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Angel Burlesque Presents: Winter SolTits! A Winter Burlesque Experience

Winter is coming and long underwear is taking to the wind as we honor the shortest day of the year. Remember, its not about the size of the day its how you use it! So join us as we thrill and chill you this season the best way we know how! Bewbs a jingling and senses tingling from our signature style of sexy burlesque with a dash of hilarity.

Angel Burlesque is bringing you two shows of burlesque delight to warm up your winter nights. We are thrilled to introduce our cast as the show is coming soon!

Want to learn more about how to get onstage? Click here or contact us at angelburlesque@gmail.com


Ready to hook your heart and snare your attention, GiGi Glitter is here to bring you some holiday cheer. She is an independent performer and this is her first appearance in Indianapolis. Get ready to fa-la-la-la-la-la in love with GiGi!
Winter is coming, but fear not, cause Dahlia Desire is here to ward off those White Walkers.Hailing from Indy, Dahlia is an independent performer who is certainly no stranger to the Angels. She has also graced the stage at Playground Production Studio, The Irving Theater, Punk Rock Night at The Melody Inn, Black Circle Brewery, and Birdy’s Live with Project X Burlesque. Follow her Dahlia Desire on FB and Instagram for future show dates or just to keep up with her shenanigans.
Photo: Chelsea Hugunin Photography
It’s not easy being a Viking Warrior Goddess nowadays, with all of the injustices to right and punishments to dole out and all, but Skye O! is willing to take time out of her busy schedule to entertain the common folk with a breathtaking exhibition of the power of love! With her trusty Wolf Familiar, VJ (also a Viking Warrior Goddess!), she will bring light to the dark night of winter and a spark to your senses!
Temperance Rain is an independent performer from here in Indianapolis who loves to play on her toys. But at Angel Burlesque’s Winter SolTits She’s a saint with lips of a sinner. She’s an angel with a devilish kiss. Help this fallen angel find her way back to Heaven.
Hair by Gurl Hags Haggard, makeup by Vivacious Miss Audacious, photo by @tinyuproartintype
Come and see Eden trim her tree this year for Angel Burlesque’s Winter SolTits! Nothing says sacrifice to the winter Gods like a sexy naked woman and a basket of Ornaments ❤️
Photo: G. Watson Images
Dottie B Minerva is returning to Angel Burlesque’s stage introducing you to the wonderful winter wonderland of Snow Miser. But what kind of winter will it be if Heat Miser brings a green Christmas? Most recently seen at “Shameless Showtunes” presented by Rude Revue and Burly Q in Kansas City and “Au Naturale” presented by Indy’s own Creme De Les Femmes. With Dottie B what a merry winter wonderland it will be!

Tail’or Applebottom is so excited to step out from the soundbooth and her panda head onto the stage for her second performance ever, and her first routine with her favorite Indy Burlesque group. Prepare to be Bamboo-zled by her unBEARably cute assets.
For this Independent Performer, covering herself in chocolate at Nerdgasm and threatening the VIPs got her put on the naughty list… and the Angels APPARENTLY loved it! Now she’s got a brain full spiders and there’s garlic in her soul…. Let her steal your heart this Christmas! Hex Addiction!
Miss SinDee Licious is kicking off the snowboots (AND the bra!) to dance like a sugar plum with the Angels for her burlesque debut at Winter SolTits. She is sweet like sugar and will get you warm like a cup of hot cocoa. Come see SinDee unwrap her favorite presents!
Santa can wait, but if Mrs. Claus needs somebody on her lap, Max Maneater calls dibs!Max loves the holidays — she smells like vanilla, has the munchies for cookies and sounds JUST like Mariah Carey. She can’t wait to strut her stuff with this holidazzling lineup! (If you need more): Max Maneater began her burlesque career at Angel Burlesque’s Open Bra in 2015 has appeared in Indianapolis productions including Project X’s Summer School, Creme de les Femmes’ Bum Appetit!, Angel Burlesque’s Spring Fling and Punk Rock Night at the Mel. Her next show is on New Years Eve at the Melody Inn! For booking, contact directly via DM or through the troupe Angel Burlesque on Facebook.
Photo: Alsete Images
Baby, it’s cold outside – but inside, Ruby Vesuvius is ready to blow her top off! Although she is no stranger to the stage, performing with local theater companies most any time of the year, this is Ruby’s first time dipping into the burlesque scene. She can’t wait for you to fall in LAVA with this lineup!
Photo: Cindy Johnson Boudoir Photography
Veronica Jones-VJ for those who are lucky to get her experience her sensual side,is making her sultry debut to melt those boring winter blues into steam. Veronica Jones is ready to show off her sexual side that’s been dormant for ages, and just like a volcano, she’s ready to erupt her seductiveness to the world. It may be cold and dark outside, but with fiery Veronica Jones nearby, it will be so hot up in here. That she’s won’t be the only one taking off clothes.
Winter is Here and Ivory FleurTini has taken the Black. She will be the sword in the darkness and the light that brings the dawn. Ivory FleurTini is the watcher on the wall and the shield that illuminates the realms of sexiness for Sol Tits. 😘
Photo Cred: Greg Bell/GRB PHOTOS

