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Selina Prince: Why My Teenager is Exposed to Burlesque

I know there are a lot of people out there who would cringe at the idea of letting their teenager be around a bunch of people who take their clothes off for fun. It sounds obscene or wrong doesn’t it? Well I have to be honest…I just don’t agree with that.

I started my burlesque journey in January of 2014. I was depressed and unhappy on many fronts and I wanted something bold and artistic to do. I had a void inside me that needed filled by something. I wanted to stand up and make a difference somehow. I really don’t know how I decided on burlesque. It might have actually been my daughter who pointed me in that direction. She has always had a variety of different interests that most teenagers don’t.


I ended up getting involved with a show called Miss Honey B’s Bourbon Boylesque. It was a fundraiser for Indiana Equality Action. When I tried out for this show, my daughter was 14. It was scary as hell trying out for something like this, and then I was asked to be a kitten. I had desperately hoped to be an actual part of the show and was really bummed to just be a part of the crew. My daughter was sitting with me on the couch when I was talking about how sad I was that I wasn’t a part of the show. She had kind words and comfort for me. I was sitting there watching my daughter be so supportive of me and she knew how hard it was for me to put myself out there. That’s when I made the decision to make the best of it. I told her that it was ok that I didn’t make it in right now. No one starts off at the top. They wanted me as a kitten so I was going to do the best I could at doing this job that I possibly could. And I did do a good job as a kitten. And by showing up and being there and being reliable, I also managed to weasel into a number and I got to perform on stage! That’s where it all started for me. I was able to show my daughter that no matter what, hard work and a positive attitude pay off.



I started the TITS program and I worked hard and I was a member of Angel Burlesque that October. My daughter was now 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. She would come to rehearsals with me. A lot of people I am sure would question why I would bring a 15 year old to see a bunch of adults strip. Well here is why. Burlesque is about respect. All of these women respect and support each other despite their differences or whether they like each other or not. Not everyone sees eye to eye all of the time. That would somehow bend the rules of physics and mathematical probability for a group of 20+ women to all feel rainbows and sunshine and sparkles for each other. But no matter how I feel about anyone in this group, I respect them all and I would be there for them in a heartbeat. Because respect and being a part of a group of women who support each other isn’t about something as trivial as LIKING each other all the time. Why wouldn’t I want my daughter to see that? She gets to see how women can be respectful and supportive of each other. Burlesque is also about body positivity and loving yourself.


selinaprince_5The members of my troupe have a huge range of body sizes. Fat asses, perfectly round magnificent asses (Coty), big tits, little tits, tall, short….we all come in different sizes. Not every guy likes a teeny tiny girl with big fake tits. We are taught this over and over again but it’s not true. And real women don’t necessarily have curves. Some real women have no curves at all and are just naturally super thin and they are still sexy as hell and worthy of respect. I think that every woman struggles with their body image. I know that I do. There have been many times when I am about to go on stage and think that there is no way that anyone wants to see my jiggly body up there. But I have pulled it together and put it all on stage. And afterwards I have women come up to me and say that they wish that they had my body and confidence. MY BODY! Do you know just how completely mind blowing that is? We all feel that our bodies are somehow wrong or sub-par. But burlesque helps to shatter those ideas by showing that every body is beautiful and fabulous. It helps my self-confidence and I love helping other women see just how beautiful and fabulous they are…whether it is through burlesque or not. Why wouldn’t I want my daughter to see that? I am teaching her to love her body no matter what and to not be held down by the constraints of what our society says is beautiful. I am teaching my daughter to be artistic and respectful and bold and self-confident. I had a good friend insinuate that my daughter was what she thought of as “over sexual” due to me being a part of burlesque and her growing up with it. It was a little hurtful and is what got me to thinking about this whole subject in the first place.


But I have come to understand over the years the burlesque isn’t all about sexuality and getting naked. I know that a part of it. And sexuality is just a part of life. My daughter knew about sex way before I started doing burlesque. She had middle school boys trying to show her porn on their phones. Our society is always talking about sex, but not in the way that they should be. We need to be talking about sex in a safe, sane, and healthy way. I teach her about consent and how sex is a natural part of life. I am not saying that I don’t occasionally cringe when she comes to me wanting to talk about sex. I am like any other mom. But she does come to me because she feels safe enough to come to me. She knows that I will listen and respect her and give her advice. My daughter is almost 18 years old now and she is growing up in an environment that promotes all of these awesome things. She has so many role models of strong and amazing women as she is on the cusp of being a woman herself. And you know what….I am totally ok with that even if some people are not. I see being around burlesque during her teen years as a huge advantage. She gets to be around a group of bad ass men and women who expose her to the positive side of the sexual world she already lives in…..and her mom is sexy, confident, and can teach her how to put on false eye lashes in a jiffy!!! I call that a win!

