Backstage at Leap Year Vagina Show!

LYVagina2016 started out with a big…Vagina! If you happened to come out to the Leap Year Vagina show then you’ll know I’m referring to the seven foot vagina hand crafted by French Accent. Or maybe it’s a reference to the Vagina Symphony Orchestra conducted by hostess, Belle Breeze with dildo baton held high.  Whatever stood out the most for the audience in the show, rest assured, behind the scenes a great deal of planning was involved.  The level of brainstorming which goes into these seemingly batshit crazy ideas is pretty remarkable. Thanks to the leadership of Angel Burlesque Founder and CEO, Katie Angel, these crazy theatrical ideas come to life with each production, bigger, more outrageous, and of course, fully entertaining.

What makes these shows even more fun for the cast is the journey from idea to night of the production and all the weird conversations along the way.  Let’s take a look at some quotes about our Vagina Show.

JadaBellaLollyPop“Dang it! I always cookie on vagina”

“Just act like drunk Cora.”

“I’m getting very Julie McCoy domme vibe here.”

“If your labia are out, just make sure it’s a stylistic choice.”

“Where’s your vagina?”
“It’s wet so I put it in the bath”

“How dead should I be? What if I have to blink my eyes?”
“This is satire not CSI”

“Tie my vagina on tighter…overheard”

“Is that your box bumping into my butt?”

“My vagina is HUGE compared to everyone else’s!”

Katie: “Can you pin my clit to my forehead? Then pin my outer clit to my inner clit.
Does this look like bush?”


“I’m so sad I have to throw my vagina away.”
“I think it would make a striking wall hanging.”
“Yeah, but it smells like pee.”

“My cat peed on my vagina”

“I’m so naked. Where are my pants?! I’m so naked”

“I’ve got the Oreo! Already in the car with my vagina”

“I don’t want to look like m&m poop…”

“I have Christmas boooooobs!”

“I’ll be there. In my underwear.”

“Vagina Chorus–this is what you will do”


“Who needs the 7ft Vagina?”
“Who doesn’t?”

“think I may need to commission a vagina for my apartment. Just for decoration. And offerings.”

“I’m having problems assembling my vagina”

“That’s the most fabulous vagina I’ve ever seen”

I may or may not have confused my roommate by singing “My Vagina Is Eight Miles Wide” in the shower this morning.

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Special Thank you to Courtney Brooks Photography for the pictures!

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Face Off-Face On with Angel Burlesque

Back again with more Angels baring all their face for a before/after transformation! Lola LaVacious, Frankie Spanxx, and Minnie Ryder share their pros and cons to getting their performance face on.

Lola LaVacious
Favorite part of makeup? Fav part is nailing down a character look and no matter how I’m feeling a great makeup face can put me in the right state of mind.

Least favorite? 
Least fav part is if I get literally anything in my eyes and it messes up a perfect liner job.

Favorite tool in the makeup kit?  Subtle contouring with Shimmer bronzer and highlighter really brings out my cheeks and eyes in pics and vids
Tips and Tricks?
  New things…eyebrows can really help form a character and polish up any look…go bigger with everything…it may seem garish close up but then stand as far away from the mirror and practice faces…if you can get a hint of what’s happening..neither can your audience…just play to see what suits you best.

Last Words? 
Invest in a brush set and learn how they all work…doesn’t need to be expensive at first…makes applying so much easier and precise…watch videos ask friends take workshops and have fun!


Frankie Spanxx
Favorite part of makeup? I love being able to transform into a different person while never leaving my bathroom. Plus it’s nice to hide my perpetual teenager skin!

Least Favorite?
I hate having to take it off at night!AngelBurlesque_frankie
Favorite tool in the makeup kit?  
I love my eyebrow pencil! I have blonde eyebrows and without that, I have no personality onstage! Also- glitter!

Tips or Tricks? 
 I am the last person to ask for make up advice. Go to a workshop with Belle Breeze and don’t be afraid to try New things!


Minnie Ryder
Favorite part of makeup?  I feel super glamorous after going through the process of getting my show face on.

Least Favorite?  It’s definitely a process to put my face on. I have to carve out some quality time for myself which is sometimes difficult with a family!

