Angel Burlesque’s Tribute to the Muppets: Performer Spotlight

As our outrageous show “Angel Burlesque’s Tribute to the Muppets” draws closer we will introducing our cast members with our Performer Spotlight! Angels, Teasers-in-Training, new performers, variety performers and more; We are filled with joy over everyone participating in this amazing show! Without further ado, meet the performers!  Check back with us as we spotlight our performers on our Facebook Event Page and add them here as well!

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Melissa Cheesman

Colby Jack

I saw Angel Burlesque perform at Girl pride and was very impressed by their performances.  I have been dancing since I was a little girl and have loved burlesque every since I saw Bette Midler in Gypsy.  I’ve been looking for some things around the Indy area to become involved in to make new friends and when I saw the Muppet audition, I decided to give it a shot! We only live once, right?

I am going to be a cookie groupie, a tap dancing chicken and part of Fozzie/Fosse. I am excited about these numbers and being able to make costumes for them. I hope I don’t die from rehearsals before the show. I didn’t realize how long it has been since I’ve danced to this capacity!

I graduated from culinary school but after being a part of so many large events ,like the Taste of the NFL, I decided that I wanted to be the one organizing and designing these events. So now I am going back for Tourism, Convention and Event management.


Melody Dean

Melody Dean is thrilled to be joining Angel Burlesque in the Muppet Show Tribute! Trained in tap dancing, ballet, voice, and acting, perhaps her most important credential to being a part of this cast is her adoration of the Muppetational. Melody is currently studying Theatre and Creative Writing at Butler University, and you might have seen her in The Water Carriers there last fall, or in Phoenix Theatre’s “I and You” before that. Melody has also appeared in IRT’s “A Christmas Carol” and “Our Town,” as well as HART’s (Hartland Actors’ Repertory Theatre’s) staged reading of “Happy Birthday Wanda June.”





Frankie Spanxx

Frankie Spanxx started her burlesque career kittening Open Bras which soon evolved to Stage Managing and entrance into the TiT program. Since graduating from the TiT program in September 2013 she has done some of everything in Angel productions but likes being on stage bestest . She makes you laugh, cry, squirm and feel a little funny in the nether regions. She is beyond excited to be a part of such a Muppetational show!







Sassy Britches

Sassy Britches is a new performer who enjoys the seductive art of burlesque. She is a loving, caring, open minded Queen who embraces who she is. She may not be perfect but parts of her are pretty awesome. She enjoys travel, music, dancing and spending time with her friends and family. She is super excited about being a part of this ma-na-ma-naughty production.








Kuna D’Lini

Kuna D’Lini new to the Burlesque Stage, but not new to the theater or to the performing arts. Kuna has been singing since the age of 4, acting and dancing in theater from a youngin as well. Not only does she love performing but she is also a pure Vegetarian Hippie! She loves animals, cooking, organizing, and YOGA. Recently Certified as a Registered yoga instructor, she teaches, and shows people the enlightenment of the universe. Please welcome her to Angel Burlesque by watching her perform with our troupe at the Tribute to the Muppets on September 18th and 19th!





Karma D’Light

You’ll want this Karma in your life; sweet, sassy, and full of so much old school you can’t help but bust a move when she gets onstage. Karma D’Light fell in love with the art of burlesque and started her journey into performing by kittening for Angel Burlesque the fall of 2013. When not entertaining the audience with her sexy fun antics and tempting them to dig for goodies in her pockets she enjoys feeding the ducks, long walks, yoga, laughing, and dancing. When it comes to this genuine heart; Karma IS pure D’Light.

*Original Photo: G. Watson Images*





Gemma Jeté

Gemma can’t wait to be on stage with Angel Burlesque again! After growing up in the world of dance and gymnastics; she came to the Indy burlesque scene in 2013 looking for an avenue to dance, and has found a wonderful home in the local burly community. She attended her first Angel show in October 2014, then auditioned to join Angel onstage the following February for Steampunk Through the Looking Glass at the Columbia Club. Every time she gets to see or be a part of an Angel show, it’s a fun, sexy, hilarious experience. When this lady isn’t on stage (or discovering yet again how costuming challenged she is), she’s a one woman force finding time to be a full time engineer, animal advocate, dog foster supermom, foodie, grad student, traveler, and occasional cabaret dancer and show producer. You read that right…it means she doesn’t sleep. So, watch your back cause this chicken will Fosse you up!




