster but overcomes every hurdle with very outside support – meaning affection and love… – with his laid back attitude….





Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 7.59.52 PMCoty Foxfire

I am thankful for the stud in my life- my best friend, husband, father of our children & my biggest supporter. He sees the beauty and empowerment in burlesque & how it enriches our lives. He encourages me to use my creativity and stays home with the kid(s). Let’s see how he does with the new baby!

Much love to all of the partners/ husbands/ boyfriends who stay at home, and attend shows when they can!, and still support us performers with all of their heart.






Frankie Spanxx

My husband is the best Father I could ask for for my daughter. I spent years being mother and father but from the moment he met my daughter, I was mom only. He was her daddy. Now, many years later, I can’t fathom them not being daddy and daughter. She is a mini him and we are both so lucky to have him.









Cora Noire

Happy Father’s Day to the man would told me I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up and still loved me when I grew up to be a bitch.  No matter how old I get, I’m still Daddy’s little shit head. 


To see Cora’s other Father’s Day message (yes, you want to see it) click here!









Minnie Ryder

My dad is a color blind florist. He taught my four siblings and I the importance of responsibility, respecting others and the thrill of riding horses and motorcycles (which included educational practices such as cleaning stalls, baling hay, picking up sticks, branches, and logs in endless woods, and defensive driving on a cycle). He is a better map than Google. We may not agree on everything (such as participation in burlesque) but I know at the end of the day if I’m ever lost and my navigation is broken; if I call him, he will get me home safely.  

The other dad in my life is my husband. He is a great father and our kids know they are loved. He is kind, geeky, funny, and so supportive of our endeavors. I could not ask for a better man, husband, father, in my life. He makes the journey called “Parenting” possible. He is my rock, foundation, and one of a kind. Happy Father’s Day to everyone. 🙂


Happy Father’s Day from the Angels!



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A Message of Love from Cora Noire

I knew from the beginning he would be a good father.   He took to my girls instantly, with all the normal adjectives: protective, guiding, caring.  He added a few distinct job descriptions of his own: video game mentor, nonsense instigator,  master nerf gun tutor.  He did all the boring dad duties: chauffeur, chaperone, logistics.  He did all the crappy stuff: discipline, dinner decisions, patiently tolerating the girls not being as fast as he was on video games.  I don’t think I could ever express the gratitude and appreciation I have for my husband’s ability and willingness to step in where someone else left a wake of heartache. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks.

FB_IMG_1434874432989When I told him we were pregnant, he hit his knees in tears.  For 9 months, he talked to my belly, every single day.  He put speakers on my belly and played so much music, I’m surprised the baby wasn’t born with an instrument.  I would have told you it was impossible to see pure, life changing love happen in front of human  eyes.  But I would have been wrong.

 From the instant he held our baby boy in the operating room for the first time, my husband was more than smitten. I don’t know of a word to describe how devoted he was, how much love was wrapped in a hospital blanket. Completely. Totally. In love, with a devotion to that child I never could have fathomed.  Long after that ‘new baby smell’ has worn off, he is still beyond smitten.  I have never known someone who took the responsibility of being a parent to heart like he did.  Watching the joy in my husband’s face when teaching our son, is second only to watching the joy of a toddler discovering the world.  It’s a wonder I don’t just walk around sobbing because of how heart wrenchingly adorable the two of them are together with their matching clothes and secret handshakes. While my husband may over think things regarding our son quite a bit, I admire how he realizes the importance of raising a child.  It can be the difference between one more asshole in the world or a loving, creative human. The weight of every decision and every possible outcome is carried squarely on my husband’s shoulders.  Like exponential butterfly effect, kids.

But no matter how heavy that gets, you can see the weight lift with every “I love you, buddy.”  Watch for a moment longer and you will see the weight disappear completely when this tiny little being says, “I yooou tooo.”

So this Father’s Day, I want my husband to know how loved and appreciated he is, by me, by the girls and by our not-so-tiny tot, and how grateful I am to be in this crazy life with him.  Thank you for being more than I could have asked for in a husband, a best friend and a father.

Angel Burlesque Open Bra by the Numbers

abopenbraOpen Bra by the Numbers:

·     18 Productions over three years

·     359 Routines seen onstage

·     Averageof 19 routines per show

·     45 Burlesque debuts

·     137 Distinctive Performers

·     Most prolific host: Jeff Angel

·     Briefly called “Open Bra & Open Fly Night” to
be more inclusive of gentlemen.