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Getting to Know Jada Bella

JadaHandsLogoWhat inspired you to start burlesque?
I wasn’t actually inspired to do burlesque. My stage manager at DK asked me if I’d like to do a routine for a show she was producing. I didn’t even really know that much about burlesque other than it was a more theatrical form of taking your clothes off. HA! It showed that I didn’t know much about it with the first routine I put together, but I think I pulled it off and I loved it! It was such a different median for me as a classically trained professional dancer. I’d never thought about being a burlesque performer, but I’ve always had a love of glitter. So here I am, how ever many years later. I don’t get to perform much but it’s so rewarding when I do.

How did you pick your burlesque name?
So the first burlesque name I picked actually was Jill “put on your Sunday shoes” Godwin. The Sunday shoes is from a family guy episode and I thought it was funny. Then hearing it before my first routine, I was like, ummmmmm no that’s not going to work. I don’t want a bell to go off with people if they happened to have seen DK. So, I did some thinking. The name Jada came to mind because I remember my mom telling me that she was either going to name me Jillian or Jada. Bella is Italian for Beauty or beautiful. So I joined the two. I love it, it works, done deal.

How long have you been doing burlesque?
I seriously don’t know how long I’ve been wearing the pasties… 5 years I think. I believe I was 25 when I started so it’ll be going on 6 years.

 How have you changed, onstage and backstage in that time?
I’m exploring more outside of my comfort zone. I have a lot of dance training to always fall back on. So I’m trying to do more improv and not necessarily have a routine choreographed. I just recently did my first reverse strip which was super fun but also terrifying. People have always liked my chill energy backstage. I’ve been a performer and been on stage and off for a LONG time so I don’t get super jittery or nervous. I try to help others stay calm and try to be as goofy as possible.

What have some of your challenges been, as a performer?

Some of my challenges as a performer is just lack of money and time. I wish I had more time to devote and also more money to buy all the things. As an artist, we just don’t make a lot, so we supplement income by teaching dance, working at a garden center during the summers, I also teach aerial yoga. So it’s hard to find a good balance of what I’ve spent my entire life building (dance career, yes it is a career, no, it is not a hobby.) and my hobby (burlesque). I do know that when I retire from dance, I’d like to have more free time to go to festivals and workshops, perform outside of Indy. Sounds like a fun next step.


Photo Credit: Gray Dragon Photography


Do you have any fur babies?
Yes, 3 fur babies, Picasso Poquito Del Aranjois Godwin, Lucy Girl, and Layla. 3 Fin babies, Les Paul, Gefilte Fish, and Atlantic Stanon Crush.

How do you feel about glitter?

What is your favorite kind of beer?
I’m a beer enthusiast actually. I go to beer fests and love going up to breweries. My favorite is an imperial IPA called Permanent Funeral from 3 Floyd’s. It’s up in Munster, IN. It’s so hobby and crisp. And it’s 10% ABV which is super high. You’re feeling pretty good after 2 pints. I remember one time, the Aristocrat Pub has some on tap and my boyfriend and I went and had like 5 each. We waited quite a while before we drove home. It’s that good.

Tell us about your favorite crafting and gardening projects.
I’ve always been a fan of crafting. I love rhinestoning even though I’m not that great at it. I’ve always enjoyed making jewelry, scarves, hats. I taught myself how to make dream catchers. I love making handmade candles. The only thing I really don’t like is sewing. Not for me, but mad respect for those that do. I’m obsessed with plants. I inherited a lot of my moms orchids and succulents, hibiscus’. I have a raised bed in the summertime for a veggie garden. They are like the children I will never have. Lol, no just kidding I will have kids someday.

If you could time travel with no consequences, where and when would you go?

JadaBella3Ahhh. Time travel. I might get a little deep here but that’s ok…. I think I’d go back to when my mom was still alive but on hospice. I wish I could’ve talked to her more. Ask her more questions. Tell her I loved her one more time. I think about her everyday and what I wish I could’ve/would’ve/should’ve done. Just one more hug and one more, I’ll see you on the other side.

What is your perfect Jeopardy board (6 topics that you’d kick ass in)?
Jeopardy board, oh yeah. My digs! Orchids, Ballet History, Famous Choreographers, Name that Aloe, Musicals, Beer!

If you could describe your essence as a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be?
First of all I love ice cream. If I could describe my essence as an ice cream flavor it would be lavender. I know weird right but I think it really does describe me. I’m fragrant, bold, soft, willowy, and resilient.

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Getting to Know Christina Arabesqua

AB_Nerdgasm_028What inspired you to start burlesque?
I’ve always enjoyed dancing and there aren’t many dancing opportunities for adults. I saw the dancing audition for the Steampunk show and the rest is history.

How did you come up with your first routine?
I generally start with a song I like. I choreograph to that and figure out the costume and character later.

How did you pick your burlesque name?
Well I have a strong dance background so I like that Arabesqua is almost the dance term Arabesque.  I also like that Christina Arabesqua is a play on Christina Aguilera but for a dancer instead of a singer.

