Angel Burlesque Open Bra at Playground Production Studios


Photo Credit: EGO Photo

Angel Burlesque is thrilled to bring back our Open Bra series for 2017!
Saturday, March 25th, 8:00 p.m.
Playground Production Studios
5529 Bonna Ave #10, Indianapolis, IN 46219

 Open Bra: Like an Open Mic Night but with Burlesque!!

Angel Burlesque’s Open Bra series started at the amazing and incomparable Cracker’s Comedy Club in Broad Ripple in 2011. Cracker’s was the home of the Open Bra series for three wonderful years, hosting over 18 Open Bra’s that featured over 350 routines!

The Open Bra series was created by Angel Burlesque to give performers a chance to perform.  The single best way to improve as a performer is to perform.You need to get in front of an audience and give them a chance to see you and respond to you.  There’s been a lot of times that I have been rehearsing and I think a move is particularly fascinating or I think I have a very clever of doing a particular thing but then I don’t necessarily get the audience response that I think I should have gotten.  Conversely, some throw away moves have gotten huge responses (and I’m not talking about when I throw away my costume—those always get huge responses!). Your best critic is your audience!

abopenbra3Yes, performers need to prepare!  Prepare, prepare, prepare!  It is often painfully obvious which performers are prepared and which performers try to wing it.  Performers should take classes, watch other performances (burlesque and non!), and always work to improve BUT, ultimately,burlesque is not created in a vacuum. Theatre, like burlesque, does not exist in rehearsal.  Theatre does not happen until you add an audience!

We created the Open Bra nights to give people a chance to perform.  Our audiences were overwhelmingly supportive and encouraging.
Over 45 people made their burlesque debuts at Angel’s Open Bra Nights.
We also hosted a variety of performers including singers, bellydancers, Drag Queens, Drag Kings! Hoopers,tappers, magicians, musicians and who can forgot the erotic readers of Mr.Damon Kent?
Our performers came from as far away as Florida and represented performers from ten local burlesque troupes and theatre groups. Everyone is welcome!

Have you ever been to a burlesque show?  Are you inspired by those confident and sassy ladies and gentlemen and want to give it a try yourself?  Over 137 distinctive performers graced the stage at Angel Burlesque’s Open Bra and we are so excited to add to the number!

-Katie Angel

Click here to read about our Open Bra by the Numbers” for more interesting statistics!

Want to learn more about how to get onstage? Click here or contact us at

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