Notes for Dads on Father’s Day from the Angels

It’s Father’s Day and a few of the Angels are giving ode to the dads in their lives. Whether they are fathers, brothers, husbands, or good positive role models; today, just like every day, we give thanks and appreciation to the guys who make our lives shine brighter.


LolaRAWLola LaVacious

My dad is my hero, my best friend, my mentor, my confidant and biggest fan. He has this view of me that I’m capable of doing anything. When I was three and he worked the graveyard shift he would leave these audio tapes of him reading me a book so an opportunity to spend time with me wouldn’t be missed. I learned to read that way. When I was in middle school he helped coached my doc or team…he believed for a crazy reason I was also dexterous enough for that kind of thing and when I begged to quit he bought me a piano because surely my gifts lied elsewhere. When lessons for piano and voice came close to being eliminated from the household budget he rallied with an open checkbook and put in extra hours at work. I became obsessed with oil rigs at age 7 so he bought me a “build your own” hydrologic kit. He consoled me through many heartbreaks and helped me move several times for love. When I began singing in public, he always made sure I had a new dress and shoes..”it’s always better to be overdressed for the occasion than not be noticed”.  As a burly performer he still supports me with interesting and OOAK costume pieces and jewelry and always calls the next morning asking how the performance went and did I have fun. I speak to him on the daily, mostly jumping into philosophical musings on the state of mankind and pop culture. He’s my best friend.



Gwen De’Lyn

My father has been the most important person in my life for quite some time. I honestly can say I don’t know what I would do without that man. He has always been there for me quietly encouraging me and supporting me. He has never forced his opinion on me or tried to change me. He accepts me for who I am. I truly believe that a father is a son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love. This how I was able to find the man who was meant to be my husband. My father show me how I should be treated and he never let me forget that I was loved. Thank you Dad for always being there for me!



maggie_3Maggie Missile

I feel very honored to be a second generation gamer and give all the credit for that to my dad. During my visits with him he decided he wanted to introduce my sister and I to 2nd edition AD&D. I rolled up my first character, a neutral Amethyst Dragon Cleric with a tremendously high wisdom score played by an 11 year old girl. I was hooked to role playing games after that, it was a whole new world. He took me to conventions and finally to my GenCon when I was 13. I was introduced to so many different things that I loved and even to Steampunk at its earliest incarnations with Mask of the Red Death. I was introduced and fell in love with sci-fi and fantasy novels because of my dad. I was, and still am, encouraged to illustrate by my dad. It’s because of this I found my love of sci-fi fantasy that now permeates my creative drive in Nerdlesque. It’s because of that big ginger nerd man that my name is Maggie Missile and while that’s an odd thought that this burlesque persona could never have been bourn without his influence it is so incredibly true.




Karma D’Light

My Father and I have a special bond since he ran the school I attended in a small community. Not many kids can say their Father gave them their HS diploma. On this Father’s Day, I want to thank him for everything he has taught me, for always being there for me – during the good and the bad, and for never judging me. Instead he always leads with Love. 





Steamie Nicks

Happy Father’s Day to all the true DAD’S IN THIS WORLD ….!!!! Furry Daddy’s too!

My baby daddy:

He’s a DAD to our miracle, 2 cranky cats, and our son – Henry – our gigantic lab!
He works SO HARD and deals with being my nurse half the time…Life is a roller coaster but overcomes every hurdle with very outside support – meaning affection and love… – with his laid back attitude….





Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 7.59.52 PMCoty Foxfire

I am thankful for the stud in my life- my best friend, husband, father of our children & my biggest supporter. He sees the beauty and empowerment in burlesque & how it enriches our lives. He encourages me to use my creativity and stays home with the kid(s). Let’s see how he does with the new baby!

Much love to all of the partners/ husbands/ boyfriends who stay at home, and attend shows when they can!, and still support us performers with all of their heart.






Frankie Spanxx

My husband is the best Father I could ask for for my daughter. I spent years being mother and father but from the moment he met my daughter, I was mom only. He was her daddy. Now, many years later, I can’t fathom them not being daddy and daughter. She is a mini him and we are both so lucky to have him.









Cora Noire

Happy Father’s Day to the man would told me I could be anything I wanted to be when I grew up and still loved me when I grew up to be a bitch.  No matter how old I get, I’m still Daddy’s little shit head. 


To see Cora’s other Father’s Day message (yes, you want to see it) click here!









Minnie Ryder

My dad is a color blind florist. He taught my four siblings and I the importance of responsibility, respecting others and the thrill of riding horses and motorcycles (which included educational practices such as cleaning stalls, baling hay, picking up sticks, branches, and logs in endless woods, and defensive driving on a cycle). He is a better map than Google. We may not agree on everything (such as participation in burlesque) but I know at the end of the day if I’m ever lost and my navigation is broken; if I call him, he will get me home safely.  

The other dad in my life is my husband. He is a great father and our kids know they are loved. He is kind, geeky, funny, and so supportive of our endeavors. I could not ask for a better man, husband, father, in my life. He makes the journey called “Parenting” possible. He is my rock, foundation, and one of a kind. Happy Father’s Day to everyone. 🙂


Happy Father’s Day from the Angels!



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