Favorite Tool in the makeup kit?  Fake eyelashes! They’re a pain to put on but oh what a difference they make!
Tips or Tricks? If you are not feeling confident in the makeup department, ask for help! Go to a workshop, watch videos, get on Pinterest and practice.

Last Words? Don’t expect to get your face perfect the first time…or the second…or a year later. It takes patience, time, and commitment. My show face is a work in progress and as long as I throw a bit of extra time and energy at it, there’s hope for me yet. 🙂

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Getting to Know Gwen De’Lyn


Angel Burlesque Open Bra! Photo: Keen Photography

What inspired you to start burlesque?
I was inspired to start burlesque by the beautiful Mona S’more. She talked me into kittening for a Halloween show back in 2013 but I really got the bug for it after kittening for Nerdgasm in 2014.

How did you come up with your first routine?
My first routine was inspired by my bestie Andrew Mathews. He told me “Hey I heard this song and I think it would be a great song for your first routine.” He played Lanae DelRay’s “Once a Upon A Dream” and I was hooked. It was dark and very sensual.

How did you pick your burlesque name?
My burlesque name was a product of throwing names around with my fiancée. I said Gwendelyn but couldn’t come up with a “last” name. He said “Well split it up”. That is when I became Gwen De’Lyn.

How long have you been doing burlesque?
Kittened for the first time in 2013 but performed for the first time in the Showgirl Showcase in October of 2014.

How have you changed, onstage and backstage in that time?
I definitely feel more confident on stage. I can make eye contact with the audience!


Urban Rhino Photography

What tips can you give aspiring performers?
Go at your own pace. Take your time. BREATHE

What’s been your most memorable onstage moment?
For me it would it be when I stripped down to a bikini on stage during Nerdgasm.

Any embarrassing moments? Not that I can remember

What have some of your challenges been, as a performer?
Coming up with routines.

What’s your favorite part of burlesque?
The costumes and the make-up! GLITTER

Are there any parts of burlesque you loathe?
False Eyelashes, those things are a pain in the arse.

Who were you in high school? What advice would you give high school you?
I was the quiet girl. I didn’t have that many friends. I moved around quite a bit. I would tell the High School Gwen be confident in her beliefs and herself.

Do you have any exciting events in your Muggle life coming up in the future?

What do your co-workers think of burlesque?
They all think it is pretty awesome. My boss is constantly coming up with songs and how I need to do a routine to them.

If you could time travel with no consequences, where and when would you go?
I think I would like to travel out west when there was no cities and it was just the Native Americans.


Angel Burlesque Tribute to the Muppets – Photo: G.Watson Images

If you could have dessert with any three people, past or present, who would you choose?
That is a good question however I can’t think of anyone. ☺️

What is your perfect Jeopardy board (6 topics that you’d kick ass in)? Children’s Books, Gemstones, Bargain Shopping, Bon Jovi music

Would you prefer to fly or be invisible?  Why?
I would like to fly but I would buy a kick ass suit that is temperature controlled because it gets cold up in the clouds.

If you could describe your essence as a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be?
Persimmon… depending on the season I could be sweet or I could be sour 😉

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EARPS and Angels Photoshoot

This year the Exotic Animal Rescue and Pet Sanctuary (EARPS) gave us the opportunity to love on some of their adorable pets in our favorite nerdy costumes! We had so much fun with these adorable animals and received lovely photos compliments of Angela Leisure Photography!  Want to learn more about EARPS? Read on!

EARPSandAngelBurlesqueEARPS is a central Indiana non-profit rescue group made up of volunteers working to help pocket pets, exotic and non-traditional pets. We coordinate with Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, the Humane Society, and several shelters throughout the state as well as surrounding states, as well as the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic to rescue and care for exotic pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, reptiles, birds and more. Our network of volunteers and foster homes works to educate on the proper care of exotic pets, and we are working to control the pet population through spaying and neutering our adoptable animals whenever possible.

Find EARPS on Facebook and see some of our adoptable pets!

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Enjoy more photos from our shoot with EARPS, Thanks again Angela Leisure Photography!