We are happy to announce that after a year hiatus Kristy Kryptonite is back with us. This Angel is known for her sexy singing and sultry dancing. Come see her show off both!
Cinna Bon-Bon is making her burlesque debut that’s sure to make Saint Nick blush. This mischievous kitten is ready to knock off all the ornaments on the tree marking her spot on the naughty list. Get your jollies while this ginger puts the X in X-mas.

Like ballet’s arabesque, Christina Arabesqua is both powerful and graceful. This cheeky performer has a sly sense of humor and her styles range from deliciously sexy sweet to a demented descent into madness.
Please welcome your Midwest cutie with a booty, Christina Arabesqua!

Angel Burlesque Holiday Open Bra


Angel Burlesque is thrilled to close out the year with a holiday Open Bra from our signature series!
Monday, December 11th, 8:00 p.m.
Playground Production Studios
5529 Bonna Ave #10, Indianapolis, IN 46219

 Open Bra: Like an Open Mic Night but with Burlesque!!

Angel Burlesque’s Open Bra series started at the amazing and incomparable Cracker’s Comedy Club in Broad Ripple in 2011. Cracker’s was the home of the Open Bra series for three wonderful years, hosting over 18 Open Bra’s that featured over 350 routines!

The Open Bra series was created by Angel Burlesque to give performers a chance to perform.  The single best way to improve as a performer is to perform.You need to get in front of an audience and give them a chance to see you and respond to you.  There’s been a lot of times that I have been rehearsing and I think a move is particularly fascinating or I think I have a very clever of doing a particular thing but then I don’t necessarily get the audience response that I think I should have gotten.  Conversely, some throw away moves have gotten huge responses (and I’m not talking about when I throw away my costume—those always get huge responses!). Your best critic is your audience!

abopenbra3Yes, performers need to prepare!  Prepare, prepare, prepare!  It is often painfully obvious which performers are prepared and which performers try to wing it.  Performers should take classes, watch other performances (burlesque and non!), and always work to improve BUT, ultimately,burlesque is not created in a vacuum. Theatre, like burlesque, does not exist in rehearsal.  Theatre does not happen until you add an audience!

We created the Open Bra nights to give people a chance to perform.  Our audiences were overwhelmingly supportive and encouraging.
Over 45 people made their burlesque debuts at Angel’s Open Bra Nights.
We also hosted a variety of performers including singers, bellydancers, Drag Queens, Drag Kings! Hoopers,tappers, magicians, musicians and who can forgot the erotic readers of Mr.Damon Kent?
Our performers came from as far away as Florida and represented performers from ten local burlesque troupes and theatre groups. Everyone is welcome!

Have you ever been to a burlesque show?  Are you inspired by those confident and sassy ladies and gentlemen and want to give it a try yourself?  Over 137 distinctive performers graced the stage at Angel Burlesque’s Open Bra and we are so excited to add to the number!

-Katie Angel

Click here to read about our “Open Bra by the Numbers” for more interesting statistics!

Want to learn more about how to get onstage? Click here or contact us at angelburlesque@gmail.com

NERDGASM VII Cast and Crew!

What’s the most wonderful time of the year? Halloween? Christmas? For Angel Burlesque, it’s Nerdgasm! We may have begun alittle later than usual this year but no matter, Nerdgasm VII is almost here. This year is very special. This year is a one of a kind. This is a one night production at the beautiful Athenaeum.  Since we’ve got a large stage on our hands, of course we’re going to fill it with loads of oversized props, costumes, cirque performers, color guard flags, group acts and sabers with lights in them…you know what we’re talking about. So get your tickets here, google map your way to the Athenaeum and get ready to see the show on Saturday, November 4th (this weekend). And while you’re waiting, meet the cast and crew helping this production come to life.