How long have you been doing burlesque?
About a year. I started just dancing with the troupe and slowly came into burlesque.

How have you changed, onstage and backstage in that time?
I’ve become more of a ‘performer’ instead of just a dancer. When I performed choreography that was created by someone else, I did the steps properly but didn’t put much emotion into my dancing. Now that I choreograph myself, I have a lot of fun adding personality and character to my routines.

What tips can you give aspiring performers?
Have faith in yourself and practice. I never perform anything that I haven’t had ample time to practice.

What have some of your challenges been, as a performer?
Costuming and hair are challenging for me. If I can get a solid idea for a costume, I can usually figure out how to create it, but coming up with those unique ideas is difficult for me.  I also have all this hair and can’t figure out how to do anything with it!
What’s your favorite part of burlesque?
I love that I can choreograph my own routines and perform them.

Are there any parts of burlesque you loathe?
The mess. When getting ready for a show I create the biggest messes in my workroom and the bathroom. I need to be more organized.

Do you have any fur babies?
I have two male Chihuahuas who are my babies. Spike (who is afraid of everyone and everything) and Peppy (who is mostly blind but supper friendly) are both 8 years old.

Tell us about creating choreography for yourself and for group routines. Is that something you enjoy? Where do you get your inspiration?
Choreography for me usually begins with a song that I like or a song that goes with an idea. I start just moving with the music and see if anything looks good in front of a mirror. If I get stuck, I go to YouTube videos for more inspiration. It is fun especially when you see that the audience enjoyed your end product but can also be frustrating if you just can’t find the right moves for sections of the routine.

You love to go on cruises! Tell us about that. Where have you been? What do you enjoy about cruising?
Cruises! I’ve been on 16. The 17th is booked for September. I need at least one a year but two is better. I love that they are budget friendly, you get to see different locations without changing your hotel room, and FOOD! I love food. All of your food is included with the price of the cruise so I usually gain a few pounds after every vacation. I’ve been to most of the Bahamas and Caribbean. Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Haiti, Jamaica, Belize, St Thomas, San Juan, Grand Turk and Honduras are some of the ports I’ve been to.
ABMuppet147 (1)
If you could time travel with no consequences, where and when would you go?
The future. I wonder if people ever start treating each other better.

If you could have dessert with any three people, past or present, who would you choose?  
Grandma Jo and Grandma Carolyn. I miss them.

What is your perfect Jeopardy board (6 topics that you’d kick ass in)?
I would not kick ass at ANY Jeopardy board. I have the WORST memory!

Would you prefer to fly or be invisible?  Why?
Fly. I love to travel but I hate traveling! When are transporters going to be invented?

If you could describe your essence as a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be?
Melting chocolate because I’m sweet but messy.

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Getting to Know Sadie Seirēn

AndSadieWhat inspired you to start burlesque?
Katie Angel- growing up I always looked up to Katie. I admired her- she’s funny, sexy, and confident. Katie is different than the standard definition of beauty- and she’s fucking gorgeous exactly the way she is. I came out to a burlesque show and saw how confident and unstoppable she seemed, and it made me aspire to be that for myself.

How did you come up with your first routine?
I get really inspired by music. Sometimes an idea just hits me in the face, and it sticks. My first routine was actually a group- it was a song I had been singing for years and I could just see the routine in my head. My first solo routine was similar. I was listening to an album I’ve listened to for years, heard one of the songs, and it just fit in my head. I try not to force a routine out of something that doesn’t feel totally right; I try to stick with my intuition.

How did you pick your burlesque name?
Originally I wanted to be Sadie Hawkins, but it turns out there’s already a Sadie Hawkins Burlesquer. After a few shows of going by Sadie Skye, I talked with the Angels and we came up with Sadie Siren. Which is perfect for me, as I have always had a rather nerdy obsession with mythology. From there, I decided that Siren alone was too common and I wanted to use the original Greek spelling of Seirēn… Because I’m super annoying that way.

How long have you been doing burlesque?
It’s been about a year and a half since I’ve been performing with the Angels. For a few months I stuck to singing- it took a while for me to build up the courage to do a full strip.

How have you changed, onstage and backstage in that time?
I’ve been trying really hard to challenge myself. I often limit myself to comedic characters because that’s what I’m most comfortable portraying. But I’ve been challenging myself to more serious styles; like sultry!
I’ve gotten very confident about my body. (Almost too confident.) Three years ago I never would have left the house in a tank top or shorts. Now half of my wardrobe is cutoff tops and funky little skirts. Sometimes I even go braless… Free the boobies!!

What tips can you give aspiring performers?
I think the best performers have confidence and conviction in what they’re doing. In theatre we have a common saying, “if you make a mistake, at least make a big one.” As long as you just go for it, the audience will be right with you.

