Burlexplanations: It’s not easy being Green

Welcome back to our next installment of Burlexplanations!
This week’s edition is brought to you by Angel Burlesque’s own Frankie Spanxx and the everlasting color of “ogre” green.

Frankie as Fiona from Miss Honey B's Bourbon Boylesque

For Miss Honey B’s Bourbon Boylesque in April, there was a princess number. I decided along with Minnie to go a little outside the traditional, expected princess roles. She was princess Leia and I was Fiona the ogre. I thought long and hard about the easiest, cheapest way to become an ogre fast as I was in other numbers in the show. I decided upon a green body suit and make up just for face and neck. Luckily, I had a friend that had recently been green in a production and suggested that I not use Halloween make up and Belle Breeze has been in theater a while and was a cheer leader for a layer of cold cream under the makeup.

fionaDress rehearsal came and I practiced, mostly worrying about time. I was green, performed, showered and went to work the next day. Show night came and I was worried about not being green enough. We had a huge crowd and I wanted the joke to go over well. Plus, I got ready fast and had time to spare so I layered it on. The performance went well, Fiona was a hit. I took a couple layers off before curtain call, left the theater, then went straight home and showered… twice. I washed my face before work the next day… three times. I only had a couple people actually ask if I was ok but many curious looks. I was a little “green in the gills”. My face, neck and knuckles were a lovely hint of green for a week after that show. But there was a Burlexplanation for that and it was totally worth it!

Talk about going the extra mile! Frankie always does a great job putting herself out there and making the audience chuckle with her off-the-wall humor and excessive prop usage. Find out more about this witty Angel below!

Find Frankie @ Angel Burlesque 

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Thanks for reading and stay fabulous, friends!




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