Our sexy AF Ushers Ivory Fleurtini and Mister Fleurtini are cute people that will tell you to sit the fuck down.


Angel Frankie Spanxx enjoys long walks in the park and co piloting. She also can’t wait to see you at Nerdgasm. Wanna play a game?


Sometimes a photographer, sometimes a burlesque performer, forever a glitter addict. French Accent initially climbed on stage to promote equality for all genders. He found it was a lot of fun, and ultimately became part of Angel Burlesque. And yes he eats snails … because he does not like fast food.


Angel Burlesque’s  Christina Arabesqua will be back this year with another white costume. Does anyone play League of Legends? Come to the show to see her brand new act!


Angel Lola LaVacious questions reality and then electrifies it with ghost tracking pals or sometimes just needs some quiet time at the library. But whatever she does she does it with geektastic sparkle!


Max Maneater with Angel Burlesque ain’t always this glamorous…just wait ‘til you see what happens when the Angels ask her to nerd out!


Nerds make Juju’s Bone gasm. 
All joke’s aside, she thinks Nerds ROCK! Come and see her perform a throwback routine at this year’s Nerdgasm!  Photo: Robert E. Dirden


Satinka Sparkles aka our Glitter mama, merch Goddess..She says come buy some Angels Merchandise! All we have to say, she is MAMA you better listen because mama knows best!!!


VaGene Wilder, like her muse, is just an eccentric -where there is no telling what she’ll do next. She is something mysterious, yet undefined…part of this world, yet part of another.


Kris Manier is not a burlesque performer. He does, however, occasionally stand in for inanimate objects where needed.


Maria Meschi doesn’t know much, but she knows she loves you. That might be all she needs to know.



Dahlia Desire can get spooky, but can she get nerdy? Come find out as she weaves in and out of some amazing routines.



Jeff Angel…. Better known as “The Incredible Doctor Goodlooks”…. will be your Co-Host for Nerdgams VII. Why you may ask?…. Because, I do whatever Katie angel tells me to do…. Really I do…. Whatever 😮)


Sadie Seirēn, an avid gamer and Buffy fanatic, is a nerd to the core. In her best attempt to combine nerd culture and theatre references, Sadie hopes to blow minds and win hearts. Photo: Gary Nelson


Tit Vicious of Project X Burlesque isn’t just a freak: she’s a NERDY freak! One might argue that this is the best kind of freak. You should come find out.

**Keep your eyes out for more cast and crew added daily and get your tickets today!**


Angel Wishes for the New Year

2016…What can we say about this year despite ups and downs of the world around us and in our lives, we’ve survived and are the stronger and better for it! Angel Burlesque has had quite a year of wonderful shows with so many creative acts and talent; our minds are blown away! We’ve have a wonderful time playing with friends and performing for our fans…we cannot wait to see what 2017 holds for all of us at Angel Burlesque. While the hours are ticking closer to 12:01am on 1/1/17, we’re sending out our wishes and resolutions for the new year to come.


Jada Bella and Belle Breeze kicking it up a notch at our Holiday Open Bra

Belle Breeze
My word for 2017 is POWER. Settling into my power, exercising it, and exploring the different kinds of power: compassion, will, creativity, and change.

Biff Maliboo
Getting more comfortable with me. Being able to put myself out there without fear of being judged. Kinda what Belle said. …lol



Cora Noire and Biff Maliboo make the perfect emcee couple at Stranger Thongs!

Frankie Spanxx
My first one ever was 2016 and really I just made it my year of yes. I tried so many new things and great things happened. (personally, the world around me went to shit) For 2017, I’d like to keep saying yes but. A little less- because sanity!
Lola LaVacious
Continue creating my own path…traveling more, bigger costumes and getting rid of more clutter and excess and more friend time!