SadieSeiren2What’s been your most memorable onstage moment?
Non-Burlesque related- when the audience went crazy for me during my bows for Hairspray. I’d never felt so validated as a performer. That memory keeps me going when I get almost too afraid to perform.

Burlesque-wise, I’ll never forget how excited that random audience member was when I started singing a song from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I don’t know why, but his excitement really stuck with me.

Any embarrassing moments?
It’s not onstage, but it happened while getting ready to go on stage. I was innocently spray gluing my underwear to my body and I wasn’t paying much attention to where I was spraying. Suddenly, there was a rather odd, cold sensation between my butt cheeks. With a stark horror, I realized that I had sprayed my ass cheeks together…

I had to stand in front of a mirror and pull my cheeks apart. I don’t think I’ve ever been so uncomfortable. I don’t think my ass has undergone such pain… And I have a tattoo on my butt.

What have some of your challenges been, as a performer?
I have two very conflicting tendencies: perfectionism and procrastination. Anyone that has worked with me knows how anal I get about my performance- I critique every moment that I’m on stage. But I also wait until the very last minute to put anything together- which causes me needless stress.

What’s your favorite part of burlesque?
I absolutely love the environment. I feel valued and appreciated by my fellow performers. I love that I feel empowered: as a singer, an entertainer, a comedian, and as a woman. I also love that I get my performance fix without having to go through months of rehearsals.

Are there any parts of burlesque you loathe?
I hate that I can’t plan every moment out. I’m an actress: I’m used to following a script and sticking very strictly to the given choreography. In some ways the unknown is freeing; in other ways it’s terrifying. When it comes down to it, it’s really good for me- it’s a huge challenge. But that doesn’t change the fact that sometime I feel absolute terror!

Tell us about your blog!
I’ve been single for quite a while, and I tried online dating.  It’s not for me.

I was constantly bombarded by creeps and it was really frustrating. Well, one day I posted a screenshot on my Facebook and everyone loved it. For a while I had been sending the screenshots to my friends and we’d laugh, but I discovered that my experiences caused widespread amusement. So one day I compiled my little collection of creeps and started a blog- Fickle and Alone.

Each day it gets more popular, and each day I lose more hope for humanity.
My blog can be found at:


Photo: Angela Leisure Photography

How is burlesque similar and different from theatre?
I go about Burlesque very similarly to how I go about theatre. I’m playing a character, Sadie, it’s not *me* up there. Me, who turns bright red any time someone says anything flirty. Me, who falls- A LOT.
That said, in some ways, it’s very different than theatre, because it is kind of… *me.* It’s my idea, my choreography, my song choice, my personality. I’m not performing someone else’s work. I’m performing… *me.* Sadie is a fabulous, braver, sexually confident version of *me.*

If you could do any project with an unlimited budget, what would you do?
I would do a production of Into The Woods in which I played all of the characters.
Or a production of Gypsy in which I played all the characters.
OR a production of Spring Awakening in which I play all the characters.
OR- OR a gender-bended production of Rocky Horror in which I play most of the characters.

Your Mama is super supportive…what does she think about burlesque?
She came to my first burlesque show with me. While we were sitting in the audience watching the performers, she turned to look at me and said, “So… When are you going to start doing this?”

Since then, she has come to every burlesque show I’ve performed in, even the shows where I’ve asked her to step out of the room for my solo. (I don’t like my mommy watching my more sexual routines.) On my solo debut, she and my step-dad sent backstage a bouquet with a note that read, “Breast Wishes!!” and a set of candy nipple tassels. If that isn’t unending support, I don’t know what is.

Here’s what she said for herself, “Burlesque allows women to take control of their own sexuality; to present themselves in the way that they want to be portrayed, rather than have their sexuality dictated to them by male fantasies or cultural ideas of what is or isn’t sexy. Burlesque defines beauty in a way that is inclusive of all women. It promotes self-esteem, positive body image, and the arts. Why wouldn’t I want my daughter to be a part of this?”

me and jeffWhen did you meet Katie and Jeff?
I met Jeff when I was five years old. We both participated heavily in the Indy theatre community. We did Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat together about six times. I used to call Jeff my Theatre Dad. Which is weird now if you think about it. But I mean… look how cute…

Around the same time, I met Katie when she started stage managing at the theatre I frequently worked at. She was ALWAYS my favorite. So much so, that she inspired me to start doing tech work- which is now my job! She asked me to do lights for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which meant we spent a lot of time in the tech booth together. At this time, she and Jeff were just starting to date. That’s right people, I got to witness the budding relationship of Katie and Jeff Angel! Aww!

Once during the rehearsals of that show, we got locked out of the tech booth. Katie, being the ever-devoted stage manager that she is, climbed into the window through the audience while shouting, “I AM NOT A MONKEY!” After that hilarious scenario, I began sneaking banana-related items into her stuff. I was pretty funny for a ten year old.

