Burlexplanations: Curse of the Curious Spots!

Welcome back for another thrilling tale of the mysterious happenings in the life of burlesque performers!


This week’s edition is brought to you by Las Vegas favorite Blanche DeBris and gauging the number of years in burly career by pastie variants.

Blanche joined the our cast of  Nuvo Nominated Indy’s Best Charity Event: Miss Honey B’s Bourbon Boylesque to benefit Indiana Equality Action and Marriage Equality earlier this year. She graced the stage with her routine hit “Sound of Music in 6 Minutes”.  We asked this hilarious lady if she had any memorable burlexplanations, and indeed she had a curious one!

I kept finding weird stains on my sheets, that wouldn’t come out with ordinary washing…until I finally figured out they were boob prints from when I didn’t quite get ALL the pastie glue off my hooters. I imprinted on the sheets cause I sleep on my stomach.
When was this discovery during your career in burlesque?
blanche1Discovery of glue on sheets happened probably a year or so into my burly career…because I didn’t start using glue adhesive til after I’d been wearing pasties a couple of years. I can mark my burly career by how I affix my pasties!! I started out using spirit gum, then carpet tape, then medical adhesive (used for ostomy bags!) and now I use a silicon-based adhesive. The glue on the sheets was from when I started using that medical adhesive…and never got all of it off even with the special adhesive remover. And the glue stains remain on those sheets today! I scraped and washed the spots, applied mineral oil to try and get it off but I think it stained the sheets worse.
You know, Miss Mina Murray taught a great class at BurlyCon which dealt with cleaning and caring for costumes and stain removal was part of her class… now that I think about it, I bet she might have a trick for getting glue off sheets and clothes!
So there you have it friends! Glue is everywhere. It sticks to your skin, adds “character” to your clothing, and lurks on bedsheets to caress the weary burly performers skin as visions of sparkly costumes dance in their head.
Want to learn more about the stunning, charming, laugh and a half, Blanche DeBris? Check out the links below!
Have a story you would like to share? Email angelburlesque@gmail.com and/or message Minnie Ryder and Cora Noire!

Thanks again and stay fabulous!

-Minnie Ryder


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