Max Maneater

Max Maneater
2017 is my year of GIVING! Giving my love, my time, my voice, my art, my skills, my friendship, my money. (And I know — sometimes this means giving a little self-love to ME!)
Karma D’Light
In 2017, I will continue to build Spark & Celebrate & launch the Experience Your Awakening event! I wish to continue to be open, curious, and grow. My words for 2017: balance, expansive, and inspire passionate purpose


Kristy Kryptonite, Napoleon Brokenhearts, Coty Foxfire, Gwen De’Lyn

Coty Foxfire
In 2017, I hope to find more “me” time to refresh my soul & build friendships. I also hope to find a muse to create 1-2 new solo routines.
Mona S’Amor
My word for 2017 is IMPROVEMENT. I have lots of goals for my self, my house, and my business that all align w this theme. I’m very excited to see what this year brings!
Katie Angel
 I’ve always had extremely negative feelings about being called a bitch. In 2017 I want to own my bitchiness.
Napoleon Brokenhearts
Minnie Ryder

My word for this year is “Quality”. The quality of time I spend with friends and family; the quality of my work, freelance, artwork and burlesque performance & costuming; keep pushing the best qualities of myself front and center – kindness, understanding, and the ongoing pursuit of spreading joy on this earth; and finally quality of life: may it continue to be filled with the ones I love and the things I love to do.

Well that about sums it up!
Happy New Year, and all of our best to you and yours throughout this season and the year to come!
Angels and Teasers-in-Training at Angel Burlesque

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Angel Burlesque’s Twelve Days of BurlXmas

Season’s Greetings! What better way to celebrate holidays than with music, friends, and fun! The Angels decided to add a twist to the classic Twelve Days of Christmas…with some glittery, sparkly burlesque spirit sprinkled into the season!
Enjoy our “Twelve Days of BurlXmas”!
See if you can sing along to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas!

On the First day of BurlXmas the Angels gave to me:
A Year of Shows Full of Theatrical Hilarity!14380133_1411177765563206_3840501680021059197_o

On the Second day of BurlXmas, the Angels gave to me: Two Pairs Tiny Pasties
and a year of shows full of theatrical hilarity!

On the Third day of BurlXmas, the Angels gave to me: Three Pizza Slices,
Two pairs tiny pasties, and a year of shows full of theatrical hilarity!

On the Fourth day of BurlXmas, the Angels gave to me: Four Sets Sexy Shoes
Three pizza slices,  Two pairs tiny pasties, and a year of shows full of theatrical hilarity!img_3138

On the Fifth day of BurlXmas, the Angels gave to me: FIVE TRAYS OF GLITTER!!!
Four sets sexy shoes, Three pizza slices, Two pairs tiny pasties,
and a year of shows full of theatrical hilarity!

On the Sixth day of BurlXmas, the Angels gave to me: Six Can-Can Angels
Five Trays of GLITTER!!!!
Four sets sexy shoes, Three pizza slices, Two pairs tiny pasties,
and a year of shows full of theatrical hilarity!


On the Seventh day of BurlXmas, the Angels gave to me: Seven chickens tapping
Six Can-Can Angels,
Five trays of GLITTER!!!!
Four sets sexy shoes, Three pizza slices,
Two pairs tiny pasties, and a year of shows full of theatrical hilarity!


On the Eighth day of BurlXmas, the Angels gave to me: Eight Naughty Spankings,
Seven chickens tapping, Six can-can Angels,
Five trays of GLITTER!!!!
Four sets sexy shoes, Three pizza slices, Two pairs tiny pasties,
and a year of shows full of theatrical hilarity!

On the Ninth day of BurlXmas, the Angels gave to me: Nine nerdy costumes,
Eight Naughty SpankingsSeven chickens tapping, Six can-can Angels,
Five trays of GLITTER!!!!
Four sets sexy shoes, Three pizza slices, Two pairs tiny pasties,
and a year of shows full of theatrical hilarity!


On the Tenth day of BurlXmas, the Angels gave to me: Ten Elves a’ Wisecracking
Nine nerdy costumes, Eight Naughty SpankingsSeven chickens tapping, Six can-can Angels,
five trays of GLITTER!!!!
Four sets sexy shoes, Three pizza slices, Two pairs tiny pasties,
and a year of shows full of theatrical hilarity!

On the Eleventh day of BurlXmas, the Angels gave to me: Eleven Items Free Merch
Ten Elves a’ Wisecracking, Nine nerdy costumes, Eight Naughty Spankings,
Seven chickens tapping, Six can-can Angels,
Five trays of GLITTER!!!!
Four sets sexy shoes, Three pizza slices, Two pairs tiny pasties,
and a year of shows full of theatrical hilarity!


On the Twelfth day of BurlXmas, the Angels gave to me:
12 Birthday Wishes
11 fancy eyelash kits
10 Elves a’ Wisecracking,
9 nerdy costumes
8 Naughty Spankings
7 chickens tapping
6 Can-Can Angels,
5 trays of GLITTER!!!!
4 sets sexy shoes
3 pizza slices,
2 pairs tiny pasties,
and a year of shows full of theatrical hilarity!