If you could time travel with no consequences, where and when would you go?
I’d go into the future. I’d be too tempted to change the past, with unknown results. But if I could go into the future, see the problems that will arise, I could perhaps change the present for the better.

If you could have dessert with any three people, past or present, who would you choose?
Kurt Vonnegut, William Shakespeare, and Freddie Mercury. It’d be an odd mix, but I’d be happy.

What is your perfect Jeopardy board (6 topics that you’d kick ass in)?
Theatre History * Musical Theatre * Shakespeare Quotes and Analysis * Psych 101 * Buffy the Vampire Slayer Trivia * Seemingly Useless Facts Learned from Documentaries

Would you prefer to fly or be invisible? Why?
It would depend on if the invisibility can be controlled or not… If I can turn it on and off when I choose, then invisibility all the way. I’d become a spy. Or a criminal. Or I’d just eavesdrop on private conversations. That sounds like fun.

If you could describe your essence as a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be?
Pistachio… Brightly colored, a little out of the ordinary, super tasty but not for everyone. That’s me!!

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EARPS and Angels Photoshoot

This year the Exotic Animal Rescue and Pet Sanctuary (EARPS) gave us the opportunity to love on some of their adorable pets in our favorite nerdy costumes! We had so much fun with these adorable animals and received lovely photos compliments of Angela Leisure Photography!  Want to learn more about EARPS? Read on!

EARPSandAngelBurlesqueEARPS is a central Indiana non-profit rescue group made up of volunteers working to help pocket pets, exotic and non-traditional pets. We coordinate with Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, the Humane Society, and several shelters throughout the state as well as surrounding states, as well as the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic to rescue and care for exotic pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, reptiles, birds and more. Our network of volunteers and foster homes works to educate on the proper care of exotic pets, and we are working to control the pet population through spaying and neutering our adoptable animals whenever possible.

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Enjoy more photos from our shoot with EARPS, Thanks again Angela Leisure Photography!

Angel Holiday Wishes 2015

The end of the year and holiday cheer is upon us for 2015! We’ve have a wonderful time playing with friends and putting on fantastic shows and cannot wait to see what 2016 holds for all of us at Angel Burlesque.  While the New Year is just around the corner our fishnet stockings are hanging with care in hopes that our glitter wishes will be filled with flare!
Christina Arabesqua
Wishing you a truly outrageous holiday

Karma D’Light
All I want for Christmas…rhinestones & glitter galore, a craft room, a sewing machine, tap more into my creativity, and world peace!
Best wishes for a 2016 where everything falls into place  Much Love ~ K

Ivory Fleurtini
THE ONLY RESOLUTION THAT MATTERS IN MY WORLD: Finish reading George RR Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series. Well, I guess catch up technically but whatever. 💁🏻
Belle Breeze
World peace. And big hair.
Ginger Peach
Shake my bits in public again soon!
Kristy Kryptonite
I want all sort of fun burlesquey stuff and somebody to come organize and store it for me. I could also use somebody to come and clean and straighten up the house for me. When it comes to new year resolutions, I just want to continue on the path that I started a year ago. That’s to be a healthier version of who I am today. Burlesque has given me a self confidence in myself that I haven’t had in a long time. I want that to continue into the new year.
Frankie Spanxx
I don’t do resolutions so that I won’t disappoint myself. I have no self control And I own that. I do wish for good health for myself and my family in 2016.
Ivory Fleurtini
Frankie Spanxxs’ Resolution is to continue her tradition of not picking a resolution because she kicks ass all year round at everything she does.
Morticia Maneater
 In 2016 I am going to go on more adventures!
Mona S’Amor
My New Year resolution is using my new adjustable dress-form (thanks Santa!). I can now sew my bras without using other Angels’ stand-in boobs to fill my cups!!
I also resolve to do another solo number.
Minnie Ryder
Ok Santa, I’d really like a camera to take photos of my arting so I can get all entrepreneurial on the interwebs and stuff. My resolution is to just keep growing in every aspect of my life. As a parent, a creative, a burlesquer, and as a person. Continue in kindness and spreading a message of positivity to family, friends, and beyond. Oh and also to keep coming up with ridiculous costumes and MORE CONTENT!
Happiest of holidays to everyone!
Selina Prince
I wish for the health and happiness of all the people I love. And of course my wish from last year….but slightly amended. I want a 4 way with my boyfriend, Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. And glitter. And Mexican food.
Sadie Seirēn
Uh. Christmas boobies!!  Because when in doubt: Boobies!
Well that about sums it up!
Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all of our best to you and yours throughout this season and the year to come!
Angels and Teasers-in-Training at Angel Burlesque

Loving Care for Costumes with Lola LaVacious


It’s been a long day/week/month of performing. You walk in the door to the black hole of costume pieces, accessories, crafting supplies, etc. How do you get from this mysterious and neverending story of a burlesque lifestyle in a pile back to the luxuriously organized space? Is it even possible? Of course it is and Lola LaVacious is here with tips and tricks on how to clean and store your wardrobe so they will hold up for another performance. Without further ado, the vivacious Lola LaVacious!