Kristy Kryptonite

Kristy Kryptonite is a sassy new performer that is so sexy she can make supermen weak. She has been singing and dancing for as long as she can remember. She loves the thrill of being on stage and being able to connect with the audience. After spending time at IU Bloomington for vocal performance she decided to take time off from the stage, but has known for awhile that it was missing from her life. When she met Jeff Angel and learned about the open auditions for Muppets she jumped at the chance to get back on stage. Kristy is no stranger to crazy costumes. In her spare time she participates in events for Star Wars Indiana. She also loves animals, knitting and is training to do a half marathon in the spring of next year.




French Accent

Long time burlesque fan and advocate of gender equality, French Accent ended up on stage 2 years ago to promote tolerance. He realized that besides being a ton of fun, stripping along with women is a form of feminism. Now on an on-going mission to explode gender stereotypes and laugh at them, he joined the T.i.T.s program, and found a fantastic group of friends with Angel Burlesque.








Ivory Fleurtini

Once upon a time, I studied the craft of acting. I had a joyous time on stage prancing around in the lights. Then I realized I could sit on my ass in the booth with my Starbucks and make ALL THE PRETTY LIGHTS AND SOUND happen. But one day, Katie Angel said, “WHY NOT BOTH?” So now here I am…doing lights/sound and dancing in the Muppet Show. The end.





Morticia Maneater

Morticia Maneater is a newbie to performance, but don’t let a little stage fright fool you. She’s dark, daring, sweet and sparkly all at the same time! Morticia was drawn to the Angels’ group routines in Money, Money, Money and followed with her debut at Angel Burlesque’s Open Bra Returns. When she’s not burning bras and breaking hearts, you can find Miss Maneater dominating the stage donning wigs and questionable homemade costumes. She is currently fitting her bedroom for a new coffin and matching comforter, as well as trying out new cauldron recipes for Sunday meal prep.
Offstage, her alter-ego is usually reading someone’s dark memoir while cuddling Harold the Cat. Her roommate regularly sages the place.

Check back regularly for more cast members leading up to our show!






Christina Arabesqua

What do feet and Christina Arabesqua have in common? Fancy footwork at its finest! This darling dancer has a strong background in jazz with studies in hip hop, ballet, and belly dance thrown in. Angel Burlesque has been delighted to have Christina perform with them this year in numerous shows! When this Teaaser in Training isn’t on stage she is a a mad crafter with her sewing machine and can say her A,B,C’s backwards.






Maria Meschi

Maria Meschi is a versatile performer who last graced the Angel Burlesque stage as a girl who discovered she could fly in “Miss Honey B’s Bourbon Boylesque.” When she isn’t fostering new life, she can be seen on stages across Indianapolis singing and crackin’ jokes. Some of Maria’s favorite appearances include Gal Pal Comedy Fest, Flight of the Living Dead (Cirque Indy), Monster Concert (Q Artistry), ZirkusGrimm (Q Artistry), B0T. (Q Artistry), Strike! A New Bowling Pin Musical (Q Artistry), The Brain from Planet X (Buck Creek Players),and Ophelia’s Revenge (Plagued Productions).





Gwen De’Lyn

Gwen De’Lyn is a newer Angel who has delighted audiences with her styles ranging from dark, soft, and sultry to countrified cowgirl with a ten gallon hat. She was curtailed into kittening by Mona S’Amor for Nerdgasm IV I. 2014. Since donning her first nerdy swimsuit she hasn’t looked back and is excited to be in this show about Muppets and having another opportunity to do something outside the!…







Chris De Bonte

Chris De Bonte , who works in the IT field for a large pharmaceutical company, first discovered the Indianapolis burlesque scene in 2013 through social media. “A friend was going to a nerd-themed show at some bar I’d never heard of. I had no idea what to expect, so I slapped on a NPR “Morning Edition” temporary tattoo, grabbed a friend and saw a show that blew my mind.” When asked why he chose to audition, Chris said that he had gotten to the point where he saw so many shows that he would hear music and think about how it could be used in a routine.

Chris attended Angel Burlesque’s open auditions and has been cast as part of the irascible duo of hecklers, Statler & Waldorf. “My main hope is that we will have a fun time putting on a great show, which I already have no doubt in my mind we will accomplish. I have no trouble making a fool of myself in front of others…I have been practicing that for years.”


Sin Astaysia



Sin Astaysia

Fresh and sexy this year to the burlesque scene is independent performer Sin Astaysia! She’s been Burly’ing it up in burlesque classes since May and debuted her sensual self in July. Favorite part of the show experience is audience feedback. (Name) is very open minded and adventurous to the core. This lovely animal advocate and sensational woman enjoys travel and zoocations. Keep your eyes open! There will be more to come from Sin Astaysia…

*Photo Provided by: Gray Dragon Photography



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