Happy Holidays and Thank you for a fabulous 2016!
See you next year!

Angel Burlesque

Angel Burlesque Thanksgivings

*Feature Image Provided by Lora Olive*
We have so much to be thankful for all year round but we love extra opportunities to express our gratitude! What’s making our hearts soar this year? Angels and Teasers-in-Training share their thankful thoughts for not only Thanksgiving, but for any time of the year!


Christina Arabesqua and Karma D’Light at Pride Parade 2016

Max Maneater
This year I’m so thankful to be an official Angel! It’s been a blast and I’m happy I’m here to stay!

Ginger Peach
I am sooooo thankful for such a supportive troupe, and for being welcomed to perform internationally!

Jada Bella
I’m thankful for the empowering people in my life and grateful that I get to do my passion ( pro. dancer) everyday.


Kristy Kryptonite, Napoleon Brokenhearts, Coty Foxfire, Gwen De’Lyn (Front)

Coty Foxfire
I am thankful for the opportunity to continue dancing and continued collaboration in a production format. I am thankful for my family: my wonderful husband & beautiful children. I am especially thankful the baby lets me sleep!

Gwen De’Lyn
I’m thankful for everyday that I get to wake up. I do a lot of stressing about “the little things” but when I stop to think about it; I realize that I’m blessed beyond measure. I have a my family (both biological and non biological), my health, my job, my kiddos (with and without fur) and the ability to do things that I love.

Lola Lavacious
Thankful for the incredible opportunities to be a part of so many special events in the community supporting great causes and sharing those moments with this amazing family!


Frankie Spanxx
I’m so happy to have a creative family that supports and builds me up on and off stage. I’m thankful for the love and understanding in this glitter tribe and my almost as glittery family!

Karma D’Light
I am thankful for friends who become family, a supportive troupe who allows me to learn and grow, for my family & my health, and for my new muggle career as it blossoms

Colby Jack:
I’m thankful for the amazing new friends I have accumulated in the past year. You helped turn my life around for the better and fill my heart with love. Thank you for being you!


Max Maneater, Minnie Ryder, Colby Jack, Kristy Kryptonite, Selina Prince

Dealing daily with depression and anxiety is hard, its easy to want to give up,so I’m very thankful for the support I have from my love Robert, and my friends helping me stay on track and not get overwhelmed.

Sylvestia Stiletto
I’m thankful for my family, who has been my rock and everything you need from a family. I’m thankful I still have my health, that I can run on a minutes notice. I’m thankful for my friends and girlfriend whom without I wouldn’t be as driven and motivated as I am. Happy thanksgiving to all my loves.

Minnie Ryder
It’s been quite a year of ups and downs in muggle life, however I am so thankful for the ones in my life who really add love, friendship, positivity, and continue to spread joy where ever they go. I’m so thankful for my own little family of crazy amazing kids and a husband who always goes above and beyond every day. Most importantly I’m thankful we as human beings have the daily, hourly, minute by minute choice on how we perceive our lives and how we choose to improve the lives of others. Love and kindness will conquer all…oh and I’m also thankful for Star Wars…because Star Wars.



Angel Burlesque

Behind Angel Burlesque Stranger Thongs


Smidget and Selina Prince  / G.Watson Images

If you couldn’t tell already, we really dig recalling shows and all the backstage antics! From how many times we mention the word “Vagina” from the Leap Year Vagina Show to counting pustules at Stranger Thongs, there are so many fun times to remember with cast and crew mates! All the world is a stage, especially in the wings. Enjoy some of our favorite quotes from our 2016 Halloween show, Angel Burlesque Stranger Thongs!

Karma D’Light: “As Smidget was helping me apply my liquid stain lipstick, I explained to her to start from the bottom and squeeze hard 😉”

Smidget: “Nothing was coming out till I worked it from the bottom”

Lola LaVacious to Juju Bone: “Thanks for letting me hump you on short notice”

Max Maneater: “Hey, Voldemort! Where’s the Shark? (It was like being in a cartoon watching all the characters talk to each other back stage)”

Mona S’Amor: “Hey Katie, do you want these trays in the fridge next to the brains?”



Katie Angel / G.Watson Images

Katie Angel: “How are my pustules looking?”


Minnie Ryder: “it’s fine, it’s fine…I’m a shark…sharks don’t have arms anyways.”
Mona S’AMor: “of course sharks don’t have arms, you have any more science you’re going to explain right now?”