That moment a few days after a show where there are a bajillion various props, shoes, underthings, fringed gloves and other lovely sparkly effluvia scattered in my house makes me want to just close the door for another day to deal with the rainbowtastic mess. Having a solid storage plan in place gets the job done quickly and adds a modicum of satisfaction to my day and it can for you too!

shoe1. Cleaning Costume Pieces
I use my handy spray bottle full of cheap bottom shelf vodka to spray the inside of gowns corsets and other items that come in contact with sweat which are unable to be hand washed or dry cleaned. Using plastic hangars I drape the gowns inside out and hang the corsets folded over or clipped then spray away with a towel underneath to catch overspray. A light mist is all that is needed to get the yuck out and a 24 hour drying time.

Quick wipe with damp towel in and out and on the bottoms and them stiff with white tissue paper.

Hoisery: Dreft hand wash and roll in towels lay flat to dry

storagewish2. Costume Storage:
For full complete costumes I like to use plastic hangars with the ability to hook bra and thong /panties to and hang gown and skirt. Hangers are also used for other gowns, skirts, dresses and pants if the material will not fall out of shape when hung. A Stand alone closet system will help protect fabric from dust and keep them in place. I recommend having a charcoal bag at the bottom to absorb any odor or dampness.

Character shoes or regular satin heels without embellishments are stored on a shoe rack after they have been wiped down and can be stuffed with white wrapping tissue paper to retain the toe box shape and absorb odors.
For embellished glittered or patent leather shoes I cover them with cotton sox as to prevent any glitter or bling from coming off and to protect the patent leather from smudges or accidental scratches. These are so helpful when packing for travel.

Gloves, hosiery and scarves are stored in mini plastic drawers lined silk scarves for easy and nice accessibility.



If you incorporate fur in your costumes or have fur coats, shrugs etc DO NOT use vodka spay on the fur! I like to use the brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to use on the fur itself…if there is sweat in the liner dab with cotton cloth and allow to dry with liner out a few days before hanging on a wooden hanger or fabric wrapped hanger. If concerned with dust there are wonderful fabric garment bags or a sheet can be used in a pinch!

Extra Tips!

*Hanging garment bags are wonderful for toting costumes but not a great idea for long term storage as the plastics in some bags may affect natural fibers such as silk or furs.

*From dedicated jewelry trees and racks to full-blown curio cabinets, there are many ways to store jewelry and accessories!

*Lavender scented cedar blocks in a closet or storage area help keep the critters away without smelling like a forest or moth balls.


Hope you enjoyed reading through a few of our tips and tricks to costume storage and more! These ideas may not work for all of our Angels, fans and friends however they are a great starting point to find what may work for you! Happy storing!

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Forget-Me-Not’s for Show Packing by Karma D’Light

KarmaKarma D’Light is full of prettiness, positivity, and prestigious organization! You never know what you’ll find in her purse and/or pockets but rest assured, if someone is in need of something; Karma’s got it! She also has a few quick tips on last minute “don’t forget!” items when packing for your next show and/or event!

The more shows I perform, the more I am getting the hang of what to bring with me to get ready! It seems I always forget something no matter how many times I check and recheck my bags.

Depending on when the show is, I prefer to have my hair and makeup done while I am home. I still will bring makeup, hairspray, a teasing comb, and hair products for any touch ups. Always pack an extra pair of fishnets/hose as a back-up in case you get a hole/tear. Whatever I wear to the show I make sure it is what I will feel comfortable in after the show in case I decide to go have dinner/drinks. Spray glue and/or tape for pasties are a must. A towel, jewelry, spray glitter, and all of your costume pieces including shoes! Sometimes wet wipes are helpful and my iPhone charger. Think of packing for a day trip! It is a night for you to be your alter-ego 🙂

With Karma’s tips in mind and adding a few of our own “forget-me-not” items (besides costume pieces and props, of course!):

download_20150702_140434*makeup bag with everything you need for touch-ups
*hair products – such as hairspray & teasing comb and/or   brush, bobby pins
*bobby pins (you can never have too many)
*extra fishnets/hosiery
*extra eyelashes
*spray glue and/or tape for pasties
*spray glitter
*wet wipes and/or towel
*sew-on-site fix-it bag – needle, thread, scissors, velcro, etc (just in case!)
*pack everything you need the night before the show
*do a last minute bag and prop check before leaving for your event

These are the most important items we consider; what things are at the top of your list?

