Open Bra Returns: Performer Spotlight

As Open Bra Returns draws closer we will introducing our cast members with our Performer Spotlight! From new performers to around town favorites, We are absolutely delighted with everyone participating in Open Bra! Without further ado, meet the performers!  Check back with us as we spotlight our performers on our Facebook Event Page and add them here as well!

Got tickets to the show? Click here or call the Box Office at: 317-865-6867

Find out More about Open Bra and it’s fabulous history here!


JADA BELLA Jada Bella loves being on stage and sharing her love of pasties and dirty thoughts. She’s done everything from a drunken pirate, to a black swan en pointe, to cross dressing, and allowing audiences to see her golden eye. She has 3 betta fish, LES Paul, Atlantic Stanon Crush Jr., and Gefilte Fish. 3 kitties, Lucy Girl, Layla, and Picasso Pocito De Aranjues Godwin and a plethora of plants, common and botanical. She loves all sizes of boobs and booties. One day, she hopes to devote more time to her burlesque career, but she’s busy being a bad ass with a professional contemporary dance company here in town.


GWEN DE’LYN Gwen De’Lyn is the shy kitten of the group but just like any kitten… put something sparkly and glittery in front of her and the shy kitten becomes playful. Gwen has a love of rhinestones, beads and all things shiny. She loves the art of the tease and learning more about it. She loves spending quality time the Angels and her fellow TiTs. She has kittened for Nerdgasm, an open bra night in 2013 and has performed in the showgirl showcase and a few others. Gwen is also currently planning the wedding of her dreams to the man of her dreams.


FRANKIE SPANXX Frankie has been called funny, adorable, bawdy, and a bit insane. She has 2 TiTs, Gwen De’Lyn and Sadie Seiren and so excited to debut a duet with Gwen for this show. She also loves to paint and watch Intervention.


GINGER PEACH Ginger Peach is always looking to please her audience, so for this upcoming Open Bra, she will be putting that to the test with some Improv! While Ginger may seem all sweetness and peach pie, she loves a challenge and can’t wait to see what the audience has for her to shimmy and shake her way into their hearts with! In spite of the fact that Ginger has been a burlesque performer for nearly five years, this will be the night that pops her Improv cherry!


LORNA LOCKHEART We’re so thrilled to have an Indianapolis debut for our Open Bra Night! Lorna Lockheart has been a ballet dancer for over twenty years and has been with the Fort Wayne Bombshells for five. You’ll see her style range from classic burlesque to ballet to seductive raunchiness. “I’ll eat your heart out with a spoon and bib.


MISTER MARKS Mister Marks is a brolesque performer who travels down to Indianapolis from the Northern Indiana area to perform with Angel Burlesque. He is a 38 year old man that just started performing this year with us; he loves to dance,exploring different forms of dance, the art of seduction, and tease. This is Mister Marks’ second solo performance with Angel Burlesque, where he will be performing an unconventional belly dancing routine based off of a iconic movie. Without giving away too much let’s just say that gender bending can go both ways, and we’ll let you see if you can figure out what character he is performing as.


C-NOTE We don’t know where she came from or where she’s been , all we know is she will leave you wanting some more. Known simply as “C-note”.



MINNIE RYDER From tap dancing teapots and penguins to love searching droids, Minnie Ryder loves to dabble in a variety of characters to find the perfect mix of storytelling and burlesque. While she speaks volumes with her face, for this Open Bra she’s super excited to debut as co-host and try out her vocal chords to deliver extra fun and laughter… or maybe she’ll be stunned into silence…You won’t know unless you come to the show 🙂


STEAMIE NICKS Steamie Nicks is an AB TIT and is going to take you on an exciting transitional dance journey. The Angels have been thrilled to perform alongside this lovely lady these past few months. At the Open Bra…she’s going to show you a different side of Steamie!


LOLA LAVACIOUS Lola LaVacious has been croonin and moonin audiences with Angel Burlesque and other pals for almost 5 years and isn’t stopping anytime soon. This lady know what she wants when and how she wants it…lucky for you…you might be just what she ordered. When she isn’t indulging in her desires she can be found designing pasties, jewelry and other pretties and snuggling with her two kitties.


PROFESSOR LIPTON T. BIGELOW Next up is a slightly geriatric man (his words, not ours!!!!–AB) who is normally most comfortable drumming for local power-rock duo The Amazing Year 400 Billion. Professor Lipton T. Bigelow


APRIL D’MOON April D’Moon “PheonixFire” is new to burlesque but not to dance. She’s a lady with many talents and a love for life. She has many dance styles that will sizzle, shake, grind, and make you glad you came. 😉


SYLVESTIA STILETTO Our next lady puts the ass in sass, and the crème in crème brulée. Tonight she’s serving up a hot, fresh, new routine that will get your mouth watering for…dare I say…honey? Sylvestia Stiletto

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