Getting to Know Frankie Spanxx

Nerdy, funny, kinda gross, great friend, and super lovable are a few of many adjectives we use to describe Frankie Spanxx! Get to know more about this funny gal right now!

Photo: Matthew Mayer

Photo: Matthew Mayer

What inspired you to start burlesque?

Watching such an empowering performance art which welcomes any and everybody.When I got to know the genuine, awesome, gutter minded people involved, there was no turning back.

How did you come up with your first routine?
I wanted to do something nerdy, but I didn’t want to dishonor all the nerds in my life by faking interest in the nerdier realm. One day while listening to In the Garage by Weezer, I was inspired to do a more generalized routine.

How long have you been doing burlesque?
My first performance was in Nerdgasm 2013. I’ve been around the Angels doing backstage stuff since February 2013.

How have you changed, onstage and backstage in that time?
All I’ve done is change. I’m still changing. I hope to never stop. I’m still figuring out who Frankie is.

What tips can you give aspiring performers?
Try things and see if they work for you but find YOUR persona. Don’t ever try to be somebody else’s definition of burlesque.

What does your child think of you doing burlesque?  Have you seen it affect her?
My daughter loves it. She tells me how proud of me she she is. She has seen how happy it’s made me and that’s made her happy as well. Being fully stocked in glitter at all times does not hur her feelings either.

What’s been your most memorable onstage moment?
I loved grossing people out with a wet hairball, but nothing beats the surprised reaction when Fiona the Ogre came out on stage at the Bourbon Boylesque show.

Photo: James Thorpe Photography

Photo: James Thorpe Photography

Any embarrassing moments?
I wasn’t on stage at the time, but I fell down the stairs in the middle of a Girl for All Seasons show. That rug burn was pretty gnarly!

What’s your favorite part of burlesque?
Everything. Mostly though, I love all the amazing, talented people it has brought into my life.

Are there any parts of burlesque you loathe?
The cost of costume pieces!!!!!!!!

If you could time travel with no consequences, where and when would you go?
Paris, turn of the century. (1900)

If you could have lunch with any three people, past or present, who would you pick?
Jimmy Fallon, Jonathan Larson, Neil Patrick Harris

If you could have dessert with any three people, past or present, who would you choose?  
Sara Ramirez, James Dean, My Grandpa Garl

What is your perfect Jeopardy board (6 topics that you’d kick ass in)?
Rent (The Musical), Farm Animals, Bon Jovi Albums, Ambidextrous Civil War Generals,Astronomy and Complete the Dirty Dancing Line

Would you prefer to fly or be invisible?  Why?
Fly. I’m nosy, but I don’t ever want to be invisible.

If you could describe your essence as a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be?
Banana Split. All kinds of sweet flavors, but also a little nutty.

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