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Getting to Know Selina Prince

Photo By: Angela Leisure Photography

Photo By: Angela Leisure Photography

**Special Thanks to Angela Leisure Photography on Selina's feature 
photo above!**

What inspired you to start burlesque?
I have always loved dancing and have always wanted to be a performer, but it was always something I saw as a dream and not something that would ever be a reality.  I was too shy or busy in high school, then occupied with college, being married, having kids.  The idea has been there for a long while in the back of my mind, but there was always something in the way.  I would tell myself, “Oh you can do that after you lose 20 pounds” or “After you have a better job” etc.  At the begininning of this year, I just finally hit a point where I decided that if I wanted to do the things that I loved then I was going to have to start doing them NOW!  I was never going to be the perfect weight or have the perfect job or the perfect amount of money.  I started looking around on google for Indianapolis Burlesque and I really like Katie Angel’s message that “Real is Sexy”.  Katie was also one of the only people to respond.  They were getting ready to do auditions for
Miss Honey B’s Bourbon Boylesque the next day, and even though I was scared to death, I showed up and the rest is history.

How did you come up with your first routine?
The first routine I came up with was actually the second routine that I performed, which touches on another question. The very first routine I thought up was “Dark Magic” to Katie Perry’s “Dark Horse”.  I actually found that song on ITunes waaaaay before it became popular and super over played.  I thought that song was catchy and fun.  I love a wide variety of music from pop to metal!  I thought that in order to be able to start burlesque, I was going to need a routine to audition with, so that’s why I created “Dark Magic”.  I actually did not need to have a routine prepared so that got shelved into the back of my brain.  When Nerdgasm started coming around, I happened to think up my Mad Hatter routine.  I usually get ideas for my numbers by songs.  I will hear a song and think, “Wow, that would be great for….”.  And I was listening to Nine Inch Nails, heard the song “Into the Void” and knew that it would be a perfect fit for that character (especially
since i love Alice in Wonderland).  “Dark Magic” ended up being the routine I did for the Showgirl Showcase because I was having issues with a tendon injury and needed something fast because i wasn’t sure of my ability to perform, which is why I ended up using the one I had originally worked out in my head.  Sooooooo, long story short, music is usually what drives my routines!  I listen and sample out all kinds of music, new and old, and think about what the music makes me feel.


Photo By: Angela Leisure Photography

What is the inspiration behind your stage name?
Selina is from cat woman’s alter ego name, Selina Kyle.  Prince is from wonder woman’s alter ego name, Diana Prince.  I am a bit of a nerd, I love comic books and super heroes.  And my personality in general is kind of a split personality, part good girl, part bad girl.  I thought it was the perfect mix!

How long have you been doing burlesque?
I have only been doing burlesque since January of 2014, or at least that’s when i became involved!

How have you changed, onstage and backstage in that time?
I have learned in life that experience is the ultimate teacher.  I have watched many different people perform burlesque since I started, I have taken classes and absorbed as much information as I can.  All of these things are super valuable, but actually performing is what has taught me the most.  Nerdgasm was probably the most influential, because it gave me the opportunity to perform the same thing over and over again.  Doing that allows you to become less nervous, to change and tweak your numbers, to see how different audiences effect your performances.  I still love burlesque and I am still the same weird, awkward, overly excited lunatic as I have always been!  I try to be mindful of others backstage and not rub my weirdness on them (at least not too much!).  But I just think that I have grown in confidence in my skills and i look forward to trying new things and growing even more.

Why in the world did you pick such a tired, overplayed song for your Dark Magic routine?
LOL—the answer is up above….but I seriously cracked up when I read this!!!  They did play the fuck out of this song, which is quite irritating because my idea came BEFORE they screwed it up by over playing this on the radio!!!

selinaprince1What tips can you give aspiring performers?
Go see burlesque shows and take classes and start listening to music or whatever it is that inspires your creativity and then just get out there and do it!  The only person that is holding you back is you!

A lot of the performers are often asked, what does What’s been your most memorable onstage moment?
Probably when my music just stopped dead on me.  In my mind I was thinking, “holy shit!” But I just kept going!  It has happened twice now, so I think that song is cursed…probably because it’s so tired and over played!!!!!  LOL!

Any embarrassing moments? 
The time that my pastie came off in “Night of the Dancing Flames” for the DK show.  I actually noticed that it came off, and I was responsible for getting the red cloth and walking across the front of the stage!

Why can’t you keep pasties on?!
I KNOW!  I think my nipples just need to see everyone!!!  Actually, it was just not using strong enough glue.  Which sucks, because I have to choose between glue that doesn’t hold well enough and I flash the people of Indianapolis, or glue that’s so strong that it feels like it’s ripping my nipples off when I remove the pasties!!!  My poor nips!

What’s your favorite part of burlesque?
My favorite part is honestly the people.  The people who do it and the people who come and see it.  I have met some of the most wonderful people ever being a part of this fabulous hobby!  If I wasn’t able to ever perform again (which would be terribly sad), I would still be incredibly blessed to have met all the awesome people I have met through burlesque.

