Getting to Know Gwen De’Lyn


Angel Burlesque Open Bra! Photo: Keen Photography

What inspired you to start burlesque?
I was inspired to start burlesque by the beautiful Mona S’more. She talked me into kittening for a Halloween show back in 2013 but I really got the bug for it after kittening for Nerdgasm in 2014.

How did you come up with your first routine?
My first routine was inspired by my bestie Andrew Mathews. He told me “Hey I heard this song and I think it would be a great song for your first routine.” He played Lanae DelRay’s “Once a Upon A Dream” and I was hooked. It was dark and very sensual.

How did you pick your burlesque name?
My burlesque name was a product of throwing names around with my fiancée. I said Gwendelyn but couldn’t come up with a “last” name. He said “Well split it up”. That is when I became Gwen De’Lyn.

How long have you been doing burlesque?
Kittened for the first time in 2013 but performed for the first time in the Showgirl Showcase in October of 2014.

How have you changed, onstage and backstage in that time?
I definitely feel more confident on stage. I can make eye contact with the audience!


Urban Rhino Photography

What tips can you give aspiring performers?
Go at your own pace. Take your time. BREATHE

What’s been your most memorable onstage moment?
For me it would it be when I stripped down to a bikini on stage during Nerdgasm.

Any embarrassing moments? Not that I can remember

What have some of your challenges been, as a performer?
Coming up with routines.

What’s your favorite part of burlesque?
The costumes and the make-up! GLITTER

Are there any parts of burlesque you loathe?
False Eyelashes, those things are a pain in the arse.

Who were you in high school? What advice would you give high school you?
I was the quiet girl. I didn’t have that many friends. I moved around quite a bit. I would tell the High School Gwen be confident in her beliefs and herself.

Do you have any exciting events in your Muggle life coming up in the future?

What do your co-workers think of burlesque?
They all think it is pretty awesome. My boss is constantly coming up with songs and how I need to do a routine to them.

If you could time travel with no consequences, where and when would you go?
I think I would like to travel out west when there was no cities and it was just the Native Americans.


Angel Burlesque Tribute to the Muppets – Photo: G.Watson Images

If you could have dessert with any three people, past or present, who would you choose?
That is a good question however I can’t think of anyone. ☺️

What is your perfect Jeopardy board (6 topics that you’d kick ass in)? Children’s Books, Gemstones, Bargain Shopping, Bon Jovi music

Would you prefer to fly or be invisible?  Why?
I would like to fly but I would buy a kick ass suit that is temperature controlled because it gets cold up in the clouds.

If you could describe your essence as a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be?
Persimmon… depending on the season I could be sweet or I could be sour 😉

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