Behind Angel Burlesque Stranger Thongs


Smidget and Selina Prince  / G.Watson Images

If you couldn’t tell already, we really dig recalling shows and all the backstage antics! From how many times we mention the word “Vagina” from the Leap Year Vagina Show to counting pustules at Stranger Thongs, there are so many fun times to remember with cast and crew mates! All the world is a stage, especially in the wings. Enjoy some of our favorite quotes from our 2016 Halloween show, Angel Burlesque Stranger Thongs!

Karma D’Light: “As Smidget was helping me apply my liquid stain lipstick, I explained to her to start from the bottom and squeeze hard 😉”

Smidget: “Nothing was coming out till I worked it from the bottom”

Lola LaVacious to Juju Bone: “Thanks for letting me hump you on short notice”

Max Maneater: “Hey, Voldemort! Where’s the Shark? (It was like being in a cartoon watching all the characters talk to each other back stage)”

Mona S’Amor: “Hey Katie, do you want these trays in the fridge next to the brains?”



Katie Angel / G.Watson Images

Katie Angel: “How are my pustules looking?”


Minnie Ryder: “it’s fine, it’s fine…I’m a shark…sharks don’t have arms anyways.”
Mona S’AMor: “of course sharks don’t have arms, you have any more science you’re going to explain right now?”

Napoleon to Jonathan the Tomcat: “can I glitter your nipples?”
Jonathan with general sigh of disapproving acceptance: “ugh. Fine”

Minnie Ryder to Tit Vicious: “If you want to rub my butter alittle, that’s ok too”


“Ok, im ready for my titty pustule!” Said as Katie then presents her boobs to Selina Prince


Verna VenDetta  / G.Watson Images

“Tit Vicious and Minnie, you guys can go do your waffle now!” – Katie

Tit Vicious: “Every time Frankie saw me in my El costume she fangirled <3″

Dawn A’Tella taking her job very seriously of pinching Frankie’s ass any time she walked by


Verna VenDetta: “I wish I had detachable boobs. Just twist them off and put them up for the night. Get them out only when I need them”



French Accent / Bell Photography

Katie to French Accent : “You can take your penis off now”


Frankie Spanxx: “I’m gonna kill someone!”
Kristy Kryptonite: “Can I help?”

French Accent, playing with his scissor penis: “always wear a condom for protection!”

Frankie Spanxx: Katie, after I offered to let her use blood, “Thanks, I made blood too!”


Super Special Thank You to Our Photographers, G.Watson Images and Bell Photography!

See more of our show images by clicking the names Bell Photography and G.Watson Images!

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