Burlexplanations: Bunny Buxom and Case of “Stripper Knee”

Hey, there pretty people!  I’m Cora Noire, and for some odd reason Minnie Ryder is trusting me to write this installment of BURLEXPLANATIONS!  Muahahaha!

Once upon a time, in a faraway land called New York, lived an intelligent, proactive and amazing burlesque performer that Cora has a huge woman crush on. Her name is Bunny Buxom.    Bunny was kind enough to share some burlexplanations with us, because oozing confident sexiness can be dangerous, kids.

Bunny says:

Bunny Buxom and the Case of "Stripper Knee"

Bunny Buxom and the Case of “Stripper Knee”

Whenever I do a gogo set, I always end up with a case of stripper knee.  “Stripper Knee” being bruised and/or scraped knees from grinding your hips while on your knees, crawling, or dropping to your knees while dancing. I absolutely love gogoing and doing floorwork, but Stripper knee does bother me for a couple days after, however it’s *always* worth the fun I had.

Earlier this week I gogoed for a burlesque show promoting the new Penthouse Forum that Jo Weldon wrote the cover article about striptease for, and I had an absolute blast, but when I got home, my knees looked like this, and are only bruising more:

…. Still completely worth it!

Also! Whenever I do floorwork in an act I get “Floorwork Foot” (I totally just coined that!) characterized by scrapes on the top of your foot via slinking across the stage and dragging your feet of course! This year at New York Burlesque Festival I had an epic case of floorwork foot when I got offstage to find a half inch long, rouge glass bead (that had been left onstage from a previous act) embedded in the top of my foot… So that was intense! Again, TOTALLY worth it.

bunnybuxom2Cora says:

The next time you are in New York…make a point to go see her!
Bunny has begun producing through Rabbit Hole Productions, creating shows for amazing causes such as sexual awareness and even a show fighting street harassment.  Not that you need a cause to catch one of Bunny’s shows…she’s ferocious, glamorous and DAT ASS. Sigh.

We are very excited to hear Bunny will be competing with said ass for Best Debut at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend coming in June! Be sure to give her a shout out on her page. Want more Bunny?  Follow the links below to get your fix.

Visit Bunny’s website:

Find Bunny
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Email angelburlesque@gmail.com and/or message Minnie Ryder and Cora Noire!

Thanks again and stay fabulous!

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