Burlexplanations: Death by Nails

Welcome Back friends!

This week’s Burlexplanation is brought to you by Angel Burlesque’s Mona S’Amor and an extremely long acrylic nail set

No performers were harmed during the production of this performance

No burlesque performers were harmed during the production of this duet

As part of a recent routine with Sylvestia Stiletto, I would be killing her at the end of it with my thumbnail. I had noticed girls at work wearing “stiletto nails” and decided these lengthy killer nails would be perfect for the end of the routine.  As I’m a big planner and love organization I decided to get my nails done a couple weeks early to get my money’s worth and practice functioning in daily life with them. As soon as they were on my hands and I was walking out the salon door, I realized I had made a huge mistake. I felt like I had tree branches growing off my thumb and couldn’t stop staring at them, neither could anyone else. So I started tucking my thumbs inside my fist. As the show grew nearer I was getting used to wearing them and functioning on a daily basis with these tree branch nails of terror, except for typing, I never mastered that.  

Morning of the show I was at an event with my mom and she knew I had planned on killing someone with my nails but didn’t remember “How” I was going to do it. She was under the impression I would be poking Sylvestia’s eye out and voiced her concern: “Now Mona, I know you plan on pretend killing someone with these nails but I want you to be really careful; because I’m afraid you might really poke her eyes out”  Well first, I had to set her straight on how I was killing my victim and then reassure her that no one would be losing an eye. This also happened to be the same show where the morning following the show I discovered minefield of bruises, speckles of fake blood stained on my skin, and patches of leftover spray adhesive glue. But that’s for another time.

I think out of this experience I learned I could actually function in daily life with killer stiletto nails if I wanted to.

Angels Mona S’Amor and Sylvestia Stiletto in their duet “Kill of the Night” at Night of the Terrifying Tease!

Did Sylvestia get scratched by your death nails at any point?

No, she did not. Although she had fake blood running down her body by the end of the routine…or was it?

This was a fabulous story for those of us who haven’t crossed into the realm of lengthy acrylic nails of any sort! These ghoulish gals certainly killed it with their drop-dead sexy duet which debuted at Angel Burlesque’s Night of the Terrifying Tease.  Want to learn more about these lovely Angels? Click on their names below!

Mona S’Amor
Sylvestia Stiletto

Join us next time with Blanche DeBris and the mysterious spots!

Till then, have a great week and stay fabulous!

~Minnie Ryder


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