Angel Burlesque Thanksgivings 2015

We have so much to be thankful for all year round but we love extra opportunities to express our gratitude! What’s making our hearts soar this year? Angels and Teasers-in-Training share their thankful thoughts for Thanksgiving 2015.



Christina Arabesque and Karma D’Light


Christina Arabesqua
I’m thankful I found the Angels this year and that they welcomed me into the group with open arms!

Karma D’Light
I am thankful for possibilities, an amazingly talented and supportive troupe aka family, and new beginnings

Ginger Peach

I am sooooo thankful for such a supportive troupe, and for being welcomed to perform internationally!


Jada Bella

Jada Bella
I’m thankful for the empowering people in my life and grateful that I get to do my passion ( pro. dancer) everyday.

Lola Lavacious
Thankful for the incredible opportunities to be a part of so many special events in the community supporting great causes and sharing those moments with this amazing family!

Frankie Spanxx
I’m thankful for all the love given to and received from friends and family, both biological and chosen. As well all the talent surrounding me that inspires me!


Colby Jack and Morticia Maneater

Morticia Maneater    I’m thankful for my mom! And glitter.

Gwen De’Lyn
I’m thankful for everyday that I get to wake up. I do a lot of stressing about “the little things” but when I stop to think about it; I realize that I’m blessed beyond measure. I have a my family (both biological and non biological), my health, my job, my kiddos (with and without fur) and the ability to do things that I love.

Dealing daily with depression and anxiety is hard, its easy to want to give up,so I’m very thankful for the support I have from my love Robert, and my friends helping me stay on track and not get overwhelmed.


Coty Foxfire

Coty Foxfire
I am thankful for the opportunity to continue dancing and continued collaboration in a production format. I am thankful for my family: my wonderful husband & beautiful children. I will be especially thankful once the baby lets me sleep again!

Sylvestia Stiletto
I’m thankful for my family, who has been my rock and everything you need from a family. I’m thankful I still have my health, that I can run on a minutes notice. I’m thankful for my friends and girlfriend whom without I wouldn’t be as driven and motivated as I am. Happy thanksgiving to all my loves.

Minnie Ryder
I’m daily thankful to be doing things I love; having such strong outlets for creativity and working with lovely, wonderful, sweet and talented people. Also super thankful for my beyond amazing supportive geek Jedi of a husband and my crazy kiddos who keep me on my toes and help me remember the sweet little things in life.

Karma D’Light
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Much Love to you all!


Angel Burlesque Tribute to the Muppets Cast

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