How Corsets Shape Your Burlesque Wardrobe


Photo Credit: Angela Leisure Photography

Katie Angel has so much info to share we had to dedicate an article specifically on corsets! Why? Because they can be an integral part of your burlesque stockpile and, who doesn’t like to learn more from someone who has had super amounts of experience with them? So, here is Katie Angel breaking out her corset knowledge! 

I fully admit that I have a addiction problem with corsets. They make me drool. I loooooove corsets. I perhaps own mumble number of corsets. I love how they shape me. I love how they leave marks. I love corsets. High quality, steel boned corsets shape my body and I feel more confident when I am wearing one (and then I can project more confidence!).

I remember that the first time I purchased a corset at Victoria’s Secret (for a high school production of Charley’s Aunt) I was so very disappointed.  The corset wasn’t nearly as magical as I wanted it to be.  I didn’t know there was a different between fashion corsets and steel-boned or waist training corsets.  I am no corset expert but I know that custom corsets are the best possible option.  Many feel daunted by the high price tag of better corsets, but every time you resist buying a fashion corset, put that money towards a great corset and you’ll be happier with the results.

So what is the difference between “Fashion” and “Steel boned”? So glad you asked, keep on reading to find out!

katieangel4Your standard “fashion corset” that you can find at Lover’s Lane, Cirilla’s or online definitely shouts, “hey, I’m doing burlesque!!” and can fill needs perfectly adequately. The plastic boning that comes standard in these corsets don’t do much to shape your body. I bought a fashion corset so that I could dye it (who knew finding a brown corset to match my pumpkin pies could be so difficult?). I have had to sew the plastic boning back into the corset multiple times and am worried about the zipper popping.

Steel boned corsets with heavy fabric and cotton lining are more expensive….custom corsets that are fit specifically to you are definitely expensive but both do a lot to shape your body. How steel boned corsets help me feel are worth the investment to me…but, see above, I am addicted. (You will be too!)

Corsets come in over and under bust varieties. Because I have large ta-tas and need the support, I’ll generally also wear a bra even with an overbust corset. With the under bust corsets or waist cinchers, you can leave this on to conceal your tummy and still reveal your boobages. I feel that leaving a cincher on brings MORE attention to your waist…like, hmmm…what’s she hiding but my hubby thinks that look is super hot.

Thank you again, Katie Angel, for your fountain of knowledge. She does look pretty hot with cinchers, corsets, glitter, sparkles, and well she’s pretty awesome without all the costume pieces too!

Want to learn more from Katie and the Angel crew? Interested in the fine art of burlesque or just looking to dabble in a workshop or two? Check out our website for upcoming workshops, events and/or contact us at! We would love to hear from you!

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