·     NewAngels: Layla Seduisant, Cora Noire, Jackie Max & Gentleman Jack, GalaxyJones, Frankie Spanxx, Minnie Ryder, Sylvestia Stiletto (debuted as Poison Ivy), Lucy Shook

·     Fundraisers for Planned Parenthood & Indiana AIDS Fund ($6,700 total)

·     Notable themes: Nerdgasm, Boo-lesque, Tinselgasm, SuperBra for the Superbowl

·     Origin of Miss TaTa’s & Tiaras

·     Burlesque, Boylesque, Solos, Duets, Trios & Groups

·     Drag Queens, Drag Kings, Singing, Hooping, Tapping, American Sign Language, Spoken Word, Bellydancing, Magic, Live Musicians, Singer/Songwriter, Erotic Readings

·     At least 5 performer name changes

·     Jingles the Elf


openbraTroupes & Groups Represented:

1.    Angel Burlesque

2.    Bottoms Up Burlesque

3.    Crème de les Femmes

4.    Footlite Musicals

5.    Independents (Indy, Bloomington & Kokomo)

6.    Indy Pride Bag Ladies

7.    Lady Riot’s Peepshow

8.    Minsky’s Kinks

9.    Pur

10.  Rocket Doll Revue

11.  Theatre on the Square

Places Represented:

West Lafayette

Have you ever been to a burlesque show?  Are you inspired by those confident and sassy ladies and gentlemen and want to give it a try yourself?  Over 137 distinctive performers from the burlesque community have graced the stage at Angel Burlesque’s Open Bra and we are so excited to add to the number! 

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Angel Burlesque Open Bra at Playground Production Studios


Photo Credit: EGO Photo

Angel Burlesque is thrilled to bring back our Open Bra series for 2017!
Saturday, March 25th, 8:00 p.m.
Playground Production Studios
5529 Bonna Ave #10, Indianapolis, IN 46219

 Open Bra: Like an Open Mic Night but with Burlesque!!

Angel Burlesque’s Open Bra series started at the amazing and incomparable Cracker’s Comedy Club in Broad Ripple in 2011. Cracker’s was the home of the Open Bra series for three wonderful years, hosting over 18 Open Bra’s that featured over 350 routines!

The Open Bra series was created by Angel Burlesque to give performers a chance to perform.  The single best way to improve as a performer is to perform.You need to get in front of an audience and give them a chance to see you and respond to you.  There’s been a lot of times that I have been rehearsing and I think a move is particularly fascinating or I think I have a very clever of doing a particular thing but then I don’t necessarily get the audience response that I think I should have gotten.  Conversely, some throw away moves have gotten huge responses (and I’m not talking about when I throw away my costume—those always get huge responses!). Your best critic is your audience!

abopenbra3Yes, performers need to prepare!  Prepare, prepare, prepare!  It is often painfully obvious which performers are prepared and which performers try to wing it.  Performers should take classes, watch other performances (burlesque and non!), and always work to improve BUT, ultimately,burlesque is not created in a vacuum. Theatre, like burlesque, does not exist in rehearsal.  Theatre does not happen until you add an audience!

We created the Open Bra nights to give people a chance to perform.  Our audiences were overwhelmingly supportive and encouraging.
Over 45 people made their burlesque debuts at Angel’s Open Bra Nights.
We also hosted a variety of performers including singers, bellydancers, Drag Queens, Drag Kings! Hoopers,tappers, magicians, musicians and who can forgot the erotic readers of Mr.Damon Kent?
Our performers came from as far away as Florida and represented performers from ten local burlesque troupes and theatre groups. Everyone is welcome!

Have you ever been to a burlesque show?  Are you inspired by those confident and sassy ladies and gentlemen and want to give it a try yourself?  Over 137 distinctive performers graced the stage at Angel Burlesque’s Open Bra and we are so excited to add to the number!

-Katie Angel

Click here to read about our Open Bra by the Numbers” for more interesting statistics!

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Burlexplanations: Clean Your Room or Else!