Napoleon to Jonathan the Tomcat: “can I glitter your nipples?”
Jonathan with general sigh of disapproving acceptance: “ugh. Fine”

Minnie Ryder to Tit Vicious: “If you want to rub my butter alittle, that’s ok too”


“Ok, im ready for my titty pustule!” Said as Katie then presents her boobs to Selina Prince


Verna VenDetta  / G.Watson Images

“Tit Vicious and Minnie, you guys can go do your waffle now!” – Katie

Tit Vicious: “Every time Frankie saw me in my El costume she fangirled <3″

Dawn A’Tella taking her job very seriously of pinching Frankie’s ass any time she walked by


Verna VenDetta: “I wish I had detachable boobs. Just twist them off and put them up for the night. Get them out only when I need them”



French Accent / Bell Photography

Katie to French Accent : “You can take your penis off now”


Frankie Spanxx: “I’m gonna kill someone!”
Kristy Kryptonite: “Can I help?”

French Accent, playing with his scissor penis: “always wear a condom for protection!”

Frankie Spanxx: Katie, after I offered to let her use blood, “Thanks, I made blood too!”


Super Special Thank You to Our Photographers, G.Watson Images and Bell Photography!

See more of our show images by clicking the names Bell Photography and G.Watson Images!

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Selina Prince: Why My Teenager is Exposed to Burlesque

I know there are a lot of people out there who would cringe at the idea of letting their teenager be around a bunch of people who take their clothes off for fun. It sounds obscene or wrong doesn’t it? Well I have to be honest…I just don’t agree with that.

I started my burlesque journey in January of 2014. I was depressed and unhappy on many fronts and I wanted something bold and artistic to do. I had a void inside me that needed filled by something. I wanted to stand up and make a difference somehow. I really don’t know how I decided on burlesque. It might have actually been my daughter who pointed me in that direction. She has always had a variety of different interests that most teenagers don’t.


I ended up getting involved with a show called Miss Honey B’s Bourbon Boylesque. It was a fundraiser for Indiana Equality Action. When I tried out for this show, my daughter was 14. It was scary as hell trying out for something like this, and then I was asked to be a kitten. I had desperately hoped to be an actual part of the show and was really bummed to just be a part of the crew. My daughter was sitting with me on the couch when I was talking about how sad I was that I wasn’t a part of the show. She had kind words and comfort for me. I was sitting there watching my daughter be so supportive of me and she knew how hard it was for me to put myself out there. That’s when I made the decision to make the best of it. I told her that it was ok that I didn’t make it in right now. No one starts off at the top. They wanted me as a kitten so I was going to do the best I could at doing this job that I possibly could. And I did do a good job as a kitten. And by showing up and being there and being reliable, I also managed to weasel into a number and I got to perform on stage! That’s where it all started for me. I was able to show my daughter that no matter what, hard work and a positive attitude pay off.



I started the TITS program and I worked hard and I was a member of Angel Burlesque that October. My daughter was now 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. She would come to rehearsals with me. A lot of people I am sure would question why I would bring a 15 year old to see a bunch of adults strip. Well here is why. Burlesque is about respect. All of these women respect and support each other despite their differences or whether they like each other or not. Not everyone sees eye to eye all of the time. That would somehow bend the rules of physics and mathematical probability for a group of 20+ women to all feel rainbows and sunshine and sparkles for each other. But no matter how I feel about anyone in this group, I respect them all and I would be there for them in a heartbeat. Because respect and being a part of a group of women who support each other isn’t about something as trivial as LIKING each other all the time. Why wouldn’t I want my daughter to see that? She gets to see how women can be respectful and supportive of each other. Burlesque is also about body positivity and loving yourself.


selinaprince_5The members of my troupe have a huge range of body sizes. Fat asses, perfectly round magnificent asses (Coty), big tits, little tits, tall, short….we all come in different sizes. Not every guy likes a teeny tiny girl with big fake tits. We are taught this over and over again but it’s not true. And real women don’t necessarily have curves. Some real women have no curves at all and are just naturally super thin and they are still sexy as hell and worthy of respect. I think that every woman struggles with their body image. I know that I do. There have been many times when I am about to go on stage and think that there is no way that anyone wants to see my jiggly body up there. But I have pulled it together and put it all on stage. And afterwards I have women come up to me and say that they wish that they had my body and confidence. MY BODY! Do you know just how completely mind blowing that is? We all feel that our bodies are somehow wrong or sub-par. But burlesque helps to shatter those ideas by showing that every body is beautiful and fabulous. It helps my self-confidence and I love helping other women see just how beautiful and fabulous they are…whether it is through burlesque or not. Why wouldn’t I want my daughter to see that? I am teaching her to love her body no matter what and to not be held down by the constraints of what our society says is beautiful. I am teaching my daughter to be artistic and respectful and bold and self-confident. I had a good friend insinuate that my daughter was what she thought of as “over sexual” due to me being a part of burlesque and her growing up with it. It was a little hurtful and is what got me to thinking about this whole subject in the first place.


