Cora Noire on Burlesque with a Family: The Next Phase…

sexycorarFrankie has shared her experience as being a mommy burlesquer…I would like to also share mine.  My husband and I have three kids, 2 girls and a boy.  They are 18, 10 and 2.  No, I didn’t intend on them all being 8 years apart.  Life happens. What I encounter often from people who find out I do burlesque is the shock that my children know.  Then the questions start.

Q: They know?
A: Yes, hiding things makes it seem dirty and wrong.  Burlesque is neither.

Q: What if the kids see something?
A:  Like me running through the house in dance tights, a tutu and a sparkly bra trying to get an eyelash in place?  How different is that from the kids playing dress up?

Q: Are the kids embarassed?
A: I guess not, otherwise they wouldn’t have friends over on show nights…please see above.

Q: What if your kids want to see?
A: At an appropriate age, I will take them to whatever show tickles their fancy.  The oldest (she is 18) has already been to a few.

Q: Gasp!  You have an 18 year old?  What if she wants to perform?
A:  I can’t wait.  We have been kicking around ideas for the last year about her debut routine.


Bonding and Friendship in Burlesque with Selina Prince

Q: How are you ok with her on stage?
A: She is a dancer.  She loves to perform. This will give her an experience   of being in control.  The mounds of confidence I have gained through my burlesque journey, the friends that have become like family in my troupe, the empowering feeling of owning that stage…why wouldn’t I want her to experience that?

Q: But people will see her naked!
A: People will see her in whatever state of undress she sees fit.  It’s her body.  Why should I tell her it’s ok for me, but not her?  Why should I be comfortable with my own skin but shame her into covering hers?

Q: Umm…but she is your daughter…
A: Yes, and I don’t want her to struggle with her body image, her confidence or feeling like sexuality is dirty.  I want her to be strong and independent.

Q: Burlesque can do that?
A: ((facepalm)) Just come to a workshop, ok?

In our house, burlesque is not something we have hidden from the kids, ever.  Mom and dad (Hey, Biff Maliboo!) are involved and we don’t see any reason to shelter the kids from a creative outlet with so many positive side effects.  Besides, with costumes, props, rehearsals…our house isn’t big enough to hide all that plus our awesomeness.

And I do kinda hope I am raising the next generation of Angels.  Deal with it.

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