We give our all for burlesque, don’t we? Blood, glittery sweat, and tears. It’s not often we can say “real” blood is involved. Fake blood? Yes, sometimes alot of fake blood but that’s another story. This macabre burlexplanation is brought to you by messiness, knives and penetration. Told by the fairest of them all, Lola LaVacious.

lolaperformingIf anyone really knows me well knows I have the most uncanny talent of sustaining random injuries in unique ways. This particular incident was no exception..except it included a very sharp object. With all of my projects for designing and creating pasties and other burly effluvia I’ve been lucky at not getting any cuts or scrapes the last few years. I have been victim to cheap glitter paper cuts under the nailbed…ripped skin from too strong glue, splinters the size of logs in my hand right before hitting the stage…you get the point.
Sharp things like scissors, rotary cutters, and seam rippers have been my tools I could count on for their work and I always took great care of these tools as to prevent any mishap. They are always the first thing to be carefully put away in their respected places…until a new guy joined the pack.

I bought a handy dandy mini soldering tool set for soldering jewelry, woodburning, stencil cutting and especially the long blade for foam board. I had created these “fan tacos” for my newest piece for it debut on the lovely Athenaeum stage with some of my favorite dancers in the city. Gorgeous silk veils streaming around the stage while I performed barefoot was a beautiful idea…until The Incident.

Night before the show I was cleaning up my office space strewn with boxes of jewelry and feathers and foamboard while spending some time with a good pal of mine. While mindlessly chattering away and cleaning IT happened. Approximately two inches below the medial ankle bone or the inside part of the ankle and cool steelyness entered. It didn’t quite hurt per se but something was not right. I looked down to see the long blade of the soldering kit which was still attached to the main handle of the tool sticking into my foot. I paused taking in the situation and realize I would need to remove it gently…no problemo until it started bleeding. My dear friend snapped into action asking for the first aid kit once I told them what occurred. (They will always be a part of my dream zombie apocalypse team for their non squidgy reaction and calmness)

I simply asked for a paper towel and continue cleaning beginning with the proper storage of the blasted tool so nobody else could get hurt.
My fella came home not even a few mins after the incident and sighed deeply in resignation upon hearing the news. A few butterfly bandages later I thought I was good to go…until I couldnt put weight on the foot the next morning…the morning of the performance! How does one go onstage limping with such delicate fans? I was able to seek professional help and got my ankle stabilized with kinesiotape…hot pink kinesiotape…a sharp contract to the black white and silvers in my costuming. I was thinking of the lame humiliation I woul endure in explaining why I had so much tape to these pro dancers that perform with traumatic injuries sustained by being amazing dancers. Quick fix or the nite black crew sox with the toes and heels cut out to give it the “arty” edge. I performed my routine that evening with no one the wiser except maybe questioning my costume choices.

Note to self: always clean your room.

Our dear Lola is on the cutting edge of many things, but hopefully this will be the last time involving sharp objects!
Learn more about the super talented, multi-tasking, RAW hostess with the mostest extraordinaire!

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Thanks for reading and stay fabulous, friends!


Getting to Know Karma D’Light

Karma D'Light

Photo: JT Thorpe Photography

The charismatic Karma is a pocket full of surprises! Learn more about this 80’s montage lovin’ woman and her mission to bring people together!

What inspired you to start burlesque?
After having my chakras balanced, I realized I wanted to get back into dance. I already saw the Angels in action and attended a Burlesque 101 workshop. So I asked if I could help at shows! I went from helping sell merchandise, to kittening, to performing! I love the creative outlet 🙂

How did you come up with your first routine?
I wanted to incorporate the dance I already knew from Janet Jackson’s “Miss You Much” video. As I was listening to an updated version of Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Starting Something” with Acon, I realized I could mash-up the two songs for an 80’s montage! So with the help of my mentor, Mona S’Amor, and the other Angels, I incorporated 80’s moves as I transformed from character to character.

How long have you been doing burlesque?
My first show was Honey Bourbon Boylesque in March 2014. I asked to kitten and ended up in 2 numbers!

How have you changed, onstage and backstage in that time?
I have more confidence in performing. I am learning to get ready quick in a small area. I find myself taking more chances and getting out of my comfort zone. I constantly want to push the envelope and see how far I can go!

What tips can you give aspiring performers?
Start by attending workshops and helping at the shows. You can learn a lot by watching the performers! Be yourself and have FUN!

What’s been your most memorable onstage moment?
During my solo debut, there was one part of the routine I was not sure if the audience would recognize from the 80s video “Miss You Much.” As the crowd erupted cheering and clapping, all I could think of is “OMG!!! They get it!!!”

Any embarrassing moments?
The first time I kittened for “The Princess Wore Pasties” Show and I realized I had to completely undress in front of strangers. My solo debut I had a melt down before I went on stage. Thanks to Katie who talked me back to sanity.