But I have come to understand over the years the burlesque isn’t all about sexuality and getting naked. I know that a part of it. And sexuality is just a part of life. My daughter knew about sex way before I started doing burlesque. She had middle school boys trying to show her porn on their phones. Our society is always talking about sex, but not in the way that they should be. We need to be talking about sex in a safe, sane, and healthy way. I teach her about consent and how sex is a natural part of life. I am not saying that I don’t occasionally cringe when she comes to me wanting to talk about sex. I am like any other mom. But she does come to me because she feels safe enough to come to me. She knows that I will listen and respect her and give her advice. My daughter is almost 18 years old now and she is growing up in an environment that promotes all of these awesome things. She has so many role models of strong and amazing women as she is on the cusp of being a woman herself. And you know what….I am totally ok with that even if some people are not. I see being around burlesque during her teen years as a huge advantage. She gets to be around a group of bad ass men and women who expose her to the positive side of the sexual world she already lives in…..and her mom is sexy, confident, and can teach her how to put on false eye lashes in a jiffy!!! I call that a win!

Learn more about Selina Price here!

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Nerdgasm Cast Memories from Fringe 2016

Oh memories, we love them, especially when they are recorded because a few hours from now life happens and our minds become immersed in the next big thing! Speaking of which, a couple of months have passed since our exciting Nerdgasm show at Indy Fringe Festival 2016. Before things start getting Strange, let’s look back on some of our favorite cast memories….


dsc_1513Sadie Seirēn: “Katie making my costume while I vented about men… Also watching naked girls clean up a flood.”
Napoleon Brokenhearts: “Fucking flood.”

Cora Noire: “The increasing violence in Jem. Sadie Seirēn rode me like a pony one night.”
Sadie: “Cora, you liked it”

Cora Noire: “Also, weirdest game of tetris, trying to fit our props in that tiny box.”

Gwen De’Lyn: “Mona ripping my pasties off and trying to pass it off as “helping” me switch costumes. 😧 😒”
Katie Angel: “I saw that! That looked so painful!
Gwen De’Lyn: “Mona is a bitch…”

Cora Noire: “Dawn A’Tella titty bombing everyone the last show!”




Karma D’Light: “Christina Arabesqua stood for four hours naked as others helped her create her costume.”
Christina Arabesqua: “And Belle Breeze told this story at every show”
Selina Prince:  “I told the pizza guy he just missed the naked chick!”

Frankie Spanxx: “Katie Angel in that blond wig! Two routines, both boys, no need for big show girl make up. Smart lady!”



Belle Breeze: “The flood began immediately after I mentioned how nice it was to work in a theatre without a leaking roof.”
Cora Noire: “So, you’re saying it’s your fault?”
Belle Breeze: “I’m saying that my powers are apparently greater than even I know.”

Max Maneater: “I forgot my wig, but thank god Sadie Seirēn had a random one laying around that she just happened to bring with her.”

nerdgasm6-pesky-145Cora Noire: “This was like, the show of wigs. The last night I wore three different wigs. And I did not recognize Max Maneater in her wig and super fashionable clothing.”


nerdgasm6-pesky-087Kristy Kryptonite: “Dawn A’Tella making her stage debut and being on a high for a week after. She also was designated in charge of pinching Frankie Spanxx’s butt before each show from now on.”

Frankie Spanxx: “Me asking Cora and Dawn A’Tella and Selina and Sadie and Katie….. Everyone to play with my butt. #garterbelts”

Frankie Spanxx: “Boots before corset!”

Kristy Kryptonite: “Belle Breeze being speechless at Dawn A’Tella’s tittie bomb.

Ivory FleurTini: “That one guy with the glasses from Louisville from that one night who was so into every single routine and had the best reactions.”

