Angel Burlesque Presents: Winter SolTits! A Winter Burlesque Experience

Winter is coming and long underwear is taking to the wind as we honor the shortest day of the year. Remember, its not about the size of the day its how you use it! So join us as we thrill and chill you this season the best way we know how! Bewbs a jingling and senses tingling from our signature style of sexy burlesque with a dash of hilarity.

Angel Burlesque is bringing you two shows of burlesque delight to warm up your winter nights. We are thrilled to introduce our cast as the show is coming soon!

Want to learn more about how to get onstage? Click here or contact us at


Ready to hook your heart and snare your attention, GiGi Glitter is here to bring you some holiday cheer. She is an independent performer and this is her first appearance in Indianapolis. Get ready to fa-la-la-la-la-la in love with GiGi!
Winter is coming, but fear not, cause Dahlia Desire is here to ward off those White Walkers.Hailing from Indy, Dahlia is an independent performer who is certainly no stranger to the Angels. She has also graced the stage at Playground Production Studio, The Irving Theater, Punk Rock Night at The Melody Inn, Black Circle Brewery, and Birdy’s Live with Project X Burlesque. Follow her Dahlia Desire on FB and Instagram for future show dates or just to keep up with her shenanigans.
Photo: Chelsea Hugunin Photography
It’s not easy being a Viking Warrior Goddess nowadays, with all of the injustices to right and punishments to dole out and all, but Skye O! is willing to take time out of her busy schedule to entertain the common folk with a breathtaking exhibition of the power of love! With her trusty Wolf Familiar, VJ (also a Viking Warrior Goddess!), she will bring light to the dark night of winter and a spark to your senses!
Temperance Rain is an independent performer from here in Indianapolis who loves to play on her toys. But at Angel Burlesque’s Winter SolTits She’s a saint with lips of a sinner. She’s an angel with a devilish kiss. Help this fallen angel find her way back to Heaven.
Hair by Gurl Hags Haggard, makeup by Vivacious Miss Audacious, photo by @tinyuproartintype
Come and see Eden trim her tree this year for Angel Burlesque’s Winter SolTits! Nothing says sacrifice to the winter Gods like a sexy naked woman and a basket of Ornaments ❤️
Photo: G. Watson Images
Dottie B Minerva is returning to Angel Burlesque’s stage introducing you to the wonderful winter wonderland of Snow Miser. But what kind of winter will it be if Heat Miser brings a green Christmas? Most recently seen at “Shameless Showtunes” presented by Rude Revue and Burly Q in Kansas City and “Au Naturale” presented by Indy’s own Creme De Les Femmes. With Dottie B what a merry winter wonderland it will be!

Tail’or Applebottom is so excited to step out from the soundbooth and her panda head onto the stage for her second performance ever, and her first routine with her favorite Indy Burlesque group. Prepare to be Bamboo-zled by her unBEARably cute assets.
For this Independent Performer, covering herself in chocolate at Nerdgasm and threatening the VIPs got her put on the naughty list… and the Angels APPARENTLY loved it! Now she’s got a brain full spiders and there’s garlic in her soul…. Let her steal your heart this Christmas! Hex Addiction!
Miss SinDee Licious is kicking off the snowboots (AND the bra!) to dance like a sugar plum with the Angels for her burlesque debut at Winter SolTits. She is sweet like sugar and will get you warm like a cup of hot cocoa. Come see SinDee unwrap her favorite presents!
Santa can wait, but if Mrs. Claus needs somebody on her lap, Max Maneater calls dibs!Max loves the holidays — she smells like vanilla, has the munchies for cookies and sounds JUST like Mariah Carey. She can’t wait to strut her stuff with this holidazzling lineup! (If you need more): Max Maneater began her burlesque career at Angel Burlesque’s Open Bra in 2015 has appeared in Indianapolis productions including Project X’s Summer School, Creme de les Femmes’ Bum Appetit!, Angel Burlesque’s Spring Fling and Punk Rock Night at the Mel. Her next show is on New Years Eve at the Melody Inn! For booking, contact directly via DM or through the troupe Angel Burlesque on Facebook.
Photo: Alsete Images
Baby, it’s cold outside – but inside, Ruby Vesuvius is ready to blow her top off! Although she is no stranger to the stage, performing with local theater companies most any time of the year, this is Ruby’s first time dipping into the burlesque scene. She can’t wait for you to fall in LAVA with this lineup!
Photo: Cindy Johnson Boudoir Photography
Veronica Jones-VJ for those who are lucky to get her experience her sensual side,is making her sultry debut to melt those boring winter blues into steam. Veronica Jones is ready to show off her sexual side that’s been dormant for ages, and just like a volcano, she’s ready to erupt her seductiveness to the world. It may be cold and dark outside, but with fiery Veronica Jones nearby, it will be so hot up in here. That she’s won’t be the only one taking off clothes.
Winter is Here and Ivory FleurTini has taken the Black. She will be the sword in the darkness and the light that brings the dawn. Ivory FleurTini is the watcher on the wall and the shield that illuminates the realms of sexiness for Sol Tits. 😘
Photo Cred: Greg Bell/GRB PHOTOS

We are happy to announce that after a year hiatus Kristy Kryptonite is back with us. This Angel is known for her sexy singing and sultry dancing. Come see her show off both!
Cinna Bon-Bon is making her burlesque debut that’s sure to make Saint Nick blush. This mischievous kitten is ready to knock off all the ornaments on the tree marking her spot on the naughty list. Get your jollies while this ginger puts the X in X-mas.

Like ballet’s arabesque, Christina Arabesqua is both powerful and graceful. This cheeky performer has a sly sense of humor and her styles range from deliciously sexy sweet to a demented descent into madness.
Please welcome your Midwest cutie with a booty, Christina Arabesqua!

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