Photo Credit: Natalie Loftus

Photo Credit: Natalie Loftus

What have some of your challenges been, as a performer?
How to overcome stage fright, try not laughing when I get embarrassed, and coming up with routine ideas based on an already themed-show.

What’s your favorite part of burlesque?
There are so many! I love transforming to my other persona in the costumes and glitter. I am constantly pushing my persona outside the box. And meeting the fans, of course, is always fun!

Are there any parts of burlesque you loathe?
Unpacking after a show and body glue!

Tell us about Spark & Celebrate.
Spark & Celebrate ~ Event Growing Communities is my event planning company! I plan events such as fundraisers, galas, drag shows, flash mobs, book launches, and spiritual conventions. The idea behind each event is to bring people in communities together for the highest good of all. Together we can make a difference!

Tell us about the flash mob you organized.
A few years ago, I had an idea for a Glee-type flash mob with the theme “Everyone is Loved for who they are, as they are!” We danced to Lady Gaga’s, “Born This Way” and as in Glee, wore t-shirts with our vulnerabilities on the front. We wore jackets over the t-shirts, so every time you hear “Born This Way,” a group of people removed their jackets to reveal their vulnerabilities. Thanks to Indigo, a friend and choreographer, who helped me pull off this amazing endeavor! I want everyone to know they are LOVED! ❤

Click the link to see this awesome video!

Photo Courtesy: Courtney Brooks Photography

Photo Courtesy: Courtney Brooks Photography

How has yoga affected your performance?

Yoga has changed my life. I am stronger both physically and mentally, thanks to meditation, and I am more flexible as well. Yoga is about accepting both yourself and your life, and being in the present moment.

Photo: JT Thorpe Photography

Photo: JT Thorpe Photography

If you could time travel with no consequences, where and when would you go?

I would travel back 10 years ago and tell myself to let go – everything is okay as it is. Enjoy life!
All of my dreams come true and then some ❤

If you could have lunch with any three people, past or present, who would you pick?
Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Jesus

If you could have dessert with any three people, past or present, who would you choose?  
Alanis Morrisette, Ellen Degeneres, Marianne Williamson

What is your perfect Jeopardy board (6 topics that you’d kick ass in)?
E! Entertainment, Full Moons, Chakras, Shoes, Spiritual Leaders, Cats

Would you prefer to fly or be invisible?  Why?
FLY! Travel and learn 🙂

If you could describe your essence as a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be?
Sweet cream with pop rocks exploding in your mouth!

New Year’s Resolutions: What’s Yours?


Belle Breeze, Miss Honey B’s Bourbon Boylesque Photo Credit: Matthew Mayer

Happy New Year, Everyone!
We hope you rang in the new year with much fun, friends, and celebration! 2014 was a fabulous year for us and 2015 is on it’s way to being glitterificly fantastic!

Did you know resolutions for the New Year have been around since before 539BC?
In Medieval times, the knights re-affirmed their commitment to chivalry through taking the “peacock” vow. That’s fancy! Perhaps we should make up a term for our burly goals and/or self improvements for the New Year…hmm…glitter vow? glove pact? We’ll think on that and just continue this year with sharing some resolutions of our own!

Belle Breeze:
My word for the year is “Stretch.” Stretch past my comfort zone and try new things. Also? Get back to yoga.

Frankie Spanxx:
My goal: Stop grabbing boobs in group photos and step further outside my performing comfort zone. Hopes: good health for myself, my Angels, family, friends and my VEHICLES!! !!!

Katie Angel:
Goal: encourage Frankie to keep grabbing my boobs in group photos.


Ginger Peach, Nerdgasm IV 2014

Cora Noire:
I will also support the more boob grabbing in photos. Maybe a whole series of boobs being held by other Angels…ya know, cuz we support each other.

Katie Angel:
Goal: Work on my business and finance skills. Work on my dance skills.

Maggie Missile:
Get into my best burlesque booty shape, drill baby drill, stone all the things, and perform with the Glitter Guild at GenCon!

Karma D’Light:
perform routines outside of my comfort zone to grow as a performer! Think outside the box.

Minnie Ryder:
Work on my tap skills, costuming skills, and do a classic piece. Keep learning and growing in the fine art of burlesque. Creating more art with my hands, and re-prioritizing my time for family, work, working out, friends, and fun!

Looks like many good goals to be had! What are some of yours for this year?
Have a fantastic 2015. We can’t wait to share some of it with you!


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