Forget-Me-Not’s for Show Packing by Karma D’Light

KarmaKarma D’Light is full of prettiness, positivity, and prestigious organization! You never know what you’ll find in her purse and/or pockets but rest assured, if someone is in need of something; Karma’s got it! She also has a few quick tips on last minute “don’t forget!” items when packing for your next show and/or event!

The more shows I perform, the more I am getting the hang of what to bring with me to get ready! It seems I always forget something no matter how many times I check and recheck my bags.

Depending on when the show is, I prefer to have my hair and makeup done while I am home. I still will bring makeup, hairspray, a teasing comb, and hair products for any touch ups. Always pack an extra pair of fishnets/hose as a back-up in case you get a hole/tear. Whatever I wear to the show I make sure it is what I will feel comfortable in after the show in case I decide to go have dinner/drinks. Spray glue and/or tape for pasties are a must. A towel, jewelry, spray glitter, and all of your costume pieces including shoes! Sometimes wet wipes are helpful and my iPhone charger. Think of packing for a day trip! It is a night for you to be your alter-ego 🙂

With Karma’s tips in mind and adding a few of our own “forget-me-not” items (besides costume pieces and props, of course!):

download_20150702_140434*makeup bag with everything you need for touch-ups
*hair products – such as hairspray & teasing comb and/or   brush, bobby pins
*bobby pins (you can never have too many)
*extra fishnets/hosiery
*extra eyelashes
*spray glue and/or tape for pasties
*spray glitter
*wet wipes and/or towel
*sew-on-site fix-it bag – needle, thread, scissors, velcro, etc (just in case!)
*pack everything you need the night before the show
*do a last minute bag and prop check before leaving for your event

These are the most important items we consider; what things are at the top of your list?

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