Getting To Know Sylvestia Stiletto

This lovely gal gives new meaning to saucy! Let’s get to know some more about this spicy Angel!

sylvestia How long have you been doing burlesque?

I have been a part of the burlesque community for 1 ½ years now, and I have loved every minute of it!

How have you changed, on stage and backstage?
I know I have tremendously onstage. I have branched out more, and try to define my own “norms” for what I think burlesque is. I try to get out of my own comfort zone, and define my character to the best I can. The TIT program helped me with that. Backstage, I have been a little louder than I normally would, and try to talk to the other performers as much as I can and make new friends.

What is ACEN? Tell us about your experiences?
ACEN or Anime Central’s Comic Convention is located in Illinois every year. It is a place where “nerdlesque” shines. I have done it the past two years now. My experiences each time are amazing. You never have to worry about no one cheering for you. The room is always full and the audience is the best I have every worked with. They are so supporting and are the first ones to ask for your picture after a routine. ACEN is one of my favorite shows to be a part of.

What does your mild mannered alter ego do in real life?
Sylvestia in real life is very much introverted. She works full time for the Veteran Affairs, part time for the Murat Theatre, and goes to school for Mortuary Science. She works out a lot, and seems to do activities more alone, than when she is in character.

Most memorable moment onstage?
I would say most memorable moment would be my first routine at Crackers Open Bra. It was my first time really around anything burlesque, and I soaked up all I could. The audience when I walked on, kind of oohed and awed, because it was the first time they saw me, and I was in short sequined booty shorts. Ha-ha, I loved the overall adrenaline rush from it, and try to get that same feeling from each performance I do.

If you could describe your essence as an ice-cream flavor, what would it be?
I would say my ice-cream flavor would be Coffee flavored as the base. Coffee is bitter and needs an acquired taste. Plus it can be dark. Then there would be added chocolate swirl, because I can have sweetness to me. Finally I would have Oreo cookie bits in it, because I can make you crème! 😛

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