Confidence in Burlesque: Part One

katie1Confidence in Burlesque: Faking It Until You Make It!
 by Katie Angel

Angel Burlesque’s motto is “real is sexy” but that’s just because “highly stylized version of yourself in which you artfully highlight the parts you love and carefully conceal the parts you don’t is sexy” is just a little wordy.

When you’re performing burlesque, you’re not presenting your “real” self but a highly stylized version of yourself.  Do I walk around in sparkles, false eyelashes and fringe all the time? No. (If I were cooler I would. Sometimes I wear fairy wings or a tiara to the grocery store to cheer myself up but I digress.)  But, I do believe real is sexy…the heart of that is; YOU are sexy, just as you are right now.  Not in 20 pounds.  Not after that boob job.  Right now. You are sexy, valuable and worthwhile. There’s a confidence that needs to be fostered so you can shine as a human being onstage or off.

Mental Tips

confidentkatieSomeone’s Got a Fetish for That

Have you surfed the internet? There are fetishes for stretch marks, bigger sizes, smaller sizes…pretty much anything under the sun.  No matter what you look like there’s ONE person (and likely more), who craves YOU as their ideal body type.

We tell ourselves “people don’t find me attractive because I’m not like the girls in Playboy or the ripped six packed men in the mag-o-zines.” (That doesn’t have a hidden message, it’s just how my family pronounces magazine when we’re feeling fancy.)  Who do YOU find attractive? Is it just a body or a collection of body parts?  Or is it more of a feeling/inner spirit of someone who makes you laugh, makes you feel sexy, makes you feel wanted?  Attractiveness goes way beyond the physical.

When I’m onstage, I know that there’s one person in the audience who thinks I am their ideal body type. I’m onstage and glowing with confidence, that will make that one person so happy.

Variety is the Spicy Sexiness of Life

I’ve been to shows where there’s only one body type or an extremely limited range of body types and no matter how sexy or entertaining they may be, I find that visually monotonous
after awhile.  So maybe you don’t fit an ideal body type.  Are you different? GOOD! Gimme some variety!

waterkatieWhat is the Story You’re Telling Yourself?

One of the most important things I’ve taken away from workshops is from Jo “Boobs” Weldon about the importance of your inner monologue.  When you’re onstage, are you telling yourself,“Oh god, they’re staring at me. They hate me.  They want me to leave.” Or are you saying, “Hmmm, look at my delicious arm? You want to touch this arm, don’t you? Too bad sucker, I get to touch it. Oh, my thigh, yeah it’s delightful…yeah, look at it.  LOOK AT IT!” Try it, right now.  Your inner monologue affects your performance…make the effect positive.

A great habit I’ve taken offstage with me is changing my inner monologue in everyday life.  I pass my mirror in the bathroom and pet my belly and tell myself thank you. You are gorgeous hot mama in the mirror!  Build yourself up…you owe it to yourself.

Nurture and tell yourself “I am beautiful. I am confident. I am worthwhile.”

And you are.

What do you do to help yourself feel sexy and confident?


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