Angel Holiday Wishes 2015

The end of the year and holiday cheer is upon us for 2015! We’ve have a wonderful time playing with friends and putting on fantastic shows and cannot wait to see what 2016 holds for all of us at Angel Burlesque.  While the New Year is just around the corner our fishnet stockings are hanging with care in hopes that our glitter wishes will be filled with flare!
Christina Arabesqua
Wishing you a truly outrageous holiday

Karma D’Light
All I want for Christmas…rhinestones & glitter galore, a craft room, a sewing machine, tap more into my creativity, and world peace!
Best wishes for a 2016 where everything falls into place  Much Love ~ K

Ivory Fleurtini
THE ONLY RESOLUTION THAT MATTERS IN MY WORLD: Finish reading George RR Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series. Well, I guess catch up technically but whatever. 💁🏻
Belle Breeze
World peace. And big hair.
Ginger Peach
Shake my bits in public again soon!
Kristy Kryptonite
I want all sort of fun burlesquey stuff and somebody to come organize and store it for me. I could also use somebody to come and clean and straighten up the house for me. When it comes to new year resolutions, I just want to continue on the path that I started a year ago. That’s to be a healthier version of who I am today. Burlesque has given me a self confidence in myself that I haven’t had in a long time. I want that to continue into the new year.
Frankie Spanxx
I don’t do resolutions so that I won’t disappoint myself. I have no self control And I own that. I do wish for good health for myself and my family in 2016.
Ivory Fleurtini
Frankie Spanxxs’ Resolution is to continue her tradition of not picking a resolution because she kicks ass all year round at everything she does.
Morticia Maneater
 In 2016 I am going to go on more adventures!
Mona S’Amor
My New Year resolution is using my new adjustable dress-form (thanks Santa!). I can now sew my bras without using other Angels’ stand-in boobs to fill my cups!!
I also resolve to do another solo number.
Minnie Ryder
Ok Santa, I’d really like a camera to take photos of my arting so I can get all entrepreneurial on the interwebs and stuff. My resolution is to just keep growing in every aspect of my life. As a parent, a creative, a burlesquer, and as a person. Continue in kindness and spreading a message of positivity to family, friends, and beyond. Oh and also to keep coming up with ridiculous costumes and MORE CONTENT!
Happiest of holidays to everyone!
Selina Prince
I wish for the health and happiness of all the people I love. And of course my wish from last year….but slightly amended. I want a 4 way with my boyfriend, Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. And glitter. And Mexican food.
Sadie Seirēn
Uh. Christmas boobies!!  Because when in doubt: Boobies!
Well that about sums it up!
Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all of our best to you and yours throughout this season and the year to come!
Angels and Teasers-in-Training at Angel Burlesque

Notes for Dads on Father’s Day from the Angels

It’s Father’s Day and a few of the Angels are giving ode to the dads in their lives. Whether they are fathers, brothers, husbands, or good positive role models; today, just like every day, we give thanks and appreciation to the guys who make our lives shine brighter.


LolaRAWLola LaVacious

My dad is my hero, my best friend, my mentor, my confidant and biggest fan. He has this view of me that I’m capable of doing anything. When I was three and he worked the graveyard shift he would leave these audio tapes of him reading me a book so an opportunity to spend time with me wouldn’t be missed. I learned to read that way. When I was in middle school he helped coached my doc or team…he believed for a crazy reason I was also dexterous enough for that kind of thing and when I begged to quit he bought me a piano because surely my gifts lied elsewhere. When lessons for piano and voice came close to being eliminated from the household budget he rallied with an open checkbook and put in extra hours at work. I became obsessed with oil rigs at age 7 so he bought me a “build your own” hydrologic kit. He consoled me through many heartbreaks and helped me move several times for love. When I began singing in public, he always made sure I had a new dress and shoes..”it’s always better to be overdressed for the occasion than not be noticed”.  As a burly performer he still supports me with interesting and OOAK costume pieces and jewelry and always calls the next morning asking how the performance went and did I have fun. I speak to him on the daily, mostly jumping into philosophical musings on the state of mankind and pop culture. He’s my best friend.