Photo: Angela Leisure Photography

Photo: Angela Leisure Photography

Are there any parts of burlesque you loathe?
Loathe is a harsh word.  I love burlesque and wouldn’t do it if i didn’t enjoy it.  But the part I don’t like is kind of odd.  I LOVE being dressed up in costume, but I kind of dread the actual process of putting it all on.  Finding all the things and hauling all the things and remember all the things.  Putting on the contacts and eye lashes and all the make up and the glitter and the panty hose and glueing myself in and safety pinning it all to perfection….sometimes that process is just EXHAUSTING to even think about.  But the final product…that I LOVE and I LOVE performing and all the other things that come along.

Tell us about your muggle job.
I am a preschool teacher!!!  I know that’s probably weird for some people, but I don’t see anything wrong with it.  What I enjoy in my personal life and what I enjoy in my professional life are two seperate things entirely.  I wanted to be a teacher when I was in high school, it’s what I went to college for and I have been an educator in one form or another for 15+ years now.  I have been a zoo mobile educator, a volunteer coordinator, a director, a substitue teacher….all kinds of things.  I am really enjoying working with the younger kids right now.  I have a lot of freedom and flexibility with my lesson planning and the experiences I can give them.  My job is never boring!!!

If you could time travel with no consequences, where and when would you go?
I think ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt are all fascinating places.

If you could have lunch with any three people, past or present, who would you pick?
I love to laugh, so I would go to lunch with Louis C.K., Jimmy Fallon, and Robert Downey Jr. (he’s just sexy but I imagine him having a sense of humor)

If you could have dessert with any three people, past or present, who would you choose?  
I would pick fascinating women to go have dessert with.  Betty Paige, Amelia Earhart, and Ellen DeGeneres!

What is your perfect Jeopardy board (6 topics that you’d kick ass in)?
Animal Kingdom, Food, Harry Potter, Education, Mythology, Movies

Would you prefer to fly or be invisible?  Why?
What fun is being invisible…no one could see you or talk to you!!  Definitely flying!!  Imagine how fast you could get places.  No more airlines!!! FABULOUS!!!

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Getting to Know Mona S’Amor


Photo: Angela Leisure Photography

Photo: Angela Leisure Photography

Creative with the craftiest of crafts and wielding wit sharper than an exacto blade, Mona S’Amor wows her audience with intricate detailed costumes, poppy colors, and bright-eyed “come hither” glances.  An enchantress of the creative arts realm, there’s always room for S’Amor.

What inspired you to start burlesque?
I saw one show and I was hooked. During the show, they had a group performance by “students” – I turned to my husband and said, “I wanna do that!!!”

How did you come up with your first routine?
After listening to a long list of songs I thought would at some point, make a good routine, I settled on one where the idea seemed to come together a little more than the rest. I thought, “I’m lost and I’m looking for my baby…what kind of baby would she be looking for?” and my Little Bo Peep routine was born.

How long have you been doing burlesque?
3 years

How have you changed, onstage and backstage in that time?
I have become more confident and more comfortable with my own body. It’s the only one I’ve got so I guess it’ll do!


Photo: Natalie Loftus

What tips can you give aspiring performers?
Just breathe. And smile. ..Ok, ok, I stole that one from Tyra…

You had your first hosting experience recently…what was that like?
So much fun! I have a (dirty) comment for almost everything, so it seemed fitting to stand me up on stage with Jeff and put a mic in my hand.

Do any of your bar tending skills play into performance?
Not really for performing, but my life is full of multi-tasking and working on 100 projects at once, and that definitely helps with scheduling, performances, and rehearsing with other Angels.

Tell us about your Paint Party classes that your mild-mannered alter ego teaches.
It’s very similar to the big-business places around town where you paint and drink wine, but you host the party at your house, and I come to you! Sometimes it’s a painted canvas piece, sometimes painted wine glasses, sometimes greeting cards, a collage piece, the list goes on and on. (I also host them at my house occasionally as well as teach private art lessons for children and adults.)

H6fbr5EANKcN_JL8Fj-R4YRdRDPGUqms9613LYz1lUkWhat’s been your most memorable onstage moment?
When my bestie, R2D2, kicked me with his spinning legs…and then the very next night, hit my wrist with his wrench-dick. It hurt both mentally and physically. How could he do that to me?!

Any embarrassing moments?
Yes, but I’ll never tell…

What’s your favorite part of burlesque?
Working on costumes. I love seeing the idea come together and turn into something beautiful.

Are there any parts of burlesque you loathe?
I loathe the week before a performance (of a new routine). This always seems to be crunch time and I never feel prepared enough – whether it’s because of costuming, choreo, rehearsals still needing to be scheduled, etc.

Would you prefer to fly or be invisible?  Why?
Is BEING a fly an option? Because although being totally disgusting as far as a creature goes, I would both be able to fly AND damn near be invisible – only the cats in the room would know I was there.

If you could describe your essence as a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be?
It depends. What’s your favorite?