NERDGASM VII Cast and Crew!

What’s the most wonderful time of the year? Halloween? Christmas? For Angel Burlesque, it’s Nerdgasm! We may have begun alittle later than usual this year but no matter, Nerdgasm VII is almost here. This year is very special. This year is a one of a kind. This is a one night production at the beautiful Athenaeum.  Since we’ve got a large stage on our hands, of course we’re going to fill it with loads of oversized props, costumes, cirque performers, color guard flags, group acts and sabers with lights in them…you know what we’re talking about. So get your tickets here, google map your way to the Athenaeum and get ready to see the show on Saturday, November 4th (this weekend). And while you’re waiting, meet the cast and crew helping this production come to life.


Our sexy AF Ushers Ivory Fleurtini and Mister Fleurtini are cute people that will tell you to sit the fuck down.


Angel Frankie Spanxx enjoys long walks in the park and co piloting. She also can’t wait to see you at Nerdgasm. Wanna play a game?


Sometimes a photographer, sometimes a burlesque performer, forever a glitter addict. French Accent initially climbed on stage to promote equality for all genders. He found it was a lot of fun, and ultimately became part of Angel Burlesque. And yes he eats snails … because he does not like fast food.


Angel Burlesque’s  Christina Arabesqua will be back this year with another white costume. Does anyone play League of Legends? Come to the show to see her brand new act!


Angel Lola LaVacious questions reality and then electrifies it with ghost tracking pals or sometimes just needs some quiet time at the library. But whatever she does she does it with geektastic sparkle!


Max Maneater with Angel Burlesque ain’t always this glamorous…just wait ‘til you see what happens when the Angels ask her to nerd out!


Nerds make Juju’s Bone gasm. 
All joke’s aside, she thinks Nerds ROCK! Come and see her perform a throwback routine at this year’s Nerdgasm!  Photo: Robert E. Dirden


Satinka Sparkles aka our Glitter mama, merch Goddess..She says come buy some Angels Merchandise! All we have to say, she is MAMA you better listen because mama knows best!!!


VaGene Wilder, like her muse, is just an eccentric -where there is no telling what she’ll do next. She is something mysterious, yet undefined…part of this world, yet part of another.


Kris Manier is not a burlesque performer. He does, however, occasionally stand in for inanimate objects where needed.


Maria Meschi doesn’t know much, but she knows she loves you. That might be all she needs to know.



Dahlia Desire can get spooky, but can she get nerdy? Come find out as she weaves in and out of some amazing routines.



Jeff Angel…. Better known as “The Incredible Doctor Goodlooks”…. will be your Co-Host for Nerdgams VII. Why you may ask?…. Because, I do whatever Katie angel tells me to do…. Really I do…. Whatever 😮)


Sadie Seirēn, an avid gamer and Buffy fanatic, is a nerd to the core. In her best attempt to combine nerd culture and theatre references, Sadie hopes to blow minds and win hearts. Photo: Gary Nelson


Tit Vicious of Project X Burlesque isn’t just a freak: she’s a NERDY freak! One might argue that this is the best kind of freak. You should come find out.

**Keep your eyes out for more cast and crew added daily and get your tickets today!**


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