Tit Vicious: “Jay & Silent Bob, just the whole thing! Though the end where they gave Graham Watson the pants donuts and he ate them was fantastic.”

Napoleon Brokenhearts: “Katie texted me at work and asked if I could kitten for the show one night and I just “happened” to have rainbow underwear and a unicorn shirt with me for such an emergency situation. Doesn’t everyone carry around cute underwear? ❤️”


Napoleon Brokenhearts: “Also mopped in my underwear and knee high boots for two hours and I may have unknowingly made the guy I was mopping with slightly uncomfortable… But I didn’t really think much about it. I mean, there was work to do (and I usually clean naked anyway) 😝”

Cora Noire: “I feel like this could be a lucrative business.”


So many memories, so little time. Did you see us at Fringe 2016? What were your favorite moments?

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Giving Props to Our Costume/Props!

A Simple hand sewn bag to a full sized coffin and ziplock bags full of who knows what in between. Is this another burlesque storage story? Some of our subject matter may require ALOT of storage but today we’re talking about costumes & props!

One performer in particular comes to mind where props are concerned; Blanche DeBris graced us with her fabulous Sound of Music in Six Minutes act at our Honey B’s Bourbon Boylesque Show; talk about amazing prop usage! And while the Angels may not be making mountains out of their “hills”, they use props of all sizes, shapes and kinds. Here we share some of our most memorable.





Napoleon Brokenhearts
Sugar mirrors for my evil queen routine… I didn’t mean to make the kittens have melt downs






Karma D’Light
Holding a gun while touching yourself attempting to be sexy…awkward. But I did it!



Selina Prince
The most fun I had with a prop was making a costume out of the silk from the veil poi and a silk belly dance scarf. I loved the element of surprise but was terrified the silks would tangle.

The hardest costume was stay puft marshmallow man. I had to come in 45 minutes early every night and blow up and fill 20 balloons for the costume each night. So that was easily 80 balloons for the nerdgasm run….not counting all the tester balloons.
Another really hard prop to deal with was having two giant ziplock bags taped to the middle of me from my back to stomach…arm pit to waist and holding in the bloody parts and intestine boa the bags contained so Cora could murder me!!!!


Performer Formerly Known as Bridgitte Petite
When I did my Corn on the Cob balloon pop, the rest of the cast took bets on how many times I’d stab myself with my (very sharp) balloon-popper. I think it was fewer than 5 for the run, so neener-neener-neener.
“I think Jada Bella won that bet. We actually put money on it.” – Katie Angel





Ginger Peach
Most challenging to make was Shredder but learning to use the magic tricks for Zatanna was an endeavor too. The Shredder costume armor was made entirely from scratch with craft foam sheets, gesso and paint. I didn’t have a template to guide the shapes or anything, so I just had to go with trial and error.





Frankie Spanxx
The bathtub is awkward and I had no idea how to make it. Luckily Lola LaVacious did it for me. My hairball and plunger are my favorite for crowd reaction. My Handbook for the Recently Deceased is the most authentic, (Thanks Mona S’Amor!) I use a lot of props!





Click the pic to see the video!

Minnie Ryder

One of the most challenging props I’ve made is R2D2 out of a trash can. I was completely stumped on how to attach his head to mine until Mona S’Amor suggested a helmet of some sort and her husband found one on the side of the road the very next day. Poor R2 has difficulties with his legs and pop off panels but he’s up for a reboot so will be getting some work done on his flying appendages.
The flower petals for my Cherry Blossom routine were also a labor of love. I’m sure there’s easier ways to attach thin shiny fabric to wire frames but I’m a sucker for trying to figure things out without the internet, whether that’s a good idea or not. lol!



Coty Foxfire
Evidently, Coty only uses chairs for props. I can’t really recall any props besides my “What’s This?” routine… and that was just a Santa bag (with goodies) that we sewed. Wah, wah…..



Click Pic to See Video!


Mona S’Amor

My biggest prop is my coffin. Found it at Goodwill, had to cut off the bottom and shorten the entire length so it could stand upright on stage at the 5th Quarter Lounge, also had to glue stuffing and fabric to the inside of it so it looked more…authentic. Standing inside it is a bitch. It’s a bit wobbly and I have to hold the door closed while in it so it doesn’t just swing open before my cue.




The beauty of performance art and burlesque is there is always another act to try something different, go bigger, smaller, or do something completely out of character! Who knows what kind of props we have in store for you this year…Guess you’ll need to come to our shows and find out! ❤


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