Gwen De’Lyn

My father has been the most important person in my life for quite some time. I honestly can say I don’t know what I would do without that man. He has always been there for me quietly encouraging me and supporting me. He has never forced his opinion on me or tried to change me. He accepts me for who I am. I truly believe that a father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. This how I was able to find the man who was meant to be my husband. My father show me how I should be treated and he never let me forget that I was loved. Thank you Dad for always being there for me!



maggie_3Maggie Missile

I feel very honored to be a second generation gamer and give all the credit for that to my dad. During my visits with him he decided he wanted to introduce my sister and I to 2nd edition AD&D. I rolled up my first character, a neutral Amethyst Dragon Cleric with a tremendously high wisdom score played by an 11 year old girl. I was hooked to role playing games after that, it was a whole new world. He took me to conventions and finally to my GenCon when I was 13. I was introduced to so many different things that I loved and even to Steampunk at its earliest incarnations with Mask of the Red Death. I was introduced and fell in love with sci-fi and fantasy novels because of my dad. I was, and still am, encouraged to illustrate by my dad. It’s because of this I found my love of sci-fi fantasy that now permeates my creative drive in Nerdlesque. It’s because of that big ginger nerd man that my name is Maggie Missile and while that’s an odd thought that this burlesque persona could never have been bourn without his influence it is so incredibly true.




Karma D’Light

My Father and I have a special bond since he ran the school I attended in a small community. Not many kids can say their Father gave them their HS diploma. On this Father’s Day, I want to thank him for everything he has taught me, for always being there for me – during the good and the bad, and for never judging me. Instead he always leads with Love. 





Steamie Nicks

Happy Father’s Day to all the true DAD’S IN THIS WORLD ….!!!! Furry Daddy’s too!

My baby daddy:

He’s a DAD to our miracle, 2 cranky cats, and our son – Henry – our gigantic lab!
He works SO HARD and deals with being my nurse half the time…Life is a roller coaster but overcomes every hurdle with very outside support – meaning affection and love… – with his laid back attitude….





Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 7.59.52 PMCoty Foxfire

I am thankful for the stud in my life- my best friend, husband, father of our children & my biggest supporter. He sees the beauty and empowerment in burlesque & how it enriches our lives. He encourages me to use my creativity and stays home with the kid(s). Let’s see how he does with the new baby!

Much love to all of the partners/ husbands/ boyfriends who stay at home, and attend shows when they can!, and still support us performers with all of their heart.






Frankie Spanxx

My husband is the best Father I could ask for for my daughter. I spent years being mother and father but from the moment he met my daughter, I was mom only. He was her daddy. Now, many years later, I can’t fathom them not being daddy and daughter. She is a mini him and we are both so lucky to have him.









Cora Noire

Happy Father’s Day to the man would told me I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up and still loved me when I grew up to be a bitch.  No matter how old I get, I’m still Daddy’s little shit head. 


To see Cora’s other Father’s Day message (yes, you want to see it) click here!









Minnie Ryder

My dad is a color blind florist. He taught my four siblings and I the importance of responsibility, respecting others and the thrill of riding horses and motorcycles (which included educational practices such as cleaning stalls, baling hay, picking up sticks, branches, and logs in endless woods, and defensive driving on a cycle). He is a better map than Google. We may not agree on everything (such as participation in burlesque) but I know at the end of the day if I’m ever lost and my navigation is broken; if I call him, he will get me home safely.  

The other dad in my life is my husband. He is a great father and our kids know they are loved. He is kind, geeky, funny, and so supportive of our endeavors. I could not ask for a better man, husband, father, in my life. He makes the journey called “Parenting” possible. He is my rock, foundation, and one of a kind. Happy Father’s Day to everyone. 🙂


Happy Father’s Day from the Angels!



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Open Bra Returns: Performer Spotlight

As Open Bra Returns draws closer we will introducing our cast members with our Performer Spotlight! From new performers to around town favorites, We are absolutely delighted with everyone participating in Open Bra! Without further ado, meet the performers!  Check back with us as we spotlight our performers on our Facebook Event Page and add them here as well!

Got tickets to the show? Click here or call the Box Office at: 317-865-6867

Find out More about Open Bra and it’s fabulous history here!


