Burlexplanation: Once Upon Feathers

Welcome back! This week’s burlexplanation we are pleased to have guest contributor MaMarie LaVeaux of Crème de les Femmes!

MaMarie LaVeau

A well known favorite around town with a wide variety of extraordinary costuming incorporated into her routines, MaMarie knows quite a bit about what to expect when it comes to the after-effects of performing burlesque.

Well let’s see…a LOT of mine come from the fact that I often have to perform -again- the following day after a show (Shakespeare, children’s theater, etc. etc.) So! I suppose my biggest snafu came when I had to explain why oh why I had teeny tiny white feather remnants on my arms and neck the day following a show. Not only had I worn a white feather boa only a handful of hours before, but I’d eyelash glued groups of white feathers to my cleavage, face, and arms for my Troma film tribute to Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead!

It’s pretty hard to weird out theater people, but man did I ever accomplish it that day, ha! 

Thankfully, the immediate people I worked alongside the next day were able to trade me a couple program shifts so that I did not have to “bear my feathers” in short-sleeved costumes! I just told them the truth and they found it hysterical. BIGGEST lesson I took from it was that you ALWAYS want your choice of remover with you in abundance when doing a messy skit. So for me, that means I always travel with baby oil, dudes. Never forget the stuff.

Sounds like one entertaining learning experience right there from one amazing performer!  Thank you MaMarie, for your contribution to Burlexplanation and best wishes and luck at future performances, sans misplaced feathers! Want to learn more about MaMarie and Creme de les Femmes? Click the links below!

Crème de les Femmes: http://www.cremedelesfemmes.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mamarie.laveaux

Join us next time with Mona S’Amor as she nails a Burlexplanation with a story which even had her mother concerned!

Have a story you would like to share? Email angelburlesque@gmail.com and/or message Minnie Ryder and Cora Noire!

Thanks again and stay fabulous!

-Minnie Ryder

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