JADA BELLA Jada Bella loves being on stage and sharing her love of pasties and dirty thoughts. She’s done everything from a drunken pirate, to a black swan en pointe, to cross dressing, and allowing audiences to see her golden eye. She has 3 betta fish, LES Paul, Atlantic Stanon Crush Jr., and Gefilte Fish. 3 kitties, Lucy Girl, Layla, and Picasso Pocito De Aranjues Godwin and a plethora of plants, common and botanical. She loves all sizes of boobs and booties. One day, she hopes to devote more time to her burlesque career, but she’s busy being a bad ass with a professional contemporary dance company here in town.


GWEN DE’LYN Gwen De’Lyn is the shy kitten of the group but just like any kitten… put something sparkly and glittery in front of her and the shy kitten becomes playful. Gwen has a love of rhinestones, beads and all things shiny. She loves the art of the tease and learning more about it. She loves spending quality time the Angels and her fellow TiTs. She has kittened for Nerdgasm, an open bra night in 2013 and has performed in the showgirl showcase and a few others. Gwen is also currently planning the wedding of her dreams to the man of her dreams.


FRANKIE SPANXX Frankie has been called funny, adorable, bawdy, and a bit insane. She has 2 TiTs, Gwen De’Lyn and Sadie Seiren and so excited to debut a duet with Gwen for this show. She also loves to paint and watch Intervention.


GINGER PEACH Ginger Peach is always looking to please her audience, so for this upcoming Open Bra, she will be putting that to the test with some Improv! While Ginger may seem all sweetness and peach pie, she loves a challenge and can’t wait to see what the audience has for her to shimmy and shake her way into their hearts with! In spite of the fact that Ginger has been a burlesque performer for nearly five years, this will be the night that pops her Improv cherry!


LORNA LOCKHEART We’re so thrilled to have an Indianapolis debut for our Open Bra Night! Lorna Lockheart has been a ballet dancer for over twenty years and has been with the Fort Wayne Bombshells for five. You’ll see her style range from classic burlesque to ballet to seductive raunchiness. “I’ll eat your heart out with a spoon and bib.


MISTER MARKS Mister Marks is a brolesque performer who travels down to Indianapolis from the Northern Indiana area to perform with Angel Burlesque. He is a 38 year old man that just started performing this year with us; he loves to dance,exploring different forms of dance, the art of seduction, and tease. This is Mister Marks’ second solo performance with Angel Burlesque, where he will be performing an unconventional belly dancing routine based off of a iconic movie. Without giving away too much let’s just say that gender bending can go both ways, and we’ll let you see if you can figure out what character he is performing as.


C-NOTE We don’t know where she came from or where she’s been , all we know is she will leave you wanting some more. Known simply as “C-note”.



MINNIE RYDER From tap dancing teapots and penguins to love searching droids, Minnie Ryder loves to dabble in a variety of characters to find the perfect mix of storytelling and burlesque. While she speaks volumes with her face, for this Open Bra she’s super excited to debut as co-host and try out her vocal chords to deliver extra fun and laughter… or maybe she’ll be stunned into silence…You won’t know unless you come to the show 🙂


STEAMIE NICKS Steamie Nicks is an AB TIT and is going to take you on an exciting transitional dance journey. The Angels have been thrilled to perform alongside this lovely lady these past few months. At the Open Bra…she’s going to show you a different side of Steamie!


LOLA LAVACIOUS Lola LaVacious has been croonin and moonin audiences with Angel Burlesque and other pals for almost 5 years and isn’t stopping anytime soon. This lady know what she wants when and how she wants it…lucky for you…you might be just what she ordered. When she isn’t indulging in her desires she can be found designing pasties, jewelry and other pretties and snuggling with her two kitties.


PROFESSOR LIPTON T. BIGELOW Next up is a slightly geriatric man (his words, not ours!!!!–AB) who is normally most comfortable drumming for local power-rock duo The Amazing Year 400 Billion. Professor Lipton T. Bigelow


APRIL D’MOON April D’Moon “PheonixFire” is new to burlesque but not to dance. She’s a lady with many talents and a love for life. She has many dance styles that will sizzle, shake, grind, and make you glad you came. 😉


SYLVESTIA STILETTO Our next lady puts the ass in sass, and the crème in crème brulée. Tonight she’s serving up a hot, fresh, new routine that will get your mouth watering for…dare I say…honey? Sylvestia Stiletto